Job: Health Coach and Motivational Speaker

Favorite snack food: Raisins. Spinach.

Nutrition education is important because: It brings you to a level of awareness about what is best to feed your body.

What I love about Integrative Nutrition: Integrative Nutrition stood out in so many ways. The unique approach to nutrition was truly the deciding factor. I love the notion of bio-individuality and that both our actual food (secondary food) and relationships (primary food) all impacts us and must be taken into account when examining our health issues.

About My Practice

My specialty: Corporate wellness and empowerment. My work creates increased profitability, improved work attendance and a healthy workforce.

My favorite juicy question to ask my clients is: How does that make you feel?

What I love about what I do: I love to make a difference in people's lives. I get great satisfaction in being able to share the knowledge I received from Integrative Nutrition. Corporate clients love how I motivate and inspire their staffs.

How my life has changed: I take life at a slower pace, as an adventure. I appreciate each moment rather than rushing and being discontented.

How I am making a difference in my community: I am in the process of writing a free newsletter. I also offer free advice where possible for individuals who cannot afford a Health Coach.

My greatest success so far: Wow, it's hard to choose. I love seeing people's lives transformed. I am thinking of one particular client who was depressed. She was only 23. I’ve seen her move away from medication. Now, she is able to live in balance. This was all so amazing, so touching.

In the future, I see myself: As a world-class speaker who travels the globe empowering people to live a life in balance.

The message I want to get out: Your mind is beautiful thing when used to think positive thoughts.

My favorite inspirational quote:When we change the way we look at things the things we look at change.” -—Dr. Wayne Dyer

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