Integrative Nutrition Reviews: 9 Apps for Sustainability & Wellness

If you just use your phone to make calls and play Angry Birds, you could be missing out on some great new tools to help you live a healthy, happy life! If you liked our previous posts, 23 Apps for Health & Happiness and More Apps for Your Health & Happiness, you're sure to love our latest list of IIN-approved apps!



Clean Plates - iPhone

Find your next healthy, sustainable restaurant pick with this app! Browse for organic meats, vegan or vegetarian fare, gluten-free options, and naturally sweetened desserts, alongside more standard restaurant filters, like price and ambiance. We're so excited about this app version of 2005 graduate Jared Koch's essential guide to New York dining, Clean Plates! Currently, only restaurants in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles are included in the search, but we'll update when the app expands! (FREE)


inBloominBloom - iPhone

Like to buy organic? Or gluten-free? Paleo-friendly, raw, or local? This customizable app will help you find food to suit your dietary and environmental preferences, whatever they are! Based on your location, the app can direct you to the nearest of any of its hundreds of listed farmers markets, grocery stores, CSAs, green hotels, biodiesel and electric charging stations, green supply stores, and clothing stores. Finding your favorite sustainable products will be a piece of organic cake. (FREE)

IINsider's Digest: The Whole Truth, Healthy Valentine's Day, No GMO and more!

IIN speaker Michael Jacobson and the Center for Science in the Public Interest tops the news this week calling for the real truth about whole grains. A country-wide debate hits Manhattan, when farmers from all over fill a New York courtroom to protest GMO crops. A new study claims a chocolate breakfast can aid weight loss, while the NY Times explores mindful eating. And as a special Valentine's Day bonus: skip the unhealthy sugar laden chocolate treats and opt for some healthy substitutes for your sweetie. 

The Whole Truth About Whole Grains
Featuring IIN speaker Michael Jacobson
ABC News
On Wednesday, February 8, the Center for Science in the Public Interest petitioned the Food and Drug Administration to stop letting manufacturers label their foods “Whole Grain” when they really aren’t and to start putting the percentage of whole grain on the packaging. The government has encouraged Americans to eat more whole grains because they help prevent heart disease, but the FDA has never established a legal definition of what constitutes a whole grain. Read more.

Vitamin L: There's Nothing Like the Comfort of Family

Last week we kicked off our new Vitamin L series, which celebrates the various relationships in our lives throughout the month of February, with a post on friendship.

Next up, we’re talking family. That’s right, those crazy people who drive you nuts, and at one point (circa age 15) you didn’t want to be seen with, but at the end of the day, you love ‘em anyway.

Unlike some other relationships, we don’t get to choose our family members. Who we marry, yes; but that mother of yours who made you take those really awkward photos on the first say of school, you know, the one who is constantly reminding you that she’d like grandchildren someday? Well, you’re sort of stuck with her.

At times it’s easy to be harsh or brutally honest with these people, as we know our family will love us unconditionally. But that’s also the reason that we cherish them so much. On our good days they’re our biggest fans, and on our bad days there's nothing quite like the comfort a family member can provide.

How Adina Grigore Sprouted into Success

While studying modern dance at The Ailey School, 2007 graduate Adina Grigore met many people who were working with a Health Coach. Dancers brought up Integrative Nutrition in conversation all the time, and then a long-time interest in nutrition led her to a talk by Joshua Rosenthal. After hearing him speak, she knew that completing the Heath Coach Training Program was the missing piece to her personal training practice.

What Adina expected to get out of the program and what she actually took away after graduating were drastically different. Her training went beyond a solid education with teachings from renowned health professionals. She came away as a new person: a leader and a bold businesswoman with an invincible attitude. She went in as a personal trainer seeking a credible edge, and came out with a thriving natural skincare business. This interview highlights the influence Integrative Nutrition has had on Adina, who lives in Brooklyn, NY, and how her company Sprout Skincare came to be.

How has Joshua Rosenthal made an impact on you since enrolling in the program?

I think anyone who has ever heard Joshua speak would agree that he's pretty powerful. He just seemed to be saying all the things I had always thought about nutrition, but had never been able to articulate. It made me realize the school would help me be able to do that. Now that I've gotten to talk to and work with Joshua, his honesty and warmth has helped me aspire to be that type of business owner as well.

