Taught by leading experts in the fields of nutrition, health, and wellness, the Health Coach Training Program is a yearlong course that combines holistic nutrition with real-world business training.

Below is a taste of what the curriculum consists of.
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Fundamentals Classes that lay the foundation of your IIN education before your course even starts

  • Lifestyle factors that are just as important to your health as food
  • Why there is no one-size-fits-all diet
  • How to begin building your own health coaching practice

Innovative lectures and online materials that focus on nutrition topics, business training, coaching and personal development. Here’s a taste of what these lectures include:

  • Nutrition and Health
    • The science of nutrition and how our digestive systems function
    • Superfoods that will boost your health and make you feel your best
    • How dietary guidelines and food politics impact our food
    • The connection between food and emotions
  • Coaching Skills
    • Asking high-mileage questions
    • Planning and setting goals with clients
    • Managing progress and accountability
  • Business Training
    • Step-by-step instructions on how to start a practice or new career
    • Time management, goal setting and financial planning
    • Finding clients and marketing your business

A Reference Library that gives you the option to explore specific health, wellness and business topics that interests you in greater depth

  • How to eliminate food sensitivities
  • Exercise demonstrations
  • Coaching techniques for children
  • ... and much more!

A Dietary Theory Library that explores over 100 different dietary theories and addresses the pros and cons of each new development in the ever-changing field of nutrition

  • Vegan and vegetarian diets
  • Raw food and living foods diet
  • Macrobiotics, Ayurveda and Eastern philosophies
  • Atkins, Paleo and low-carb diets
  • ... and much more!

Class Discussions to facilitate your learning and community

  • Coaching Circles allow you to connect with classmates all over the world, set personal and professional goals and get live support from a successful graduate of the program
  • Online discussion forums give you extra support and continued connection with your classmates

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