IINForum: Small Group Coaching

Intimate, coach led, virtual sessions designed to build tools to support anxiety, emotional eating, career and more, while cultivating community. Explore the many facets of your wellness, and get support to lead a healthier, happier career and personal life.

Our May IINForum sessions are closed.

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We’re making one of the most popular parts of the IIN Health Coach Training Program, health coaching circles, accessible for everyone with our newest offering, IINForum: Small Group Coaching. In virtual group coaching sessions led by our most popular and experienced IIN Health Coaches, you’ll have the opportunity to explore all areas of your health and wellness - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual - with a like-minded tribe.

The IINForum is for you if...

The IIN Forum is for you if

  • You’re looking for a safe space to explore issues that have come up for you during this difficult time with other like-minded individuals
  • You’re a Health Coach – or Health Coach in-training – and are looking for your own personal wellness coach and coaching circle to give and get support
  • You’re not a Health Coach but you’ve been interested in working with one in the areas of stress and anxiety, emotional eating, relationships and nutrition
  • You want to refresh your group coaching skills in order to better guide your clients through group coaching sessions

Meet Your Coaches


Ava Waits

Ava Waits is a 2009 graduate of IIN who believes that making money should feel like bliss. By blending her love of travel, nutrition, and personal growth, she created a professional life that bent to her itinerary. Ava first used entrepreneurship to pull herself out of poverty and now teaches others how she was able to go from food stamps and the food bank line to a work life she’s passionate about. She loves helping people create the resources they need for a healthier life, whether it’s growing a garden or finding joyful ways to make money.


Megan Fedorenchik Kalocinski

Megan Fedorenchik Kalocinski, MS, CNS, NBC-HWC, is a 2011 graduate of IIN and is the proud founder and owner of Empower Functional Nutrition and Integrative Health Coaching, where she serves as a functional clinical nutritionist, national board-certified health and wellness coach, and instructor. Megan has faced her own trials and tribulations dealing with health issues. She learned to balance her own life with simple whole-food nutrition, targeted lab testing, proper vitamin and nutrient supplementation, digestive repair, and healthy lifestyle choices. As a former teacher of ten years, Megan is experienced in how balanced health and wellness affect everyone from every age, starting with our youngest populations.

IINForum Overview
Six 90-minute sessions, one session per week
$535 (only $89/per session). Sessions start as early as May 12th
Support and mentorship
in small, group calls (video optional) – up to 10 attendees per session
Participate in engaging discussions, get questions answered
in your sessions and private Facebook group with your IIN Health Coach and fellow session members

There’s no shortage of information out there about how to improve your health and the health of others, and that’s the problem – how do you sift through it all to know what’s right?

That’s where IIN Health Coaches come in, helping you cut through the noise for a whole-person approach to wellness. They’ll guide you to explore the many aspects of your health that you may not even think of, such as the quality of your relationships and your surrounding environment; it’s not just about the food on your plate! Dive deeper to understand what you need to show up as your best in life and in your work. That’s the game-changing IIN concept of bio-individuality in action.

Working with an IIN Health Coach in a small group setting will allow you to explore your health in a safe, supportive space. You’ll get answers on how to pursue your own personal transformation as well as how to help others – clients, family, loved ones – do the same.

This is a rare opportunity to get support plus real-time guidance from the oldest and most renowned health coaching school in the world.

What You’ll Discuss

Session 1: Circle of Life

Personal goals for participants, discovering areas of focus, and the dissatisfaction or tension in the Circle of Life.

Session 2: Stress and Anxiety

Understanding causes of stress (financial, home life, career, etc.), recognizing locus of control, rethinking stress management routines, understanding the importance of bio-individuality – there’s no one right way!

Session 3: Honoring Your Needs and Self-care

Getting to know yourself by honoring and understanding your individual needs and priorities. Balancing your needs with other responsibilities, exploring emotional eating and other coping mechanisms, and practicing self-care.

Session 4: Cultivating Your Purpose

Finding new ways to take action in life during this time, creating flexibility and resiliency in career and home life, and recognizing and reframing limiting beliefs.

Session 5: Immunity and Holistic Wellness

Building immunity, while exploring relationships and connections. Understanding all areas of health (physical, emotional, and mental), finding an approach that works for you and that supports your whole wellbeing.

Session 6: Moving Forward

Revisiting initial goals and Circle of Life, creating plan of action for next steps, setting yourself up for success, creating your vision, and finding joy.

What You’ll Get

Reviews for our IIN Health Coaches

Reviews for our IIN Health Coaches (Coaching Forum)

FAQ Coaching Forum V2

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do the sessions cost?

The cost for all 6 sessions is $535 (only $89/per session). At this time, you can only purchase a package of 6 sessions. There are no refunds for these sessions since they are small intimate groups, we want to be mindful of the group dynamic and limited number of spots. Sessions start as early as May 12th.

How can I apply to become one of the IINForum session leaders?

If you’re interested in learning more information about how to become a leader for future IINForum sessions, please email iinforum@integrativenutrition.com.

What if I can’t make a session(s)? Is there a make-up session?

If you are unable to make a session there will be one available make-up session on June 24, at 12PM EST.

Are these sessions eligible to be used as a replacement Coaching Circle session?

These sessions are not eligible to be used as replacement Coaching Circle sessions if you're currently in the Health Coach Training Program (HCTP). These sessions are separate from the Coaching Circle graduation requirement in HCTP.

Who should I contact if I have questions or need assistance?

Please email iinforum@integrativenutrition.com with any questions. We are happy to help.