3 Steps to Visualizing Your Dreams [Guided Meditation]

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With all the talk of new beginnings, resolutions, and positive intentions for the New Year, there are a wide array of goals for health and happiness in the air.

One of the ways you can help increase your chances of turning your goals into reality is by using the power of visualization to add depth and mental energy to what you want to achieve.

Using visualization to fulfill the desire for change is far from a new or esoteric concept. Ever fantasize about your upcoming vacation or relive a joyous experience from the past? Creating those mental pictures is a natural and powerful element of the working mind!

Focusing your mental imagery towards what you want can help improve motivation, boost self-confidence, improve your mood, and foster behaviors that lead to success. This technique has been used in accordance with meditation for centuries, and has even shown to enhance performance in professional athletes.

Here are 3 simple steps to visualizing with intention:

1. Create an image in your mind of what you want. Connect with your innermost desires for true fulfillment and happiness.

2. Be specific. Imagine any physical sensations, the presence of others, scents, sounds, and any other details relevant to the future you strive to realize.

3. Visualize often. Good times to visualize include nightly as you’re falling asleep, or when you’re waiting in line at the grocery store. At least once per day will help you stay motivated to move closer and closer to your goal.

The following guided meditation will help get you started with visualizing perfect health and a fulfilling career:

What do you visualize for your current or future happiness?

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