Time to Weed the Garden…on My Lunch Break

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How would you like fresh organic produce as a perk at your office?  Would you spend your break weeding and harvesting a garden so that you could enjoy the delicious bounty during an afternoon meeting or even bring it home for dinner?  Many big corporations are trending toward offering an organic garden to employees.  In the face of a bad economy, companies have less to spend on raises so they are giving away the green in other ways.  A recent New York Times article concludes, “these corporate plots of dirt spring from growing attention to sustainability and a rising interest in gardening. But they also reflect an economy that calls for creative ways to build workers’ morale and health.”

Talk to any gardener and you will find that it is a great way to de-stress.  Many people find tending a garden very relaxing and they experience a great deal of accomplishment when they harvest their crops.  Not only do workers have a great way to spend their break, they are saving money, bonding with co-workers and promoting good health by eating fresh organic produce they had a hand in growing. 

There should be a garden at every office, school, church and hospital.  Can you imagine the impact that would make on the lives of Americans?

What are some of the things your company is doing to build a more sustainable place of work?

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