Integrative Nutrition Reviews: Miracles Now Book

Bestselling author and speaker in Integrative Nutrition’s Health Coach Traning Program, Gabrielle Bernsterin, has just published her fourth book, titled Miracles Now: 108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow and Finding Your True Purpose.

The book features a collection (108 to be exact!) of short, actionable, and inspiring techniques to help readers move through challenging situations with ease.

Joshua Rosenthal Interviews Deepak Chopra on the State of Health & Wellness in America

Recently, the IIN video crew had the opportunity to capture the intersection of two great minds when Joshua Rosenthal interviewed Deepak Chopra. The thought leaders focused their conversation on the state of health in America today, with Joshua’s unique perspective as founder of IIN complementing the holistic visionary’s diverse background. From meditation to genetics to the challenges of insurance companies, they covered a wide range of topics to bring important insights to life.

San Francisco Health Coach Jessica Mishra Brings Sustainable Wellness to Silicon Valley

With an influx of tech companies and big businesses, San Francisco has become nearly as fast-paced and high-pressure as Manhattan. Working there as a CPA for a large corporation, Jessica Mishra certainly felt that pressure. When her own health issues led her to seek out answers in the holistic health realm, she realized that there was an alternative: a life of balance, health, and peace.

Inspired by her own experience, she enrolled in IIN and left her corporate job upon graduating in 2011. Jessica now offers corporate wellness programs to help others facing the challenging circumstances she once overcame. “I became passionate about helping other busy professionals find balance and optimum health,” she says, and now does this by offering yoga classes and nutrition counseling, as well as financial and business coaching services. Combining her financial and corporate expertise with her wellness training allows her to address the whole person—at home, at work, and in the world. “I have guided many clients through difficult financial times,” she says. “And I now hope to apply this experience to support wellness!”

Read on to hear how this driven San Francisco Health Coach is helping others take charge of their lives!

Health Coach Training Program Diary: Chapter 5 [VIDEO]

With seven months of the Health Coach Training Program behind them, IIN students Laura and Ilene have come a long way since we first met them in Chapter 1. In this video, they share what they’ve learned from the curriculum, as well as how these new skills have changed the way they interact with friends, clients, and the world.

Joshua Rosenthal Visits the Sydney Community [VIDEO]

There’s no denying that the ripple effect has washed up on the gorgeous shores of Sydney, Australia, where IIN founder Joshua Rosenthal visited recently for a live IIN Conference. A flourishing wellness industry has taken root in Australia, and the city of Sydney in particular is a flagship example of the global shift toward a focus on health.

On his visit, Joshua met with IIN graduates and members of the Sydney wellness community, with a stunning environment and perfect weather as the backdrop. At the conference, 800 enthusiastic IIN grads and students came together to share what they got out of IIN and to be inspired once again by the possibilities ahead for Health Coaches worldwide.

Day in the Life of a Health Coach: Michael DeSanti [VIDEO]

After watching his mother combat cancer through food and lifestyle choices, Michael DeSanti knew from an early age the power of nutrition to change our bodies and our lives. IIN provided him with the opportunity to explore this passion, and he was quickly able to channel it into a rewarding career, starting his own Health Coaching Practice shortly after graduating in 2010.

Today, Michael meets with 6 to 8 clients each day, helping both men and women achieve happiness and health in their lives—including converting one former veggie-hater into a green-smoothie-drinker!

Check out the video below to get a glimpse of a Health Coach’s life for yourself!

Day in the Life of a Health Coach: Maria Marlowe [VIDEO]

Despite how scary it felt to leave a career in finance, Maria Marlowe knew she needed to change something about her life in order to be fulfilled in mind, body, and spirit. IIN provided the opportunity for that transition, and Maria’s career has gone full speed ahead since she graduated in 2012. Today, she has a full-time health coaching practice and wellness blog—and big ambitions for the future.

Sydney Health Coach Joanna Brown Unites Technology with Wellness

Seven years of working in human resources for large law firms resulted in Joanna Brown completely burning out in 2011—but it also may have been a key to her current success.

After realizing that the rigidity and pressures of the corporate world were doing her serious harm, she finally turned her full attention to her lifelong interest in health and wellness. Three years later, she’s a 2012 IIN graduate with a thriving health coaching and consultation practice, and is able to put to use the skills she developed during her years in the corporate world. Along with her own Health Coach practice, she offers technological consultation and social media support to wellness entrepreneurs who may lack these skills.

Most importantly, as Joanna promotes health in those around her, she’s able to nurture her own health through her work. “My days are flexible, I’m my own boss,” she says. “I have the freedom to just be me.

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