Job: Health Coach and Owner of Nutritional Style.

Childhood ambition: To win an Oscar, write a bestselling novel and see the world.

Favorite foods: My "Goddess Shake," and my "Skinny Green Smoothie."

Favorite activity outside of work: Hosting dinner parties.

Proudest moment: Being profiled in MORE magazine

Nutrition education is important because: Helping people realize their nutritional style and watching those sweet, vibrant, life-altering changes. We're bombarded with so many choices in America—what's "good" and what's "bad"?  Knowing when to buy and when to push back has become integral to our health.

What I love about Integrative Nutrition: I discovered the power of food in my own health, energy and immunity, and realized there was too much to share to remain quiet. It's so much more than a school, it's a movement. IIN enabled me to launch my business. It gave me tools to get out there and get going. Everything has changed since attending Integrative Nutrition. Who knew I was an entrepreneur? 

What I do to feel at peace: Hug my son.

Biggest challenge: Managing my health while managing my clients, my company and my family. 

Biggest risk I’ve taken: Getting married.

About My Practice

My specialty: Helping driven, high-powered superwomen upgrade their meal choices and design personalized wellness plans that they can wear for life. I'm a cheerleader, savvy coach, and been-there-ate-that advisor. Clients come away with "Glow-from-within" skin. Trimmer, leaner, happier bodies. Energy to spare.

What my clients love about my program: There are no hard and fast rules, I empower them to make their food choices work in a simple, delicious and stylish way.

In addition to seeing clients, I also: Appear on TV programs with nutrition tips, teach inspiring teleseminars, write for blogs, and speak at events.  My newest project is writing a book.

What I love about what I do: I love empowering women to stand up for their own health, to carve time out for healthy food, delicious meals, daily movement, and connection to spirit.

How I am making a difference in my community: I made a decision when I began this journey to give freely to my home community. I host events, lead farm tours and support local businesses, restaurants, and markets.

My greatest success so far: My Cleanse Program has been a huge success. Women are having huge nutritional, health and life breakthroughs!

In the future, I see myself: Offering more products, more information and being able to reach more people with my messages of holistic health through various media.

The message I want to get out: Approach nutrition from a place of intelligence, sensitivity, and customization.

My favorite inspirational quote:  “Fashion passes, style remains.”— Coco Chanel

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