Hyacinth Mills Unveils Her Vegan Restaurant

After moving from London to the U.S., Hyacinth Mills made it her goal to begin a personal journey to vibrant health. This ambition led her to Integrative Nutrition.

After graduating from the Health Coach Training Program in 2005, Hyacinth set up shop in Montclair, New Jersey. These days she not only has a healthy lifestyle business New Life Journeys, but she’s just a few months away from opening FLOW, Montclair’s very first organic vegan restaurant and elixir bar. Read on for more on how Hyacinth turned her journey to vibrant health into a reality.

Notes from IIN’s Founder: How to Boost Your Vitamin L

Joshua Rosenthal, Founder, Director, and Primary Teacher, of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, shares his wisdom about creating a healthy, happy life that helps transform the world.

We all have a need to give and receive love. Love is food for the soul. Love nourishes the body, mind and spirit. 

I’ve coached many people who, though they ate extremely healthily, still struggled to be well. It wasn’t that they lacked broccoli. What they were missing was healthy relationships to nourish them. Food was secondary. Once they worked on improving the quality of their relationships, their health and life improved.

Nutrition During Pregnancy: Could Folic Acid Prevent Autism?

Autism is a complicated development disorder with a multitude of contributing factors and no known single cause or cure.  A surprising new study, however, shows that a common vitamin found in our foods and supplements can dramatically reduce the risk of a woman having a child with autism – by 40 percent!

Folic acid, a B vitamin found in foods such as spinach, beans, and meat, has been shown to significantly reduce the incidence of autism when the vitamin is taken as a supplement for at least several weeks before and during pregnancy, according to the study.  

Join us for a Live Facebook Chat with Andrea Beaman!

If you’ve ever had a question for natural foods chef, author, and television host Andrea Beaman, now’s your chance! She’s hosting an exclusive Q&A session on our Facebook page, and anyone is welcome to participate. A 1998 Integrative Nutrition graduate and visiting teacher, Andrea is all about alternative healing through healthy eating and green, sustainable living. You may have seen her on Bravo’s hit TV show Top Chef or as host of the TV show Fed UP

How Nick Oddo Broke the Cycle of Depression and Transformed his Life

2008 graduate Nick Oddo is proof that the power to transform our lives lies solely within ourselves. Having battled depression for many years and feeling completely unfulfilled in his career, Nick knew he was not living the life he was meant to live.

In an attempt to heal his physical and mental health, Nick change his eating habits and was shocked when he discovered that his depression was actually linked to his unknown sensitivity to gluten. Inspired by his ability to heal himself through food, Nick left his 20-year career in banking and started pursuing his passion of improving his health and happiness and teaching others how to experience their own powerful transformations.

As a Positive Life Health Coach, motivational speaker, energy therapist, and founder of Ten Studio Hill, Inc, Nick is spreading his positive energy to the world and helping his clients heal their lives from the inside out.

To hear more of Nick’s story and learn how Integrative Nutrition can help you through major life changes, tune in to a live session on Tuesday, February 12 at 2pm!

How Joanna Puciata Launched Her Skincare Line and Health Coaching Career

A full-time mom of four children, Joanna Puciata admits she did not know who she was outside of her role as mother and wife. With a passion for health, she wanted to pursue her calling, but was not in a position to go back to college and “turn my whole life upside down,” she said.  

Today, Joanna is a 2012 graduate from the Health Coach Training Program, which was her springboard into a fulfilling new career. Joanna found the confidence to start her own health coaching business based in Chicago, as well as develop a customized holistic skincare line with limited edition products for the European fashion collection M’Oyo.  Joanna now sees endless possibilities for her career and future. Read on to find out how she used her education to transform her life.

What were you doing before you enrolled at Integrative Nutrition?

I was a mother of four and a wife. One day, my oldest son moved out and went to follow his dream in San Francisco. He told me not to stop him because “yesterday is gone, tomorrow is unknown, and all we have is today.” I didn’t know what to do with “today” without him. I envisioned the other three leaving the house and felt empty. Who was I without my kids? What was my calling?

Integrative Nutrition Holds First Latin American Conference in Mexico City

This past weekend, over 100 Integrative Nutrition graduates flew in from cities across Mexico, South America, the United States, and Europe to join Founder, Director, and Primary Teacher Joshua Rosenthal at Integrative Nutrition’s first conference in Latin America. The landmark event reflected Integrative Nutrition’s commitment to empowering its international community and spreading a ripple effect of health and happiness across the globe.

Held at Club de Industriales, this special conference was organized by four exceptional graduates: Ana Arizemendi and Georgina Ferrer, both class of 2011, and Gabriela Bambrick-Santoyo and Caren Laboy, both class of 2012. The focus of the conference was on vocational training, confidence building, and creating a sense of community among Spanish-speaking graduates.

Joshua opened the event with an inspiring speech that emphasized how Spanish-speaking Health Coaches play a crucial role in reversing the global health crisis. The Hispanic community is widely underserved, and Health Coaches who work with this community by providing information and inspiration are true leaders.

Integrative Nutrition e-Book – Now en Español!

We’re excited to announce that the book Integrative Nutrition: Feed Your Hunger for Health and Happiness is now being offered in Spanish!

Written by Integrative Nutrition Founder, Director, and Primary Teacher Joshua Rosenthal, the translation of this landmark book into Spanish is the next step in Integrative Nutrition’s mission to improve health and happiness, and through that process, create a ripple effect that transforms the world. Today, with more than 32,000 graduates in 104 countries, and a rapidly growing Spanish-speaking community, we’re happy to say we’re getting closer to that vision! 

Integrative Nutrition offers an easy approach to eating and living by providing simple steps to nurture your body and feed your soul. World leader in mind-body medicine and IIN visiting teacher Deepak Chopra says, “Integrative Nutrition brilliantly blends the art and science of nutrition with the personal growth aspects of love, relationship, fitness, career, and spiritual practice to help people find their path toward health and happiness.”

U.S. Marines Turn to Mindful Meditation Practice for Peace

Meditation is often linked to Buddhists and yogis, but now the U.S. Marine Corps is incorporating mindful meditation practice in its training to bring about calm, awareness, and healthy recovery for Marines in deployment.

Last Tuesday, the Marine Corps began its eight-week training course called Mindfulness-Based Mind Fitness Training or “M-Fit” with about 80 Marines. The exercises are designed to help Marines stay alert and mindful under pressure, as well as relieve stress from extensive deployments and combat.

Nearly 30 percent of returning U.S. soldiers are affected with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to long and multiple deployments, with symptoms that include flashbacks, avoidance, and overwhelming anxiety. The Marine Corps has reason to believe that mindful meditation training will have a positive impact for Marines in high-stress situations – and there is scientific evidence to support that this age-old practice does help people find calm and relief.

How Priscilla Stephan Discovered Her Path to Wellness

Running herself into the ground is a thing of the past for Integrative Nutrition grad Priscilla Stephan. After 15 years as an executive in corporate America, feeling chronically fatigued and unfulfilled, the light at the end of the tunnel came once she enrolled in the Health Coach Training Program in 2011.

These days, Priscilla runs a New York City-based health coaching practice, Sweet Path Wellness, Inc., that helps busy working women reclaim their self-assurance and contentment. She uses a no-diet, no-deprivation method that holistically considers food intake, stress, sleep, relationships, and other lifestyle factors.

On top of running a successful business, Priscilla has also put together a health and wellness teleseminar designed to showcase talented women business owners around the world who have thriving businesses because they prioritize their health and well-being.

Read on to see how Priscilla maintains her very own sweet path to wellness.

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