Twice the Transformation! How Jeff and Cindy Berkowitz Got Healthy

We’re bringing you a special edition of our graduate Q&A this week, as we take a look into the life of not one, but two Health Coaches! Jeff and Cindy Berkowitz have been married for 26 years, and both are 2011 graduates of the Health Coach Training Program. They live in Pittsburgh, PA, with their three children.

Cindy was working in a high-pay, high-stress position as a family law paralegal when she took a fall that injured her back and ruined her knee. She underwent total knee replacement surgery, which left her unable to live a normal life, let alone go back to work. That’s when she enrolled at Integrative Nutrition, the start of a major life transformation.

With a background in physics and food chemistry, Jeff was a chef for 25 years before he began suffering from a variety of inflammatory diseases. At age 48, he was on 15 different medications, plus narcotics to treat the pain. He enrolled at Integrative Nutrition hoping to gain a sense of control over his own life. One year later, he is off all medication and 40 pounds lighter! 

Cindy and Jeff graduated together this year and now find themselves leading a completely different, significantly healthier lifestyle. They’ve discovered a new career as Health Coaches in their practice, Intuitive Holistic Health. The couple specializes in autoimmune diseases, inflammatory diseases and endocrine problems, working to help clients take control of their health. In addition to their practice, Cindy and Jeff teach cooking classes, hold corporate workshops and wellness programs, develop healthy recipes for commercial production, and write a food blog. Read more about this dynamic duo below!

How Can $111 Make a Difference?

You probably already looked at the calendar and realized it’s 11/11/11. Here at Integrative Nutrition, we’re calling it a Day of Oneness. One Health Coach can inspire thousands to get healthier and happier and together, we can create a ripple effect of health and happiness that changes the world.

We’ve come up with a way that will allow you to make a difference in your own life as well as the lives of others. If you call an Admissions Advisor at (877) 730-5444 to enroll in the Health Coach Training Program today only from 9am-5pm EST, we’ll donate $111 to your choice of these charities:

fam sanctuary
national conservancy
jamie oliver food revolution

Integrative Nutrition Rocked the Ripple Effect!

Hundreds of students and graduates rocked it out this past weekend at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City for Rock the Ripple Effect! During this fantastic one-day conference, we heard from several inspiring speakers and discussed how the Integrative Nutrition community is helping others transform their lives. Many conference attendees connected and made new friends, while others picked up great tips for their business and felt a new sense of empowerment!

Andrew Weil, MD, the Founder and Director of the Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, gave the keynote address. Dr. Weil is a best-selling author and a world-renowned expert on mind-body interactions and healing systems. He spoke about the dangers of fructose, his anti-inflammatory pyramid, and demonstrated a breathing exercise to help manage stress.

Discovering Daily Joy with Kate Henninger

Kate HenningerIt’s rare to meet someone who truly loves what they do, every single day, despite the obstacles life has thrown in their path. Kate Henninger, a 2011 grad residing in Houston, Texas, finds joy in the work she does each day as a Health Coach. After being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease at a young age and developing lupus, she discovered the value of wellness and finding passion in daily life.

Integrative Nutrition Reviews: 23 Apps for Health & Happiness

Smartphones are nearly ubiquitous in this day and age, and we’re excited to see so many nutrition, fitness, and wellness apps on the market! If you’d like to find out how your phone can be turned into a tool for your personal health, check out this next segment in our Integrative Nutrition Reviews series.



runkeeperRunKeeper - iOS / Android

Enter activity manually, or use the GPS feature to track your run automatically. The app will save information about how far you went, your pace, calories burned, and your route and upload them to It even integrates your phone's music, and makes it easy to share your accomplishments with friends online. (Free)



c25kC25K - iOS / Android / Blackberry

Never run a day of your life? No problem. This app already has your gradual training for a 5K all planned out. With GPS support, music integration, and alerts to let you know when you need to switch between walking and running, you'll be a regular runner in no time. ($2.99)

Nutrition News: The IINsider's Digest

Did you miss the news bites this week? Don't worry, we collected the hottest topics right here in one place for you to easily digest. 

In this week's digest:

  • Raw food health benefits
  • Commuting and your health
  • USDA Dietary Guidelines: not so good?
  • Couple nearly split over holistic healing
  • Healthy Diets: US News ranks them
  • Loneliness and the effects on your health
  • Processed foods: the weird ingredients
  • Farm Bill needs nutrititious approach

Food Day: A Huge Success!

Last Monday, October 24th, The Center for Science in the Public Interest hosted Food Day, a nationally recognized day for people to cook meals with whole foods and promote nutrition in their communities. Food Day was a huge success, with celebrations everywhere from a Food Day Open House at the Nation Achieves in Washington DC to a conference on food deserts and prison food in San Francisco. We challenged our community to get involved and were blown away by what we saw!

In Las Vegas, several IIN grads got together to host “Local Foods Make A Difference”, a community camp out at Tonopah Community Garden. The group had quite a turnout as people brought their families, sleeping bags, and healthy snacks to watch healthy food-related movies such as Food Inc. and Forks Over Knives.

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