Integrative Nutrition Grad Latham Thomas Featured in Parents Magazine!

Integrative Nutrition alums are popping up all over the press these days. Most recently, 2006 graduate Latham Thomas was featured in Parents magazine as a “Rock-Star Doula”!

In the article, Latham shares her personal experience as a mother, doula, and pregnancy expert, as well as her top tips for a fabulous pregnancy and birth experience. Some of the tips might surprise you (think sticking to a plan is the right approach? You might want to think again!) .

7 Unbeatable Benefits of Health Coaching Circles

With all the big names—Mark Hyman, Arianna Huffington, Andrew Weil—and life-changing concepts—Primary Food and Bio Individuality, to name a few—in the Integrative Nutrition curriculum, it’s easy to forget one of the most powerful benefits of enrolling in the Health Coach Training Program: becoming part of the Integrative Nutrition community.

Reports Show Doctors Lacking Nutrition Knowledge

It’s no secret that our healthcare system is broken. With the obesity epidemic continuing to cripple the U.S., this is a big problem. We count on doctors to not only cure our diseases, perform surgery, and prescribe medication, but also to help prevent us from getting sick to begin with. This kind of care includes giving advice on nutrition, fitness, stress management, and other preventive measures to help us live healthier lives.

This isn’t happening, and not just because of the broken system.

Dr. Rubin Naiman Interview | IIN Depth

Health Coaches are in a unique position to address this under-examined issue. Rather than physicians or other health workers who look at specific parts of a person’s health, a Health Coach takes a holistic approach, examining every aspect of a person’s life. Only by looking at this complete perspective, including important Primary Foods like sleep, can people pinpoint just what needs to change—be it exercise, diet, sleep, or something else—to help them live their fullest, most vibrant life.

Tell us your healthy sleep tricks in the comments section below!

Do I Have the Right Personality to Be a Health Coach?

I wondered this very thing before I decided to enroll at Integrative Nutrition. Did I have the right character traits to be a good Health Coach? Would people want to open up to me? Could I actually coach clients through issues I myself had dealt with? Would people take me seriously? 

The answer I found along the way was: yes, yes I could, and I could be darn good at it. And no matter your natural disposition, you’ll find the same answer. 

Whether you are introverted or extroverted, already working in the wellness field or making a complete career change, Integrative Nutrition teaches you how to harness your unique gifts to connect with potential clients and turn your interest in health and wellness into a thriving, rewarding career. 

Integrative Nutrition Grad Arielle Haspel Debuts New Cooking Show!

The possibilities for what you can do as a Health Coach are endless. One of the best examples is IIN graduate Arielle Haspel, who has translated her education into a thriving career as a Health Coach, nutrition and lifestyle expert, recipe developer, speaker, spokesperson, and—as of a few days ago—regular TV host!

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Integrative Nutrition Teacher Andrea Beaman Shares Her Transformation Story

When students look at the expert lecturers in Integrative Nutrition’s curriculum, it’s easy to feel a little awestruck. They seem like paragons of health and success.

However, it’s important to remember that many of them didn’t start that way. As you embark on your journey toward greater health and happiness, keep in mind that all of these impressive wellness visionaries took that same journey—and that, ultimately, the journey never ends!

Dr. Mark Hyman Interview | IIN Depth

It’s no secret: the healthcare system is broken. In fact, according to Integrative Nutrition guest lecturer Mark Hyman, healthcare needs to be “turned upside-down.” It’s also becoming clearer and clearer that Health Coaches are the ones who will need to do the turning.

In this impassioned discussion between Integrative Nutrition founder Joshua Rosenthal and American physician, scholar, and author Dr. Mark Hyman, the two wellness leaders delve deep into the many players at work in today’s healthcare landscape.

From Cake to Kale, Health Coach Jess Rothschild Helps Clients Live a Life of Abundance

Funny story—I enrolled in Integrative Nutrition in January 2013 with zero intention of forming a business. It was the last thing on my agenda, as I already had a successful full-time career as a web designer/social media strategist with benefits, paid vacation—the whole nine. After overcoming some disordered eating habits in my early twenties (swinging from eating entirely clean to binging on sweets) I’d become a gymrat and nutrition enthusiast. For ten years, I read  every food and fitness blog out there, endlessly learning, educating myself, and getting in the best shape of my life while eating what I love in a healthy balance.

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