Job: Founder, owner, and CEO at Delicious Nutrition in Beacon, NY. Founder, owner, and CEO at Polli Talu Arts Center in Estonia.

Favorite food: Mixture of raw cacao beans, almonds and raisins. Kale.

Wildest dream: Being the mastermind of a holistic hotel spa chain featuring natural foods, mindfulness practices and superb spa treatments.

Biggest challenge: Balancing work, family and down time.

Health concerns I've cleared up: The quality of our lives largely depends on the food we eat. Using nutrition, I’ve been able to treat constipation, low energy, weak bones and menopausal symptoms.

What I love about health coaching: Empowering my clients to take charge of their own health and well-being.

What I love about Integrative Nutrition: The all-encompassing integrative approach to nutrition and the deep respect for the individual. IIN is a reliable source of the freshest and most inspiring information on nutrition and wellness. IIN has given me the courage to think big and implement the steps necessary to make my dreams happen.

About My Practice

My specialty: Inspiring women in their 40s, 50s and 60s to making their lives a work of art. Clients gain an awareness around food, increased energy and natural weight loss without dieting. I love seeing my clients and retreat participants transform and blossom.

My favorite juicy question to ask my clients is: If health and money were not an issue, what would your life look like?

In addition to seeing clients, I also: Give lectures and cooking classes, facilitate yoga and wellness retreats and write articles and books.

My greatest success so far: Becoming a bestselling author in my native Estonia.

In the future, I see myself: Writing more books and being the mastermind behind a successful holistic hotel spa chain.

The message I want to get out: Eating and living well are not complicated. A little education and awareness are all you need to make wise food and lifestyle choices.

My favorite inspirational quote:Approach love and cooking with adventurous devotion” — Dalai Lama 

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