IIN Live May 2014 Conference [VIDEO]

On the weekend of May 17th-18th, a different energy pulsed through Columbus Circle, Manhattan. There was a buzz of positivity, a breeze of energy, and a bright light of love, and it all emanated from Jazz at Lincoln Center, where the IIN Live May Conference took place. Inside the building, IIN founder Joshua Rosenthal and a slate of other visionary figures in the world of wellness spoke to a passionate audience about the health revolution and the role Health Coaches will play in it.

Health Coach Training Program Diary: Chapter 7 [VIDEO]

With three quarters of the Health Coach Training Program behind them, Laura and Ilene have begun to make waves in the wellness world. Along with building health coaching practices, both have other ambitious personal goals, and their training at IIN has set them up to begin pursuing them. From building beautiful websites to writing cookbooks to doing guest spots on high-profile radio stations, each woman is drawing inspiration from the Health Coach Training Program to pursue her own unique passions.

Of course, there’s one more source of inspiration: each other! After so many months of learning side-by-side, they’ve come to draw motivation and energy from one another’s unique ideas and impressive progress. The possibilities ahead are limitless. Watch now!

How Registered Nurse Katie Hussong Changed Her Approach to Health

2013 graduate Katie Hussong has always had a strong interest in health and wellness. From doing Jane Fonda workout DVD’s with her mom to her work as a Registered Nurse, Katie’s passion was fueled by her desire to make a difference. 

Even though Katie’s work as a RN felt amazing, she realized that the modern medical system needed a shift towards focusing on making last changes in the lives of patients. By enrolling in the Health Coach Training Program, Katie was able to combine her experience as a RN with her passion for wellness to create a fulfilling career.

March Forth Family [VIDEO]

When Tom and Julie Meekins’ daughter was diagnosed with severe developmental difficulties, they decided to take action to do whatever they could to help her. Julie got certified in neurodevelopmental treatment, and both Tom and Julie became certified Health Coaches through IIN before founding The March Forth Family. The company empowers parents, and teaches them how to work with their developmentally challenged children and help them thrive. Combining nutrition, neurodevelopmental techniques, and lots of heart, the Meekins help struggling families march forth.

Integrative Nutrition Reviews: Book Reviews from Grads

Joshua Rosenthal’s book, Integrative Nutrition: Feed Your Hunger for Health & Happiness, continues to get love in the press! Last week, we announced that it had won an Independent Publisher Book Award in the Health/Medicine/Nutrition category, and today, we’re thrilled to showcase some reviews around the web from IIN graduates!

Joshua Rosenthal Visits the Atlanta IIN Community

The ripple effect is sweeping through Atlanta! Joshua visited the Georgia capital recently, and was thrilled to be able to connect with the strong, vibrant, intelligent Integrative Nutrition community that’s making a difference in this great U.S. city.

IIN students and Health Coaches came out with great enthusiasm to meet Joshua and hear him speak about the global health revolution and shift toward education and prevention rather than treatment.

The visit rejuvenated spirits all around, with students and alums re-IINspired about the world-changing potential of Health Coaches.

Watch the video below for a taste of Joshua’s wonderful trip Atlanta!

Integrative Nutrition Receives Independent Publisher Book Award

Last week, we received the news that our book Integrative Nutrition: Feed Your Hunger for Health & Happiness was honored in the Independent Publisher Book Awards in the Health/Medicine/Nutrition category. Congratulations to Joshua and everyone involved with writing, publishing and launching the book.


Walter Willett, MD, on Health Care & Health Coaching [VIDEO]

IIN was honored recently to have the chance to host Walter Willet for a discussion of health care and health coaching. The physician, Harvard Medical School professor, and nutrition authority shared his thoughts on the evolution of the health care system and nutrition knowledge in America, as well as the role that Health Coaches can play in the ongoing global health revolution.

MercyCorps and IIN Partner for Health and Humanity Worldwide

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Mercy Corps, a leading humanitarian aid organization working to save and improve lives in the world’s toughest places. For every new student who enrolls at IIN, we’re donating $100 to Mercy Corps’ nutrition programs in Guatemala and Ethiopia. This $100 will be amplified by other partners to an average of $6,025 for each program, adding up to big impact.

Health Coach Training Program Diary: Chapter 6 [VIDEO]

The IIN film crew headed to the Union Square Farmer’s Market to catch up with IIN students Laura and Ilene as they near the home stretch in the Health Coach Training Program. With curriculum shifting toward more business-related topics like setting concrete goals and identifying ideal clients, both women are looking ahead to what their careers will look like post-graduation.

Given their success so far, it seems like they’ll be looking great! From in-person health coaching sessions to online group workshops, Laura and Ilene already have bustling—and rewarding—practices that are sure to keep growing after graduation. Watch now!

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