The Merrymaker Sisters' Road to Bliss

Before enrolling at Integrative Nutrition, Emma and Carla Papas were working “soul sucking” jobs in the corporate world. It was when they started their blog, The Merrymaker Sisters, that they found their bliss and decide to pursue a more fulfilling career.

When they found Integrative Nutrition’s Health Coaching Program, the sisters knew that it was the answer they were looking for. 

Read our Q&A to discover how Integrative Nutrition inspired Emma and Carla to follow their bliss. 

What were you doing prior to enrolling at Integrative Nutrition?

Healthy Restaurant Roundup 2: More Eateries from IIN Grads!

Earlier this month, we posted a mouthwatering, superfood-filled roundup of healthy restaurants opened by Integrative Nutrition grads—and boy did we get a response! It’s clear not only that our community is clamoring for recommendations on places to get great healthy food, but also that there are more fabulous eateries from IIN alumni out there than we could have imagined.

New Study Shows Walking or Biking to Work Increases Happiness

How do you get to work every day?

Do you lace up your walking shoes, clip on your helmet, or buckle up your seatbelt?

It might seem like a small choice, but this one part of your daily routine could be having a huge impact on your overall well-being.

A new study out of England shows that those who walk or bike to work experience mental benefits and have higher levels of happiness than those who drive. The ten-year study analyzed information from nearly 18,000 commuters, who were each assigned a well-being score based on their responses to questions about things like feelings of worthlessness or unhappiness, sleepless nights, or being unable to face problems.

Ask a Health Coach: How Do I Start Charging People for My Services?

Dear Shannon,

 I’m already the go-to person for health advice in my circle of friends and family and give tons of free tips. If I become a Health Coach, how do I actually start charging for this, since everyone is so used to coming to me for free? And how do I even begin knowing what to charge?

-Janine, Florida

Health Coach Tracey Miller Helps Women "Dig In" to Healthy Lives (And You Can Help!)

Tracey Miller had her first meeting with a Health Coach in 2005 when she was trying to get pregnant, and within two years, she had a baby—and had earned a Health Coach certification from Integrative Nutrition herself.

Before she completed the program, Tracey started offering cooking classes for moms. "The moms from the birthing class I attended were really eager to learn how to cook and make sure they were giving themselves and the baby nutrient-dense foods. They also wanted to be with other moms and learn from each other," she said.

The Time Management Secret that Lets You Accomplish Your Dreams

It seems like every day, there’s a new article or book on how to be more productive. Each one asserts that it has discovered some new secret, some breakthrough or technique that will allow us to accomplish every single thing we want to accomplish in the limited time we have. Guess what?

That’s impossible.

However, it is possible to accomplish our top priorities, the big things that give our lives richness and meaning, but only if we use our time wisely.

The method that Integrative Nutrition founder Joshua Rosenthal uses to accomplish this is called “Big Rocks,” and it’s a time management strategy that works regardless of who you are or what you hope to achieve. It’s also incredibly simple.

Health Coaches in Rite Aid? Pharmacy Chains Adapt to Healthcare Crisis

Have a Rite Aid in your neighborhood? Exciting news: you may now be able to find a Health Coach next to the prescription drop-off!

People today are alarmingly dependent on prescription drugs to maintain their baseline health. Some new initiatives to combat this issue come from the unlikeliest of places: the very pharmacies where people go to fill their prescriptions!

Dr. Susan Blum on Health Coaches | IIN Depth

We talk a lot here about how Health Coaches can become integrated into our current healthcare system to disrupt and improve the status quo. On the other side, some doctors are trying to achieve the same goal by bringing Health Coaches into their practices. Dr. Susan Blum, a pioneer in functional medicine and Integrative Nutrition visiting teacher, is one of those doctors.

Integrative Nutrition Reviews: Discover Your Nutritional Style by Holli Thompson

The real key to discover your path to ultimate health is learning how to select and eat foods that work for your body. The foods that make you feel vibrant and energized will not be the same foods that work for your sister, or your favorite celebrity. Here at Integrative Nutrition, we call this bio individuality—the idea that there’s no one-size-fits-all diet. For Holli Thompson, a 2009 IIN graduate, this idea has evolved into her patented concept of Nutritional Style.

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