One Student’s Health Struggles Lead to Her Dream Job

Venus Hicks was struggling with Panic Attacks that her doctor told her would keep her on medication her entire life when she found Integrative Nutrition. This is her incredible story of how she used what she learned in our Health Coaching Training Program to heal herself and start her dream business as a health coach.

What were you doing before Integrative Nutrition?

In 2003, I was one of many people in a post-911 world, searching for their life purpose. I became a certified FranklinCovey Personal Life Coach, but was led away from business coaching to the world of health coaching when a personal struggle with my health helped me realize the connection between food and emotions. At the time, I was taking medication for panic attacks, and when I asked my doctor for healthier alternatives that did not involve prescription medication, he told me I’d have to take medication for panic attacks for the rest of my life. 

Integrative Nutrition Partners with Food Day

At Integrative Nutrition our mission is to promote healthy eating worldwide by educating our students on the importance of nutrition. Our students and graduates, in turn, go out into the world and educate others.  It’s the ripple effect at it’s finest. 

I am always on the look out for new ways to introduce whole foods and healthy eating to the community, which is why I’m happy to announce Integrative Nutrition’s partnership with Food Day!

Food Day is an outstanding organization that is committed to:

The Great Chocolate Milk Debate: Which side are you on?

To ban or not to ban?
That is the question many schools are facing when considering the removal of chocolate milk from school cafeterias. The rise in childhood obesity has become the #1 issue on tables across America. From the First Lady’s Let’s Move Campaign to Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution everyone is talking about how to reduce the growing rates of obesity among school age kids.

School lunches remain a major point of contention. Congress recently approved reauthorization of the Child Nutrition Act, which is designed to reshape the future of school food. While the Act is a move in the right direction, there is still much work to be done.

You had me at hello!

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Aussie transplant Marla Bozic talks about finding her calling and working with busy parents to help manage their family’s nutrition and health.

What were you doing before Integrative Nutrition?

After a successful career in marketing for a Fortune 500 company, I turned to freelance marketing when I had young children. My first contract required too many hours, the next contract not enough. I was struggling to find the right balance of income, suitable hours and stimulation.

What led you to explore Integrative Nutrition’s program?

Living Healthy with Kenrese Young

Integrative Nutrition graduates are finding their calling to help others heal in various aspects of their lives. We caught up with Kenrese Young, Motivational Speaker and Health Coach to find out more about her practice and how Integrative Nutrition's Health Coach Training Program impacted her life.

What were you doing before Integrative Nutrition?

Before Integrative Nutrition I was working as a Senior Product Development Executive. I was also actively searching for my purpose as I felt there was more I could be doing.

What led you to explore Integrative Nutrition’s program?

Parents Step Up Their Game in the War Against Childhood Obesity

There’s a war going on out there, and some Philadelphia parents are taking matters into their own hands.

School lunch reform is something that we are in dire need of in this country. People know it and steps are being taken, but the pace is slow and special interest groups are doing their best to inhibit real change. But schools are not the only places where kids are eating junk.

Parents and school officials in one Philadelphia school district noticed that children are often stopping before school to get sugary, fatty snacks at corner stores. 

Enter: renegade parents.

A Health Coach Today Keeps The Doctor Away

In the last century modern medicine has made incredible breakthroughs in the treatments of some of our worst diseases. So why are Americans still very sick?

According to American Diabetes Association in 2011, 8.3% of the population has diabetes. That means 25.8 million people in the United States suffer from a largely preventable disease. And they are not alone. High blood pressure, asthma, and other diseases are also preventable and highly treatable.

Just Dance

Every year in February members of a coalition called Spirit of Women hosts a Day of Dance for cardiovascular health. This year on February 26, in more than 70 cities, people danced at hospitals, at malls, in parks and in other public spaces -- "As If Their Life Depended On It."

This recent article in the Huffington Post by Tanya Abreu, President of the Spirit of Women Hospital Network, gave the details of the Day of Dance.

Dancing is a free form expression that is great exercise and fun at the same time. Dancing has cultural ties and connection to creativity and art.  It is real nourishment for the soul.

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