Spotlight on Marie Forleo: Business Savvy for Health Coaches through B-School

When you hear the name Marie Forleo a lot of things come to mind: smart, funny, compassionate, kind, successful, happy, and inspirational, to name just a few.  She seems to have the life we’re all looking for – making millions doing what she loves while making the world a better place.

Marie was a young New Jersey girl with a dream and a laptop. Early in her career she was a life coach, writer, and fitness instructor.  With her skills and a lot of hard work, she built her million-dollar empire.  She has been named a thought leader for our generation by Oprah, and one of Tony Robbins’ “New Money Masters.”

Health Coach Training Program Diary: Chapter 3 [VIDEO]

As Laura and Ilene near the 6-month mark in their training at IIN, we return check in on the progress they’ve made since Chapter 2. In this episode, they share their thoughts on the business-building principles they’re learning in the training, and how they see their individual Health Coach careers unfolding once the training program ends.

Your Simple Guide to Success as a Health Coach

Through the years I’ve mentored many IIN graduates, and they all have similar concerns.

They wonder, “How will I make money?”

I answer, “Start doing the work.”

They say, “But I’m afraid no one will take me seriously.”

I answer, “Start doing the work.”

They say, “I don’t know where to start.”

I answer, “Start anywhere. Do the work.”

Trust me, when I started my business I felt clueless.

So how did I go from making zero dollars to matching my husband’s salary this month?

I started doing the work.

Sydney Health Coach Corona Brady Empowers Others through Her Inspiring Story

For Corona Brady, when a spiraling host of physical problems seemed to require a lifetime of prescriptions, she did not take the news lying down. Wanting to be the master of her body, her health—and her life—she learned to use diet and lifestyle choices to cure her ailments without any medication.

So when she discovered IIN a few years later, enrolling was a no-brainer. After thoroughly implementing the principles of holistic, sustainable wellness in her own life, she felt driven to foster healthy changes in the lives of others.

Two and a half years after graduating, Corona continues to inspire clients by practicing what she preaches. “I’m the real deal,” she says. “I’ve gone from being clueless, to living these principles every day.”

Read on to hear how this passionate Sydney Health Coach is helping others take charge of their lives!

You Have a Right to Know: Lobbying for a GMO-Labeling Bill

2014 marks nearly twenty years since the first genetically modified tomato was introduced for sale in grocery stores in the U.S.  Today, more than 8 genetically engineered crops are spreading throughout our food supply. Genetic engineering uses different biotechnology techniques to transfer genes from one species to another, giving an organism a trait that it didn’t have before.

Should we be worried GMOs are in our food supply? YES! There is currently no consensus on the safety of GMOs, and we are unsure of long term effects on human health and the environment.

What’s the Difference Between a Health Coach, a Registered Dietitian, and a Nutritionist?

One of the most common questions we receive from prospective students is in regards to the qualifications and scope of practice for professionals in the field of nutrition & wellness.

Many people are familiar with the term “nutritionist” when it comes to someone who helps others acquire healthy eating habits, but the details beyond that tend to get a little blurry.

Here are the distinctions to help you get clear on the differences between the three terms, and decide which is the right fit for you.

Health Coach Training Program Diary: Chapter 2 [VIDEO]

In early January, we began following Integrative Nutrition students Laura and Ilene in their journey through the Health Coach Training Program. As they work toward becoming their happiest, healthiest selves, we document their transformation, giving you a window into just what it’s like to take on the challenge of becoming a Health Coach.

In Chapter 1, Laura and Ilene shared their goals and intentions for the year. 

The Best Way to Earn a Living as a Health Coach

When I started my health coaching business, I intended to fill my roster with private clients in order to earn a good yearly salary. And I started off strong!

But then a few things happened.

First, I found myself finishing up with client programs and not filling their spots right away. Every time I had open space in my calendar, I panicked. If I wasn’t seeing a paying client, I wasn’t getting paid. And if I wasn’t getting paid then how was I going to earn enough to live on?

Health Coach Training Program Diary: Meet Laura and Ilene [VIDEO]

Happy New Year! The beginning of 2014 presents an exciting time to create new goals, make positive lifestyle changes, and reach your full potential. There’s no better time to learn more about Health Coach Training Program, which can help you become your healthiest and happiest self in the coming year.

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a student at Integrative Nutrition? Here’s your chance! We’re happy to launch the first chapter of the Health Coach Training Program Video Diary, where you’ll follow the journeys of Ilene and Laura as they progress throughout the course. In this first video, they share their goals and intentions for the year. Watch below!

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