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Journalist, Celebrity and Health Coach: Meet Sarah Wilson!

January 18, 2011

Sarah Wilson is an Integrative Nutrition graduate who has been dazzling Australian audiences as former editor of Australian Cosmo, host of Australia’s MasterChef (Season 1) and as face of Lifestyle You. She is a dynamic individual, successfully blending her life as a celebrity, journalist and health coach!

She certainly fits well in the spotlight, and many may be surprised to find out that she grew up on a subsistence-living farm, is passionate about holistic nutrition and cured herself of an auto-immune disorder through food.

Lucky for us, Sarah is taking some time out of her busy schedule to talk with the Integrative Nutrition community in an exclusive webinar this week: Thursday, January 20th at 6pm EST (Friday, January 21st at 10am, Australia EDT). Make sure you register here.

On this exciting webinar, we will be having a heart-to-heart with Sarah all about her passion for healthy living and food. We will be touching on topics such as:

  • Sarah's experience growing up on a subsistence-living farm
  • How a passion for food has led her on an extraordinary path in health and wellness
  • How Integrative Nutrition's program helped her cure herself of an auto-immune disease and how it's
    enabled her to help people all over world with similar ailments
  • How Sarah and other Integrative Nutrition graduates are striving to make a difference all over the globe

 A little bit from Sarah… 

 Hi, I’m an Australian journalist and blogger and a very recent Integrative Nutrition graduate. I’ve been asked to share with you why I chose the Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Training Program. The short answer is that I had an illness—an autoimmune disease—that I wanted to understand better. I thought by immersing myself in the program I’d be able to steer myself on a path to wellness and then help others feeling as isolated and lost as I was. Twelve months later and I can tell you that my immersion was very successful!

Along the way I noticed that a lot of Integrative Nutrition students were suffering from an autoimmune disease and were after a platform to share information. I also noticed that many of my readers with the illness wanted to learn more about holistic ways of eating and healing.

To this end, I thought I’d share with you some of my thoughts on autoimmune disease. A lot of my reflective thoughts were inspired by, or are aligned with the principles taught in the Integrative Nutrition program – bioindividuality, crowding out, etc. Please join the discussion at my blog if you want to learn more. Or join my webinar with Integrative Nutrition here.

Be Well,

    Sarah Wilson

…Find out more and read Sarah’s full blog post here

Register for this webinar with Sarah Wilson early before spots fill up! It’s bound to be a great.


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