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As a graduate of Integrative Nutrition, you’ll have the ability to shape your career any way you desire. See how our graduates have created careers and lives they love!


Elizabeth Rider, Class of 2011, gives us a sneak peek of what it’s like to run a thriving health coaching practice and a popular blog, with enough time to enjoy dinner with her husband every night.

Lindsey Smith, Class of 2011, who went from dreamer to doer, shows us her inspirational journey from first time author to embarking on an international book tour.

Marina de la Torre, Class of 2011, a former corporate executive who now spends her days helping and inspiring people to achieve optimal health.



Where Do Health Coaches Work?

When you become a Health Coach, your career possibilities are endless. Here are just a few examples of what you can do with your education:

Health Coaching Practices

Jessica Mishra, Class of 2011, works with people who have digestive disorders, chronic fatigue, as well as busy professionals looking to increase their energy and reduce stress.

Christa Orecchio, Class of 2006, has a holistic clinical nutrition practice that shows people how to eat, shop, and cook for better health.

In Schools and Communities

Laura Baldwin, Class of 2010, teaches children and families to start gardening and get connected with the source of their food for better health.

Teresa Fernandez-Gil, Class of 2011, works with the Canteen Council of the European School in Brussels to improve school food.

With Moms and Families

Michelle Bailen, Class of 2009, works with moms to help them reclaim their health by breaking their yo-yo dieting and emotional eating habits.

Cydney Smith, Class of 2007, helps mompreneurs achieve wellness for themselves, their families and their businesses.

In Fitness Classes

Lauren Forney, Class of 2009, combines yoga and nutrition to help her clients make conscious food choices and healthy movement a part of their daily routines.

Jennifer Cassetta, Class of 2005, created “Health and the City” boot camp workouts to help clients get fit while eating healthier, and developed Stilettos and Self Defense to empower women.



What Else Do Health Coaches Do? 

Write Books

Nina Manolson, Class of 2010

Feed Your Kids Well in a World that Doesn’t

Terry Walters, Class of 2000

Clean Food

Make Healthy Products

Heather Kenzie-Terry, Class of 2010

NibMor Chocolate

Elizabeth Stein, Class of 2008

Purely Elizabeth Gluten Free Products

Give Health Food Store Tours

Christy Goldfeder, Class of 2006

Show clients how to shop healthfully.




Get IINspired with Grad Success Stories

Holli Thompson, Class of 2010

Successful grad featured in MORE magazine

Jeff and Cindy Berkowitz, Class of 2011

This couple transformed their health and life

Read More Success Stories

Stephanie Merchant, Class of 2012

After losing 50 pounds and transforming her family's health, this "Nutrition Mom" now inspires other moms to get healthier and happier.

Irma Jennings, Class of 2004

She healed her pre-osteoporosis condition, and now Irma has a thriving practice showing women how to stay strong with Food for Healthy Bones.

Adina Grigore, Class of 2007

Through healing her own skin issues, Adina launched Sprout Skincare, her own line of healthy beauty products using sustainable, local ingredients.



What People Say About Integrative Nutrition

"Integrative Nutrition provided a place to feel safe while learning about what truly makes a healthy life! The speakers are very knowledgeable and provide wonderful resources when working to find just the right fit of foods and lifestyle for your clients and yourself.It truly made me realize that my 40's are the age of beginning not the middle or the end!

"Prior to graduation, I have had three clients and am now working to build up my business to include group counseling and am currently working toward starting a "healthy kids" camp beginning summer 2012."

- Erin Cipriani, Class of 2012


"Prior to starting IIN, I was a looking for my 'it', for the thing that was my calling. Things are growing in so many good ways that I have to pinch myself.

"I have a thriving private practice. I am building relationships with doctors in my community and have been asked to speak to local incoming medical students on the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle! I've run three group detoxes, with the last one selling out! And I was just published in an international magazine. I can confidently say that things couldn't have lined up the way they have if I hadn't attended IIN.

"IIN is an outrageously fantastic experience. One thing I have learned through my experience at IIN is to dream big, then dream even bigger than that... anything is possible!"

- Ashley Paquin, Class of 2012


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