Six-Word Holiday Stories: The Winners

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At the beginning of the month, we announced our Holiday Six-Word Story Contest, asking you to sum up what the holidays mean to you in exactly six words. Then every day for 12 weekdays, we chose a winning story to share on our Facebook wall.*

Your stories were funny and touching, made us laugh and made us smile, but most of all, they made us reflect on the holiday season. It was a tough decision (who knew how creative our community could be!) but here are the 12 winning stories that made the list:

I'll always believe in Santa Claus" - by Sam P.

Brother's deployment over, primary nourishment achieved! - by Kirsten H.

Santa wants a holiday kale smoothie! - by BMoore Healthy                           

Does Santa use a smart phone? - by Michael Ames

Transformed, vivacious Gramma outran that reindeer! - by Tina 

Christmas lights brighten six beautiful faces. - by Maself 

Surviving my crazy family's Skit Tradition :) - by kellie

Santa's slimmer- found a Health Coach! - by meghamehta15

Less naughty, more nice since IIN! - by Ellen Hotz

Bringing primary foods to holiday party – by Cangeli Rn

Deck the table with green vegetables! - by marci

Forget the frenzy remember the friends – by Josephc947

*If you see your own six-word story listed above and you haven’t claimed your prize yet, please email by January 4, 2012 for an Integrative Nutrition eco-bag and your copy of Michael Pollan’s newest edition of Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our contest and happy, healthy holidays to all!

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