Dr. Frank Lipman on the Importance of Health Coaches [Video]

Why aren’t more doctors prescribing broccoli, gym memberships, and guided meditation? Preventable illnesses such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease are reaching epidemic proportions, yet the current healthcare system depends on medications and surgery to manage symptoms rather than proactively prevent disease.

It’s partially because most physicians don’t have the time, resources, or training to help patients change their habits and lifestyle. Only 25% of medical schools require students to take a dedicated nutrition class, and doctors spend less than 3% of sick visits discussing nutrition.

Meet Josh Perry: BMX Rider, Brain Tumor Survivor, and IIN Health Coach

Happy National Health Coach Week! To celebrate, we’ll be featuring inspiring stories of Health Coaches who are doing amazing work in their homes, workplaces, schools, and communities. We’re excited to kick things off with Josh Perry, Class of 2014! He’s taking over our Instagram account today – follow along here to see what he’s up to!

Gravity-defying backflips, jaw-dropping stunts … and green smoothies? Though the world of extreme sports isn’t typically associated with holistic health, there’s nothing “typical” about Josh Perry, Class of 2014.

Huge News: January 12-18th is Officially Health Coach Week!

We are thrilled to announce some amazing news: January 12-18th has received Congressional recognition as National Health Coach Week!

In a letter shared with Integrative Nutrition, U.S. Representative Tim Ryan congratulated Health Coaches on the importance of their work:

 “The United States faces a health crisis due in large part to the prevalence of costly chronic conditions, which are largely brought on by poor lifestyle choices… It is vital that Health and Wellness Coaches continue to expand their good work, the nation needs it … I want to congratulate the progress made by Health and Wellness Coaches and wish them the best during National Health and Wellness Coach Week.”

Integrative Nutrition Reviews: Women, Food, and Desire

Welcome to the latest installment of Integrative Nutrition Reviews, where we consider books, movies, and other media related to health and wellness.

Cravings: for many people, they are the bane of our existence. Whether it’s a late-night urge for chocolate, a yen for something salty at lunchtime, or a longing for coffee during the post-lunch slump, cravings are usually the culprit behind of our unhealthy food choices.

Want to Live Longer? Eat Whole Grains, Says a New Study

Want to live a longer and healthier life? Load up on brown rice, oatmeal, and millet, says new research from Harvard School of Public Health.

This new long-term study found that eating more whole grains decreased people’s risk of death by up to 15%, particularly from cardiovascular disease. This is likely thanks to the grain’s bran, the hard outer-layer that is rich in fiber, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Increasing bran intake lowered the risk of death by up to 6% and the risk of cardiovascular disease by up to 20%.

Integrative Nutrition Rings in the New Year in Barcelona!

Integrative Nutrition is starting 2015 off with a bang! Founder Joshua Rosenthal spent much of last year traveling the globe to connect with the Integrative Nutrition community in person, and he has big plans for his international journeys in the coming year. First stop? Barcelona, Spain!

This past Saturday, January 3, Joshua met with 40 Integrative Nutrition students and graduates at le Meridien Barcelona Hotel, located on the city’s iconic boulevard Las Ramblas.

Attendees flew in from across the world – USA, Qatar, Bulgaria, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Colombia, Israel, South Africa, Canada, Italy, UK, and France! – to join Joshua for an intimate workshop.

Is Detoxing Healthy? [Video]

Happy New Year! This is such a wonderful time of year – a chance for a fresh start and to set new goals. Yet for some people wanting to improve their health, these resolutions are often tinged with regret and guilt. After a long holiday season of indulgence, it’s tempting to search for a quick fix to lose weight. 

Enter the craze that’s taken the wellness world by storm: detoxing. Whether it’s a 3-day juice fast or raw food challenge, many people turn to often-costly cleanses to rid their bodies of toxins and kick-start a healthy new routine. 

But is detoxing actually effective? Is it healthy? Watch the video below to find out!

Notes from IIN's Founder: 5 Ways to Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions

Can you believe it’s nearly 2015? This season is full of opportunity, with many people setting their intentions for a successful and fulfilling New Year. 

It’s no secret that New Year’s resolutions are very hard to keep – study after study shows the majority of people who set New Year’s resolutions fail to achieve their goals. 

Sadly, this is unsurprising. Whether your desire is to lose weight, improve your relationships, or find a new job, changing your behavior is extremely difficult. I frequently see this at Integrative Nutrition. Students set out with the best of intentions, but they don’t know how to be successful.   

Does Every Health Coach Need a Blog?

Back in 2007 I had just gone off sugar and dairy. I was halfway through yoga teacher training and had enrolled at IIN. My world was changing and it was exciting!

But frankly, my boyfriend (now husband) was a little less excited than I was. Sure, he’d listen to me wax poetic about flax seeds and green smoothies. But after a few months he suggested I find another outlet for my newfound knowledge. A way to connect with others who...ahem...cared perhaps more than he did.

He said, “You should start a blog!” So I did.

In 2007, the blog world was very different. I had a very basic blog and no clue what I was doing. Social media was in its infancy...I don’t even think I had a Facebook profile.

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