Katie Bressack Empowers Women to Make Health a Priority

Growing up on whole wheat bread and a vegetarian diet, Katie Bressack has long understood the importance of fueling her body with nutritious foods. However, she found that being conscious of her dietary choices didn’t always protect her from chronic sinus infections and continuous colds.

After years of being sick, Katie eventually found herself in the office of a doctor who encouraged her to think about how her health correlated with her happiness. She began to research healthy foods and wellness practices and soon discovered the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

How New York City Health Coach Robyn Youkilis Found Her Balance

One look at Robyn Youkilis, Class of 2009, and you’d think she has been a wellness guru her entire life. As a top New York City Health Coach, she runs an online cooking course, works with clients through her one-on-one health coaching services, and is launching a new virtual health coaching program – and those are just a few of her ventures!

But Robyn wasn’t always as healthy (or happy) as she is now. Stuck in a rollercoaster cycle of bingeing and deprivation while working in an unfulfilling job, she knew there had to be a better way. That’s when she found Integrative Nutrition. The Health Coach Training Program empowered Robyn to heal her eating habits, establish balance in her life, launch her businesses as a Health Coach, and find a community of like-minded friends and colleagues.

Read more from this New York City Health Coach and get inspired by her refreshing approach to cooking, weight loss, and healthy eating!

Integrative Nutrition Sponsors NCCHWC

We are pleased to announce that we have become a major sponsor of the National Consortium for Credentialing of Health & Wellness Coaches (NCCHWC), a non-profit dedicated to developing standards for Health Coaches and a strategy for national credentialing.

Founded in 2009 by a group of pioneers and experts in the health industry, NCCHWC strives to improve the health and wellbeing of all Americans and is an important advocate for Health Coaches. Their mission is to integrate health coaching into the medical healthcare system in order to focus more on prevention and to offer clients holistic health solutions.

3 Ways to Grow Your Business by Reaching Out to Others

The truth is, being a new entrepreneur can be lonely at times; especially if you work from home. You want to collaborate, share ideas, and explore concepts for your business but your peers, family, and friends are busy with their own workdays.

The good news is that this doesn’t have to stifle the growth of your business in any way.

Here are three BIG tips on how to get out there, share your ideas and dreams, and get feedback that will make all the difference to your lifestyle and your biz.

Join us for Integrative Nutrition’s National Day of Service

We’re thrilled to announce that this Saturday, November 9th, will be IIN’s first ever National Day of Service!

Students and graduates who are members of IIN’s Ambassador Network will be hosting booths at farmer’s markets nationwide and educating shoppers about the benefits of eating local and organic food.

Shoppers will be able to sign up for a brief guided tour of the markets, learn about IIN’s holistic approach to wellness, and even sign up for a free tuition raffle.

You can expect to see our incredible Ambassadors at the markets below, so stop by and say hello if you’re in the area!

How I Helped My Father-in-Law Reclaim His Health

“I don’t want to lose another dad.”

These were the words I cried out to my soon-to-be father-in-law.

You see, only a few months before this plea, I had lost my dad to cancer. It was a rough two years of dealing with doctors, health insurance battles and severe loss. My dad was my best friend. And in a short amount of time, he was gone. He wasn’t going to be able to walk me down the aisle. He wasn’t going to be able to dance with me at my wedding. And he wasn’t going to be able to pick me up when I was down. I was devastated.

Then, I looked at the health of my soon-to-be father-in-law. He was almost 600 pounds and could barely move. Food had become his comfort and drug in life. He was on a ton of different medications and had no zest for living anymore. He became helpless.

But there was one thing he had that my dad didn’t have: the chance to regain his health.

Could one conversation change your life? [video]

I’ve got a “little secret”.

In a moment, I’m going to share with you the single most important key to being an amazing coach.
To be clear... we’re not merely talking about being an effective coach. We’re talking about being a coach that transforms lives.

When you get it, you won’t believe how simple it is.

Yet, here’s what’s crazy about it...

People study coaching for years and they don’t get this “little secret”.

People have every degree and certification under the sun, but they miss this one SIMPLE thing.

And although we dedicate a third of the Health Coach Training Program to building coaching skills, I can show this “little secret” -- the most important thing of all -- in just 3 minutes.

How One San Francisco Health Coach Found the Key to Healing Our Bodies

Have you ever thought about doing something epic—something that could transform your life? Meet Sara Seinberg, Class of 2011, a San Francisco Health Coach who knows a thing or two about stepping out of her comfort zone, embracing change, and most importantly, staying true to herself throughout the process.

Nearing 40, Sara knew she wanted to do something big, and running a marathon would satisfy that urge. But what she didn’t know was that training to run 26.2 miles would help her gain new appreciation for her body and her life. “I slowly, with each run and all that salt on my lips, realized that I could do anything.”

IIN on the Move: Healthy New York [VIDEO]

How much does the average New Yorker know about nutrition? IIN’s film crew recently went to one of New Yorkers’ favorite hangout spots, Madison Square Park, to get people talking about their knowledge of health and nutrition in America. From the Whole Foods junkies to the international perspective of those not born in the U.S., watch the video below to hear what New Yorkers have to say about their personal health, their connection with their diet, and what they think of the current health crisis in America.

Building Your Business One Client at a Time

While I was in the Health Coach Training Program, I remember the idea of signing up my first client being bit daunting. Okay, who am I kidding – it was totally overwhelming to me.

Other than an initial interview for my teaching job many years earlier, I hadn’t needed to “sell” myself or anything else, for that matter.  I had no clue about how to market myself and sign up that first client.

This is why I was so grateful that a valuable part of IIN’s curriculum is business and marketing. The tools and strategies I learned were what helped me actually get myself out into the real world and help people as a Health Coach.

But knowing and doing are two different things. Getting started as a Health Coach meant I needed to take action and use the tools and strategies I learned in the program. It didn’t always feel easy, but because of the way the material was presented in the context of the whole program, it all felt doable (well, most days anyway.) 

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