2020 Vision

Our 2020 Vision

Integrative Nutrition is excited to announce our plan to create a major shift by the year 2020...

We call this our 2020 Vision.

Today, all of us know someone or some company that does not understand that food affects everything – our health and happiness, our planet, our future, and our connection to each other. This can change.

At Integrative Nutrition, we are committed to being the catalyst for this change. Our goal is to have the world see clearly -- with 20/20 vision -- that food changes everything. We started nearly 20 years ago, and have continued to educate thousands of students of the vital importance of true nourishment. In turn, Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches have gone on to educate tens of thousands more people. Together we have created a ripple effect that is bringing health and happiness to the world.

We recently planted more seeds for our 2020 Vision, which will continue to grow over the next decade. To kick start the project, we’ve done several exciting things:

  • Donated more than $450,000 to organizations working to make our vision of a healthy world into a reality. Some recipients of our charitable giving include: Wellness in the Schools, the Nature Conservancy, Food for the Poor, City Harvest, The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, Health Corps, and Farm Sanctuary. Read more about our Charitable Partners.
  • Allocated more than $1 million to our 2020 Vision.
  • Established the Integrative Nutrition Foundation to fund the 2020 Vision.

And that is just the start of it. As the world’s largest nutrition school and Health Coach Training Program, we will continue to work hard to create a healthier and happier future for you, your family and friends, and for the vision of one peaceful world.

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