Video: Yoga Poses for Pregnancy with Maternity Guru Latham Thomas

Surround yourself with symbols of love, beauty and fertility. That is the mantra of Latham Thomas, 2006 grad and founder of Mama Glow, a holistic lifestyle company geared toward the expectant mother. In her practice, author and maternity guru Latham helps women with prenatal nutrition, education, yoga and birth coaching, providing support throughout the pregnancy.

In this video, Latham shares three yoga postures safe for any stage of the pregnancy, the importance of surrounding yourself with beauty, and how Integrative Nutrition inspired her practice.

From Client to Coach: Michele Gelman Wins Best in Class

I am thrilled to present the Best in Class Health Leadership Award to October 2012 graduate, Michele Gelman. Michele is a student who really walks the talk. Once a client herself, she took steps to improving her own health before deciding to make a career of helping others do the same.

After a year of suffering from many physical ailments, she was introduced to the world of nutrition when she enrolled in a 6-month program, run by an Integrative Nutrition graduate. By the time those six months were up she was well on her way to healing herself, and moving on to the rest of her family. She then decided to enroll in the Health Coach Training Program herself, and now she’s helping others get healthy. She has been featured in two magazines, and through talks at corporations and schools, group programs, and individual sessions, she’s already rocking the ripple effect!

What inspired you to enroll at IIN?

I was experiencing various health issues for a year, so I signed up for a 6-month program with a Health Coach who had studied at IIN. By the time she left Chicago, I was hooked on nutrition and the amazing effects it has on health and wellbeing, so I enrolled at IIN for more!

Holding On To Negative Thoughts? Throw Them Away!

Did you ever wish that you could take all of your negative thoughts and feelings and put them in the garbage? Well, a new study from Ohio State University says that you can!

Certain psychological therapies already ask patients to write down their negative thoughts on paper and then toss it, but now proof is in the research that it works. To verify it, researchers conducted three experiments. In the first, 83 high school students were told to write down their thoughts – positive or negative – about their body image.

What happened next? Half of the participants were asked to throw away their thoughts and the other half were asked to read it over for grammatical mistakes. After rating their own attitudes about their bodies on a 9-point scale, the students who read over their thoughts had strong opinions on their body image, while the students who threw away their thoughts were indifferent on how they felt about their body image. 

Integrative Nutrition Gives Back to Celebrate a Season of Giving

When I founded the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, it was with the mission to change the world and make it a healthier, happier place.

How can a school do that? At Integrative Nutrition, we believe that people experience a powerful personal transformation by getting healthier. When they use their knowledge to teach others how to be healthier and happier, this process creates a ripple effect that changes the world.

We have epidemic rates of obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. And in many cases, lifestyle changes can reverse the upward trend of these chronic diseases.

Use Health as Your Vehicle to Transform the World

What would you do if you were clearer in your purpose in life and had the tools and support to help you achieve it?

Achieving good health can be your vehicle to get where you want to go, but it’s not the destination to where you are ultimately going.

When you start the journey to good health, you realize how much more energy you have. You might heal your headaches or PMS symptoms. Maybe you lower your cholesterol or increase your vitality, and you are less dependent on medications or operations.

This transformation is exciting. It may feel like a miracle to you. And you want to share it with the world.

Thousands of Integrative Nutrition students and graduates have become role models for their clients and leaders in their communities. And each person’s story is vital to changing the face of health care.

Surprise! How to Spice Up Your Marriage

Excitement and passion can only last so long in a marriage or long-term relationship. Or can it?

 According to a recent New York Times article, newlywed couples enjoy a huge boost in happiness that lasts only two years, on average. The reason? It’s easy to slip into a routine. The days of passionate love fade away as other new, exciting circumstances arise and eclipse the relationship: finding a new job, buying a new car, having a child. In fact, many younger couples mistake the shift from passionate to companionate love as unhappiness or incompatibility.


Video: Daily Self-Care Tips With Yogi Molly Lehman

Yoga and wellness do not have to be so serious! That is the philosophy of Molly Lehman, 2009 graduate and co-owner of House of Jai Yoga Studio. Jai is the Thai word for joy and that is what Molly brings to her clients through her classes and health coaching sessions.  “It’s about feeling comfortable and confident at that home of your own body,” Molly says.

In this video, Molly shares her own favorite self-care tips, how yoga can be a joyous exercise for everyone, and what inspired her to open this incredible yoga studio that offers Thai massage, acupuncture, and personalized health coaching!

How to Let Loose and Be Bad for a Change

Amid all the arrangements, obligations, and pressures for perfection this holiday season, do you ever find yourself fantasizing about a blissful escape from responsibility? Wouldn’t it be nice to skip the shopping and treat yourself to a massage instead? Go ahead, be naughty – we won’t tell!

If you’re someone who’s been good to yourself and others all year, then why not indulge in a little fun before your usual composed self takes over again in the New Year? Primary food doesn’t only include positive relationships, spiritual practice, and a fulfilling career; it also means letting go of the constraints of life and being free to make decisions that enliven your spirit.

Here are a few ways to break your usual hectic holiday rhythms:

Tap Into The New Year With A New You!

2013 is just around the corner – and so is your chance for personal transformation! The New Year is an exciting time to reflect, create new goals, and start fresh so that you can become the happiest, healthiest version of yourself.

Where do you want to be one year from today? Everyone’s goals are different – yours might be a healthier lifestyle, a fulfilling career, happier relationships … or all of the above! The bottom line is, life is short. Why put off your dreams any longer?

How Carina Rockland Took Control of Her Health and Future

As Carina Rockland can testify, good health is something to never take for granted. At the tender age of twenty, she was so debilitated by painful Crohn’s disease that she felt trapped in the body of a ninety-year old. A 2012 graduate of the Health Coach Training Program and resident of Montague, Massachusetts, Carina has since taken control of her health and is now achieving incredible new academic and professional accomplishments.

Taking advantage of Integrative Nutrition’s partnership with Goddard College, she is currently completing the senior year of her Bachelor’s degree, has enrolled in a massage therapy program, and is writing a book about integrative approaches to Crohn’s disease. Her perseverance and commitment to improving the lives of others who struggle with chronic pain is an inspiration!

What were you doing prior to enrolling at IIN?
I had recently been diagnosed with Crohn's disease after years of struggling with its symptoms and misdiagnoses. In the three years prior to enrolling at IIN, I underwent a devastating six-week hospitalization and five surgeries, which almost took my life and two years of being completely homebound. I was dangerously underweight, so malnourished that large clumps of my hair began to fall out, and was experiencing relentlessly acute abdominal pain and intestinal bleeding. I was twenty years old, but I felt like I was trapped in a ninety year-old’s body.

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