Job: Marketing and Mindset Coach

Favorite foods: Guacamole and salsa. Kale.

Favorite activity outside of work: Making remixed dance CDs for friends and traveling.

Health concerns I've cleared up: Tension headaches that I had earlier in my life. And I no longer have seasonal allergies.

Nutrition education is important because: Food is life, and the food we eat affects every area: our relationships, health, finances, home environment. Once a person learns how to nourish their body, everything changes!

What I love about health coaching: That it's a beautiful opportunity to support other people to live a life they've always dreamed of, one of health, happiness and love.

What I love about Integrative Nutrition: As soon as I saw the Program Guide, I felt it was where I was supposed to be. The curriculum and level of support I received was amazing, as are the instructors. I had finally found a place I felt at home. The school's commitment to change the health of people all over the world in such inspiring ways, and their commitment to the success of the students and graduates. 

About My Practice

My specialty: I support Health Coaches and Wellness Entrepreneurs to build their confidence, find clients and grow their business, and in the process help many more people through the gift of their work. My clients understand the step-by-step process to successfully grown their practice. They love that they learn to own their worth and the value of their programs, and let their personality shine through their work.

My favorite juicy question to ask my clients is: What's it costing you to not take action to overcome this challenge?

What I love about what I do: I love helping people see a clear and understandable path to feeling fulfilled in their work; supporting them to create a business that brings them so much joy.

How my life has changed: I created the business of my dreams and know that I'm doing the work I was meant to do. That I've had the honor and opportunity to coach and teach to thousands of amazing health coaches, and model a path of authentic success for them!

How I am making a difference in my community: I actively volunteer and support charities that are near to my heart.  I realize that as we give we receive.

The message I want to get out: Your life is what you create it to be.  The actions you take, the thoughts you think, the words you speak and the company you keep all influence your success.  The world needs your help, so it's time to step up and be of service!

My favorite inspirational quote:It is my birthright to share in the abundance and prosperity of this world.” - Louise Hay

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