Vitamin L: I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

February is all about one thing: Love. Or as we like to call it: Vitamin L. This month we will be exploring the various relationships that not only help define who we are, but bring us closer to our happiest, healthiest selves!

Let’s start the series with a relationship that has been proven essential to our health and well-being: Friendship.

What would life be without our friends? Slightly lonely? Probably. Much less fun? I think so.

But could being friendless also affect your health? Several studies say yes.

In 2006, a study, involving 3,000 women diagnosed with cancer, was conducted to see what effect friendship had on cancer patients. Researchers found that women, who had 10 or more close friends were four times more likely to recover from the disease.

Tamar Henry Brings Nutrition Knowledge to Saudi Arabian Schools

With students and graduates in 88 countries, Integrative Nutrition is truly an international training program committed to making the opportunity to become a Health Coach accessible to people all over the world. One of the best parts of hearing from our alumni is learning about the state of health and wellness in different countries across the globe. Even better? Knowing that these Health Coaches are making a difference in places where it’s needed most.

2011 graduate Tamar Henry is an expatriate currently living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where she’s found a community in desperate need of attention to health. Obesity, diabetes and heart disease run rampant throughout the region, while a lack of knowledge threatens a younger generation. Tamar is tackling both of these issues by bringing her nutrition knowledge and business practices to schools, group wellness programs, cooking classes, and a community health ambassador role.

What led you to enroll in the Health Coach Training Program?

I had a Bachelor’s of Science degree with a focus in health and wellness, and I owned a small vegan muffins and cupcakes business. I had a personal interest in nutrition, and wanted to find a career that I could be passionate about, where I could help others. I wanted to learn more about the subjects that I was interested in and I wanted to connect with like-minded people.

The IINsider's Digest: Digital Addiction, Paula Deen, Nutrition Guidance and more!

Addictions and prescriptions top the headlines this week as Deepak Chopra discusses digital dependency and Celebrity Chef Paula Deen makes an announcement that has everyone taking sides. The CEO of Stoneyfield Yogurt steps down to fight GMOs, and IIN teacher Dr. David Katz offers real-world nutrition guidance for a society surrounded by potato chips.

Find all that and more right here in the IINsiders Digest.  

Creating a Movement for a Better World

“Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Today we celebrate the leadership and courage of one of our country’s greatest heroes: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

He fought for equality so that everyone, regardless of their race, religion or ethnicity is treated with the same respect as their peers. Dr. King’s legacy is still a driving force in peope's hearts and minds.

As we honor the man today, we can carry his message in our hearts and align our actions with the meaning behind his words.

Conquer Your Kitchen With a Little Help From {Healthy} Cooking Camp

You’ve heard all the excuses before: from “I’m too busy to cook at home,” to “I end up overeating when I cook for myself,” there’s always a justification for what keeps people from taking control in their own kitchen.

These are exactly the challenges that Integrative Nutrition graduates Quinn Asteak, class of 2010, and Robyn Youkilis, class of 2009, set out to tackle. Both have thriving health coaching practices in New York City and share a passion for whipping up healthy, delicious meals. After meeting at the Fall IINto Action Conference last September, the two got to chatting and decided to team up and create a program to teach people how cooking can make all the difference. Thus was born {Healthy} Cooking Camp, an online, interactive 4-week workshop designed to take the totally confused to total connoisseur in the kitchen.

I recently caught up with the pair to learn more and get the scoop on their exciting new project. Quinn and Robyn are fun, energetic and enthusiastic - check out a preview from the series below! With such a zest for healthy cooking, it’s no surprise that they’ve got big plans for the future.

{Healthy} Cooking Camp launches Wednesday, January 25, 2012. For more information and to register, visit the website.

Special bonus: Members of the IIN community can receive $50 off the regular cost of $199 by entering the code “primaryfood” when registering!

2012: What’s IIN and What’s Out

We named 2011 “A Monumental Year for Health Coaching” in our blogpost at the end of December. As awesome as last year was, we have even greater expectations for 2012. Check out some of our favorite changes for 2012, drawn from both the news and our own fantastic community!

Out: Miami

IIN: LA/Long Beach, CA

Don’t get us wrong, we loved Miami when we got to visit for our conference in February 2011. But we’re super excited for this year now that we’re off to the West Coast for our Mega Conference in Long Beach, California! We can’t wait to see you all there!

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