Nutrition News: The IINsider's Digest

This was a hot week for nutrition news. IIN faculty members Deepak Chopra and David Katz offer their insights on health and wellness. Kale is a buzz word thanks to a Vermont t-shirt maker. EWG put out a report on sugar cereal that has Kellogg's scrambling to defend their products. And Monsanto's corn is for the bugs. Plus, more hot topics we collected here in one spot for you to easily digest. 

Can positive thinking make you well?
By IIN faculty Deepak Chopra
Observers may have noticed recently that mainstream medicine is taking a harder line against positive thinking. Surveys of the leading research in the field conclude that recovery rates from cancer, for example, are not higher among patients who take a positive attitude about fighting their disease. Studies that show the reverse have been small and, according to their critics, flawed in serious ways. Read more.

Reimbursement for Obesity Counseling: So What?
By IIN faculty member David Katz, MD

Sera Snyder Finds Her Path to Wellness Plus a New Career

More often than not, it’s receiving scary news or a moment of fear that prompts a dramatic change in lifestyle. For 2010 graduate Sera Snyder, it was learning she had a rare tumor in her stomach.

After working with another Integrative Nutrition grad, Sera was inspired to enroll in the Health Coach Training Program. In addition to discovering her path to wellness following surgery, she also launched a new career that she’s passionate about after having worked in an unfulfilling career for several years prior. Read more of Sera’s story and how she’s educating medical professionals about integrative care for cancer patients in her new role.

The 2011 Integrative Nutrition Holiday Gift Guide

Offering gifts that promote wellness is a great way to help others get on the path to better health just in time for the New Year. Enter our holiday gift guide – consider us your personal elves. We’re here to help you give a gift you can feel good about.

You’ll find some make-it-yourself ideas so you won’t have to break the bank as well as special gifts from the heart so you can spread joy to those in need. From your great aunt to your daughter’s first grade teacher, we’ve got something for everyone on your list.

Rock the Vote for the IIN Transformation Contest

The results are in from the IIN Transformation Contest, we asked our community to tell us their most inspiring stories of how Integrative Nutrition was the catalyst for  a huge transformation in their lives, and… wow, did they rock our socks off!

From healing their bodies, to designing their dream jobs, to finding true love, it’s amazing what has happened for our students and grads by focusing on their Primary Food.

Now, it’s time for you to vote for your top pick! Whose story is most moving and inspiring to you?

Elisa Haggarty Brings Health Education to Hong Kong Schools

2011 graduate Elisa Haggarty realized two things upon her arrival in Hong Kong, where she relocated from Morristown, New Jersey. One: her new job as an English teacher was not all she had hoped it would be; and two: her students suffered from a poor level of health and nutrition.

After contemplating where she saw her future self, and how she could make a difference in the health of her students, she enrolled in Integrative Nutrition’s Health Coach Training Program and sensed a new path emerging in her career. Elisa continues to teach English, but is now sharing her knowledge of health and wellness in her school and introducing new practices that her coworkers and students otherwise may never have learned. She hopes to eventually transition to educating others about whole foods and eating well full-time, since she has found in her travels that the strong need for health coaches is universal. Read more about this graduate’s journey below!

What were you doing before Integrative Nutrition?

Before enrolling in IIN, I was teaching English at an International School in Hong Kong. I came here from New Jersey in the pursuit of an adventure, change of pace and a new challenge. As soon as I arrived, I knew this job was not the right fit for me. I had no support system here and felt frustrated by teaching English when I KNEW there was more important information and more issues for me to tackle. At one point, only four years into teaching English, I even contemplated quitting teaching and finding another profession. I felt an overwhelming sense of apathy because I saw so many of my students were overweight and headed straight towards bad health and disease.

Jessica Idleman is Giving Her Students a Healthy Glow

2010 Integrative Nutrition graduate Jessica Idleman had an existing background and knowledge in health that supported her work as a nutritionist. What she was missing, however, was the ability to turn this expertise into a thriving business. Through new connections and a gained sense of confidence acquired in the Health Coach Training Program, Jessica found the direction she needed for her practice, Glow Nutrition, and catapulted into success. Now she’s sharing her knowledge and expertise in healthy cooking with members of her community in Springfield, MO, a place where health coaches are hard to come by and many people rely solely on counting calories to stay slim. Read more about what this grad is up to below!

What were you doing before Integrative Nutrition?

I was working as a nutritionist doing essentially the same thing I am still doing. Integrative Nutrition helped me take my practice to the next level and solidify a business model.

What led you to explore Integrative Nutrition's program?

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