Job: Integrative Health & Nutrition Counselor

Favorite snack food: Homemade popcorn with coconut oil with a sprinkling of spirulina, green shakes, grain and veggie dishes.

What I love about Integrative Nutrition: IIN provided me with tools to support people, using a wide understanding of what nutrition is all about. It gave me the inspiration and tools to set myself free from many personal and professional constraints. Not only have I discovered my purpose, but my purpose has become my career. I have “imported” the Integrative Nutrition approach into Israel and had the honor of writing the introduction to the Hebrew edition of the Integrative Nutrition book.

About My Practice

My specialty: Applying nutrition as a tool for supporting people in making major life changes: vocation, marital, purpose. Clients enjoy more vitality, clearer direction in life and greater happiness. Clients love the safe space, low-pressure environment, informality and warmth combined with having their buttons pushed when needed. Many of them appreciate the supportive atmosphere created in my group events and retreats.

My favorite juicy question to ask my clients is: Can you repeat what you've just said so you, too, can hear it and learn from it?

In addition to seeing clients, I also: Lead juicing retreats and cooking workshops, write for the newspaper, and host a body-mind radio show. 

The message I want to get out: Food isn't a goal, it's a tool for achieving our goals. Conscious eating supports a healthier society on all levels.

My favorite inspirational quote:The longer the shelf life, the shorter our lives.” —Anonymous

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