Fundamentals of Nutrition

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Your Fundamentals program begins as soon as you enroll, and our most successful students jump right in to start exploring the online curriculum.

Our online course is designed to get you in action, so you can take what you learn into your community and make a real difference. You will begin administering Health Histories, share tips for giving workshops, try new recipes and experience a deepened sense of community. As soon as you enroll, you start on your way to gaining your IIN Health Coach certificate and becoming one of the world’s best Health Coaches. Here’s what you receive when you enroll:

The IIN Learning Center app

Several weeks before class starts, you can download the Learning Center app on your iOS or Android device. There you can access your introductory classes, core lectures, and additional classes on nutrition, wellness, and business development. This multimedia learning experience gives you the flexibility to access the Health Coach Training Program from wherever you are.

IIN Learning Center

The IIN Learning Center (IINLC) is a virtual learning space for our students and graduates. You can interact at any time of day with everyone in our community. Our moderators are graduates of the program and staff who can answer questions and help coach you throughout the year. Forum topics include dietary theories, class discussions, business support, guest teacher Q&As, new recipe ideas and more.

Fundamentals Classes

The Fundamentals classes cover essential nutrition concepts and introduce you to the Integrative Nutrition curriculum. You’ll be guided through the materials, so you will be 100 percent prepared when classes begin.

Dietary Theories Spectrum

We maintain and update an extensive Dietary Theory Library with more than 100 theories for you to explore. This library gives you an amazing overview of all the major diets both modern and traditional to help you grow your nutrition knowledge. As you build your practice, you can use the library as reference when clients ask about a particular diet.

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