New Study Suggests Health Coaches Are Key to Weight Loss

Does the support of a Health Coach increase the likelihood that people will reach their health goals? All signs point to yes.

Findings from a pilot study conducted at the Miriam Hospital’s Weight Control and Diabetes Research Center show that obese individuals participating in a weight loss program that were supported by a professional Health Coach or peer lost clinically significant amounts of weight (i.e., at least 5 percent of their initial body weight).

Interestingly, the weight losses were comparable to the amount of weight lost by patients participating in a more intensive behavioral intervention with twice as many treatment sessions.

Health Coaches offer additional support, accountability, and information to motivate behavioral change between treatment visits, which is likely why weight loss patients get better results when working with a coach.

IINsider’s Digest: Olympic Diets, The Red Cross’ Blood Crisis, and more…

Pairing up to slim down: a recent study suggests that Health Coaches – or even a supportive friend – may be as effective in combatting obesity as more invasive, expensive medical options. (Time)

High-performing athletes, like Olympians, are tapping into the secret science of all-natural, healthy supplements to maximize their physical potential. One of the most interesting contenders? Beet juice. (Stack, Nutrition Facts)

Health Leadership Award: Ambassadors

For this week’s Health Leadership Award, we continue to honor members of our powerful, inspirational community of Ambassadors. From personal transformation to remarkable business savvy, these five women prove that it’s never too late (or too early) to turn your passion and individuality into an IINspiring career.

MaryAnn Jones WebsiteFacebookTwitter
Before enrolling at IIN, I was basically "on deadline" for 20 years! As an art director in magazine publishing, my career was exciting but stressful. As the mom of a child with Type 1 diabetes, I was painfully aware of how food choices impact your health. Suddenly, I was laid off and faced with time to think about what was next for me, professionally and personally. I began to work with a Health Coach, and was invited to attend a live class. I knew then that IIN was a perfect fit for me. The practical, bio-individual, holistic approach to nutrition resonated with my personal beliefs and experience.

Kamala ChambersWebsiteFacebookTwitter
Attending IIN was the best decision I’ve ever made! Before I attended, my healing practice was sparse, and I was in a relationship with a loveless alcoholic. Now, just a few years later, I have a full practice coaching women how to thrive in business. I’m in a loving partnership with a fellow Health Coach, and together, we teach dynamic classes to boost people’s love life and energy awareness skills.

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Calling all photographers – accomplished or aspiring!  Whether you’re an Instagram addict or just a snap-happy soul, we want you to send us your favorite summer shots.

After a long, busy year, there is no better time to relax, enjoy loved ones and focus on health and happiness than during the warm months of summer! Whether you’re traveling abroad or enjoying a low-key stay-cation, let us know how and where you’re spending the summer months.

Get creative with content – anything from the bounty of your local market to yoga on top of a Mayan temple applies. The point is to share our community’s IINternational spirit (extra points if you’re showing your IIN pride!).

We Asked, You Answered

We love interacting with our Integrative Nutrition community online, including our Facebook page! This week we received a variety of IINspirational advice from over 100 members of our community. Here’s a sample:

We asked:

What is the best piece of health advice you've ever given or received?

You answered:

Love yourself. – Leslie M.

Listen to your body. – James K.

Eat real food! – Nicole C.

Vitamin L is the best superfood ever, and it's free! – Hyacinth M.

Announcing the Winners of the "What IINspires Me" Pinterest Contest!

As part of our first-ever Pinterest Contest, we searched high and low for the pinners that showed us what inspired them on a daily basis to live a healthy life. We received tons of fantastic submissions, and keep an eye for a pinboard on the Integrative Nutrition Pinterest page coming soon of all the amazing entries! Here are the top three pinboards that inspired us the most:

Joanie Johnson - A motivated, health coaching, fitness loving, food devouring, kid educating, earth saving woman doing everything she can to supercharge your health!

IINsider’s Digest: USDA retracts endorsement of Meatless Mondays, Alaskan Health Coaches Improve Corporate Wellness, and more...

This week, the USDA published a seemingly harmless endorsement for Meatless Mondays on its website. But when a social media firestorm revealed the outrage of livestock producers - and even a member of congress - the USDA quickly retracted the statement. (New York Times)

"Are We Sugar Crazy?" asks Integrative Nutrition lecturer David Katz, in search of a balance between the position that "sugar is poison" and the fact that Americans eat far more sugar than recommended by health organizations (US News). Katz also weighs in on bariatric (weight-loss) surgery, stating, "our problem is letting too many [people] need it in the first place". (Huff Post)

Inspired by the kick-off of the London Olympics, the British Medical Journal takes a hard look at the benefits of sports drinks. The verdict? Most of us don't need 'em. (

Health Leadership Award: Ambassadors

At the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, we often talk about the “ripple effect” – the waves of change that can spring from the efforts of a single person. Our community is blessed with a wonderful team of Ambassadors, men and women who have dedicated their lives not only to their personal health coaching practices, but also to spreading the IIN mission. This week, I am honored to present the Health Leadership Award to five exceptional Ambassadors for their contributions to our collective future of health and happiness.

Maureen Wheeler WebsiteFacebookTwitter
When I first enrolled at Integrative Nutrition, my incredibly brilliant and successful attorney sister asked me what I was going to do for a career. I wasn’t sure how to answer, because I had no idea what a Health Coach was. I had a vision of being someone who inspired transformations by being one part Oprah (transformation queen), one part Martha Stewart (domestic maven) and one part Bill McKibbon (environmentalist).  My sister wasn’t sure that was much of a business plan, so I finally answered her by saying, “I just want to get paid for being myself.” As my career has evolved, it has become so closely aligned with my personal joys and passions that I can honestly say some days I am not sure if I am working or playing. When I learned that I had been chosen for this Health Leadership Award, I instantly thought back to that conversation with my sister and realized - I’ve done it! I am getting paid for being myself.

Integrative Nutrition Reviews: From Okay to Fabulous

Welcome to the latest installment of Integrative Nutrition Reviews, where we consider books, movies, and other media related to health, food, and personal wellness. Want to suggest something for us to review? Post it in the comments!

Millions of women are trapped in a cycle of yo-yo dieting and exercising, exhausted and dissatisfied with their physical and emotional health. Their efforts aren’t producing the positive results they hoped for, and it’s time to consider a holistic approach to health.

That’s where Health Coach Lisa Cummings steps in. “The Slim and Sexy Mom’s Expert” recently released her first book, From Okay to Fabulous, which provides readers with the tools to live a longer, healthier, and more fulfilling life. 

Her personal suffering, including a rollercoaster of starving, overeating, and over-exercising, started at the age of 13. Twenty years later, she decided to make a permanent change in her life. She left her unfulfilling career in Advertising and enrolled in the Health Coach Training Program at Integrative Nutrition.

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