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  • Can you see yourself helping people overcome their health challenges, while becoming healthier yourself?
  • Are you passionate about nutrition, and and seeking a greater connection to the culture of health and wellness?
  • Do you want more out of your life including a career that you love?
  • Do you desire to be around like-minded people who truly support you?

Why Study Nutrition

Sharon’s Success Story

More Success Stories

Meet Ingrid

  • Graduate of the 2012 program
  • Lost over 50lbs
  • Developed an info product to aid in ongoing growth
  • Raised 1 million fans on facebook to support her passion for impacting the Hispanic community.

Meet Tara

  • Graduate of the 2011 program
  • Career change to become a Health Coach
  • Ability to work from home with kids and turn passion into a career
  • Create 5-week online nutrition coaching program for her clients
IIN graduates have gone on to be best-selling authors, documentary film makers, start health food companies, skin care lines, and even create companies that make delicious chocolate that’s healthy and environmentally friendly.
The Benefits of A Wellness Education

We Need Health Coaches!

  • To Create Solutions

    People are unhealthy and lost. The Standard American Diet of processed,chemicalized foods is not just in America anymore. Fast food can be found in every corner of the globe. Global rates of obesity, diabetes, and other chronic disease are on the rise.

  • To Promote Change

    We’re at the forefront of a health revolution. Awareness around food and health issues is coming to light through documentaries such as Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, Hungry for Change, and Vegucated. The health crisis is being discussed in magazine articles, on the news, and in reality shows like The Biggest Loser.

Some of the Core Concepts That You’ll Learn: 

  • Primary Food
  • Bio-Individuality
  • Crowding Out
  • Deconstructing Cravings
  • Food, Mood Connection
  • Superfoods
  • Energetics of Food
  • Business Training

IIN Is A Unique Institution

Meet Our Teachers

IIN's curriculum is chock-full of lectures and materials by the leading experts in nutrition, wellness, marketing, and personal development.

  • Andrew Weil,

  • Walter Willett,

  • Joel Fuhrman,

  • Christiane Northrup,

  • Harville Hendrix,
    Ph. D.

  • Lynn Goldstein,
    MS, RD, CDN

  • Bernie Siegel,

  • Sally Fallon,

  • John Douillard

  • Stephan,
    Rechtschaffen, MD

  • David Wolfe

  • Collete
    Heimowitz, MS

  • Howard Lyman

  • Paul Pitchford,

  • Barry Sears,
    Ph. D.

Meet the Founder

  • Be Part of a Movement

    Enrolling at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition is about much more than creating a new career for yourself. You become part of a movement that is dedicated to counter balancing the health dis-information currently being constructed by corporate interests.

  • Affecting Real Change

    We were recently awarded GameChanger 500 status, which is only bestowed on the
    world’s top purpose-driven organizations, Patagonia, Tom’s Shoes and now IIN.

  • A Charitable Vision

    As part of our 2020 charitable vision, IIN has given away over $450,000 to charitable causes and lined up $4,000,000 in matching grants, bringing the
    total to $5,000,000 to go towards projects in the coming yearthat will improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people over time.

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Inside you’ll learn:

  • Why health coaching is the "next big thing"
  • Joshua’s insider advice to current students
  • The top 10 superfoods that will sky-rocket your energy
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