Health Coach Pauline Hanuise on Helping Women Heal Their Destructive Eating Habits

One of the most common challenges women face is the obsession with appearance and beauty, and in many cultures around the world, the desire to be thin. Pauline Hanuise, Class of 2013, was once trapped in a vicious cycle of food restriction, bingeing, and purging. For 15 years, this Belgium native was a victim of bulimia so serious that her teeth began to break, her hair began to fall out, and she suffered from an irregular heartbeat.

After hitting rock bottom at the age of 27, Pauline took control of her health and embarked on a journey of self-love and acceptance. She now has a thriving online health coaching practice where she helps other women regain freedom over food.

Achieving Financial Independence with Manisha Thakor (Video)

One of International Women’s Day's biggest missions is pushing for women’s equality in the workplace. As Integrative Nutrition visiting teacher Manisha Thakor explains, women still earn $0.77 for every male dollar, spend more years out of the workplace, yet live longer. That’s why it’s so important for women to take responsibility of their financial well-being and make it a priority.

Thakor earned her MBA from Harvard University and founded MoneyZen, a financial advisory firm that works with women and families and aims to redefine our relationship to money. Listen below to hear Manisha’s empowering take on women and money management!

How Health Coach Diana Chaplin Healed her Health and Launched a Career She Loves

The theme of International Women’s Day is “make it happen,” and no one lives it more than Diana Chaplin. This 2012 graduate juggles being a mother of two boys, working full-time, and building a part-time health coaching practice on the side. On top of that, she’s also busy creating a new wellness brand for working parents. Her passion and positivity is an inspiration!

Diana’s wellness journey began when she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and an autoimmune disease during her first pregnancy. After delving into the world of self-healing, she discovered Integrative Nutrition – and the rest is history.

Integrative Nutrition Grad Nicole Jardim on Empowering Women to Take Control of Their Health

Bloating, cramping, wild mood swings … for some women, getting their periods each month is debilitating. Nicole Jardim, Class of 2010, was once in the same crippling boat. Her symptoms improved when her doctor put her on the pill, but when she experienced a host of new health problems, she knew there had to be a better way.

How Do You “Make it Happen”? Celebrating International Women’s Day!

Integrative Nutrition is more than a school; we’re a movement of passionate individuals who are committed to making the world a better place. Above all, we’re a movement of strong, powerful women. Our incredible community ranges from female entrepreneurs who have started their own health coaching practices, product lines, and businesses to stay-at-home moms who are fighting for healthier school lunches.

I’m inspired by all of our students and graduates who are spreading a ripple effect of health and happiness around the world and making the world a better place for women.

It’s OK to Eat Eggs Again, Say New Nutritional Guidelines

Few foods have as controversial a history as the incredible, edible egg. Long an affordable, protein-rich staple of diets around the world, the egg has been maligned for its high cholesterol content in recent decades.

High cholesterol is a serious health issue. A waxy substance that is naturally produced by your liver and is found in dairy, meat, and other food sources, cholesterol in excess can clog arteries and cause stroke and heart attack.

Integrative Nutrition Reviews: Skin Cleanse by Adina Grigore

We all know how essential nutrition is to good health, but just as important as what you put in your body is what you put on your body. No one knows this better than 2006 Integrative Nutrition graduate Adina Grigore. Plagued by an un-diagnosable body rash, constant breakouts, and miserably itchy skin, Adina tried one prescription medication after another only to see her problems get worse.

Reaching a point of desperation, she quit all of her skincare products and medications cold turkey – and to her astonishment, her symptoms immediately improved. This moment catapulted Adina into a journey of research and discovery as she began to create her own truly all-natural skincare products.

How Scientist and Health Coach Dr. Rhea Mehta is Spreading the Ripple Effect

When you hear the title “molecular toxicologist,” chances are you don’t think of inspiration and green juice. But Dr. Rhea Mehta, Class of 2014, isn’t your typical scientist. This doctor in molecular toxicology and nutritional biochemistry combines her background in research with her passion for healthy living to create a truly holistic health coaching practice.

Having left her job as a researcher to work full-time as a Health Coach, Rhea is now spreading a ripple effect of health and happiness one client at a time. She’s taking over our Instagram account today – follow along here to see what she’s up to!

How SoulCycle Instructor, Health Coach, and Mom Eve Kessner Combines Her Passions

What if your work was your life and your life was your work? Look no further than Eve Kessner, Class of 2011. This SoulCycle instructor, Health Coach, writer, and most importantly, mother of two wears many (healthy!) hats. She combines her numerous wellness passions into an exciting and meaningful career.

Eve’s energy, optimism, and incredible accomplishments are truly inspirational. She’s taking over our Instagram account today – follow along here to see what she’s up to!

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