The “A-Ha” Moment That Led Me to Health Coaching

There are times when life knocks so loudly on your door, it's impossible to ignore the message. That happened to me five years ago, the moment I realized that I needed to become a Health Coach. 

Several years prior, I was suffering with multiple health issues that overlapped and fed into one other. Seasonal allergies precipitated chronic sinus, which encouraged random and painful migraines. Infertility and miscarriages led to a hormonal imbalance, which caused sadness and depression. A compromised immunity from too many pharmaceuticals led to fibromyalgia and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. And everything seemed to point to weight gain; the excess weight led to all of the above. 

Find Your Unique Road to Wellness at Integrative Nutrition [Video]

People come to IIN for a wide variety of reasons – some to launch a new career as a Health Coach, others to enhance their existing careers, and others still to improve their health or heal an ailment. Despite this difference in intention and goals, some experiences at IIN are universal: the core philosophy of IIN changes lives.

In the video below, graduates of the Health Coach Training Program share the concepts they love most about IIN. Whether it’s getting clear on what you want to accomplish in life, finding the foods that make you feel your best, or improving the relationships in your life, the road to wellness is unique to you!

Integrative Nutrition Holds Meet-Up in Miami [VIDEO]

This past Sunday, over 700 students and graduates from across Florida joined IIN Founder, Director, and Primary Teacher Joshua Rosenthal in Miami for a post-Thanksgiving afternoon of lectures, connection, and inspiration. The event demonstrated Integrative Nutrition’s ongoing dedication to building face-to-face relationships with its student body and spreading a ripple effect of health and happiness in the world.

“What If I Don’t Say the Right Thing?”

Early on as a health coach. one of my own personal fears was not saying the "right" thing.  Not giving just the right advice or guidance. I imagined myself sitting in front of my client tripping over my words.  Scrambling to look through notes or books to find exactly what I was supposed to say to this person who was paying me to help them get healthy.  There were times, if I had let it, that this fear could have actually stopped me from moving forward as a coach.

San Diego Health Coach Amy Boring Discovers the Healing Power of Listening

People come to Integrative Nutrition for a variety of reasons – to launch a new career as a Health Coach, to enhance their existing career, or simply to improve their health and enrich their personal lives. For San Diego Health Coach Amy Boring, the motivation was to take control of her health and heal herself from a crippling illness. Empowered by what she learned at IIN, Amy not only was pain-free within four months, but she also embarked on a yoga teacher training program and freed herself of an unhealthy relationship, to boot.

Almost one year since graduating, the professional photographer now has a thriving practice as a San Diego Health Coach where she runs an 11-day program that helps people free themselves of poor food choices and adopt healthier lifestyle habits. Amy’s honest, heartfelt approach attests to the healing power of listening and supporting people in the most loving way possible. 

Read on to hear how this inspiring San Diego Health Coach is changing lives, one person at a time!

The Surprising Way I Got My First Clients

Before I begin, let me assure you I was incredibly pessimistic about starting my own business. Having worked for years in the advertising industry, I was used to working for someone else and getting a regular (sizable) paycheck.

Run my own business? Be an expert? Yeah, right.

Were these clients going to just fall from the sky?

Actually, yes. That’s sort of what happened once my mindset shifted. Let me explain.

During my time at IIN, I was still working full time. I was feeling stumped about how I would ever attract clients as a health coach. It was a really stuck, hopeless feeling.

And then, the unthinkable happened. I was laid off. Boom. With no motivation to find another advertising job, I knew I had only one option. I had to find some health coaching clients. Like, now.

That shift made all the difference.

IIN on the Move: Affordable Care Act [VIDEO]

What does Manhattan have to say about Obamacare?

The IIN film crew went to Herald Square, the heart of this culturally, politically, and economically diverse city, to find out what the Affordable Care Act means to New Yorkers. From the nay-sayers to the yay-sayers, we spoke with people from all walks of life to explore the act’s impact on the public and to see what it may mean for the future of health coaching.

Integrative Nutrition Donates $117,000 in Support of GMO Labeling

We are thrilled to announce that with your help, Integrative Nutrition has succeeded in donating $117,000 to four organizations that share our mission to fight for GMO labeling!

People have the right to know what’s in their food and make informed decisions about what they eat. While genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are banned in many countries around the world, the United States doesn’t even require labeling of genetically modified foods. Foods that contain GMOs are ubiquitous on grocery store shelves, and many people unknowingly consume them every day.

We at Integrative Nutrition are committed to supporting efforts to require GMO labeling, and we can make an even bigger impact when we join forces with like-minded organizations that are also advocating for consumer rights.

Integrative Nutrition Holds Meet-Up in Boston [VIDEO]

Earlier this week, over 700 students and graduates from across New England joined Joshua Rosenthal in Boston at the Westin Copley Place for an evening of lectures, networking, and inspiration. Reflecting Integrative Nutrition’s commitment to building personal connections with its global student body, this event was a wonderful reminder of how special it is for the IIN community to gather all in one place!

The focus of the inspiring evening was on bio-individuality – one person’s food is another person’s poison, so it’s up to each person to find what works for his or her body; how to create a successful future as a Health Coach; and why primary foods are the real food for your soul. Graduates shared inspiring stories of how they were transformed by IIN and healed themselves of disease, launched fulfilling new careers, and much more.

Watch the video below to get a taste of the fun we had In Boston!

Highlights from IIN’s National Day of Service

Our first ever National Day of Service was an incredible way for IIN students and graduates to share the mission of health and happiness at farmer’s markets in their communities.

We had an incredible turnout and received overwhelmingly positive feedback of how volunteers and shoppers alike enjoyed connecting with each other about holistic wellness and eating locally.

Check out the video below for all the highlights!

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