Day in the Life of a Health Coach: Maria Marlowe [VIDEO]

Despite how scary it felt to leave a career in finance, Maria Marlowe knew she needed to change something about her life in order to be fulfilled in mind, body, and spirit. IIN provided the opportunity for that transition, and Maria’s career has gone full speed ahead since she graduated in 2012. Today, she has a full-time health coaching practice and wellness blog—and big ambitions for the future.

Sydney Health Coach Joanna Brown Unites Technology with Wellness

Seven years of working in human resources for large law firms resulted in Joanna Brown completely burning out in 2011—but it also may have been a key to her current success.

After realizing that the rigidity and pressures of the corporate world were doing her serious harm, she finally turned her full attention to her lifelong interest in health and wellness. Three years later, she’s a 2012 IIN graduate with a thriving health coaching and consultation practice, and is able to put to use the skills she developed during her years in the corporate world. Along with her own Health Coach practice, she offers technological consultation and social media support to wellness entrepreneurs who may lack these skills.

Most importantly, as Joanna promotes health in those around her, she’s able to nurture her own health through her work. “My days are flexible, I’m my own boss,” she says. “I have the freedom to just be me.

IIN on the Move - IIN Live March 2014 Conference

This past weekend, 1000 IIN students and graduates came together to take part in IIN’s Live March 2014 Conference. Over the course of Saturday and Sunday, inspiring speakers from Arianna Huffington to Deepak Chopra to IIN’s founder, Joshua Rosenthal, shared their insights and visions with an audience infused with energy and excitement, as well as over 5,000 people live-streaming the conference from home.

 Held at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City, the conference provided a meaningful opportunity for IIN community members to meet one another in person, after many months of connecting online. The IIN film crew was on site to capture the whole weekend and check in with participants about what the conference meant to them.

Maryland Health Coaches: Video Testimonial Roundup

How do the lives of IIN students change once they graduate? There are countless different career paths and lifestyles that IIN alumni choose to pursue, and each of our grads creates a niche unique to their talents, interests, and goals for the future. The IIN crew, on location in Annapolis, Maryland, stopped to visit with a few Health Coaches to hear their stories of success after IIN.

Watch the video for Lisa's story, then click on the links below to hear the inspiring journeys of three other IIN grads!


Lindsey Witmer Collins Helps Grads Change the World with Personalized Health Coach Apps

Technology is perhaps the only issue affecting modern life as powerfully as the global health crisis. Like the health crisis, technology can be something that stunts our growth as humans (remember Wall-E, anyone?), or an opportunity for positive, far-reaching transformation. IIN grad Lindsey Witmer Collins has made it her mission to make sure it’s the latter, harnessing the power of technology to unite and empower people in the name of wellness.

Kelly Roberts Helps Others Create Healthy Lifestyle

2012 graduate Kelly Roberts has always understood the importance of healthy habits. Growing up, her father was a chef, her mother owned a women’s gym, and her household was a strictly junk-food- and soda-free zone.

However, it wasn’t until she enrolled in the Health Coach Training Program that she realized how she could use her healthy background and passion for wellness to create the career of her dreams. 

Read on to discover how Integrative Nutrition provided Kelly with the knowledge and inspiration to help others create a happy, healthy, and active lifestyle.

IIN on the Move: Lincoln Center Book Launch [VIDEO]

How does the IIN community stay engaged and add to the momentum of the positive global ripple effect? At the launch of the latest edition of Joshua Rosenthal’s book, Integrative Nutrition, the IIN film crew connected with alumni and students to explore this question. From grads who remain BFF years after the training, to those who plan to write their own books following Joshua’s new book-writing course, everyone at the event contributed to the passion and energy pulsing through Lincoln Center.

Spotlight on Marie Forleo: Business Savvy for Health Coaches through B-School

When you hear the name Marie Forleo a lot of things come to mind: smart, funny, compassionate, kind, successful, happy, and inspirational, to name just a few.  She seems to have the life we’re all looking for – making millions doing what she loves while making the world a better place.

Marie was a young New Jersey girl with a dream and a laptop. Early in her career she was a life coach, writer, and fitness instructor.  With her skills and a lot of hard work, she built her million-dollar empire.  She has been named a thought leader for our generation by Oprah, and one of Tony Robbins’ “New Money Masters.”

Health Coach Training Program Diary: Chapter 3 [VIDEO]

As Laura and Ilene near the 6-month mark in their training at IIN, we return check in on the progress they’ve made since Chapter 2. In this episode, they share their thoughts on the business-building principles they’re learning in the training, and how they see their individual Health Coach careers unfolding once the training program ends.

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