10 Reasons To Drink Matcha Green Tea + Coconut Matcha Latte Recipe


May 8, 2015

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Matcha, a green tea powder of Japanese origin, is thousands of years old, but it’s having a hot moment right now in the wellness scene. 

Would you swap out your morning coffee or tea for this antioxidant-rich green drink? What if it became the one thing that gives you unlimited energy throughout your morning? It might totally change the way you feel, or maybe not – you’ll find out. 

So what is matcha?

Matcha plants are grown in the shade for three weeks, then de-stemmed and deveined before harvesting. Shade growing increases the amount of theanine, chlorophyll, and epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG, in the plant.

Theanine is an amino acid that greatly reduces stress, fights cancer and heart disease, and supports mental focus, among countless other benefits. 

Chlorophyll is a substance that allows plants to absorb energy from sunlight, and makes them green. For humans, it’s a superfood, full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and key in fighting cancer, replenishing red blood cells, improving digestion and detoxification, and much more.

EGCG, abundant in matcha, is a powerful antioxidant linked to weight loss, cancer prevention, and more.

Why should you drink matcha? 

It turns out matcha has a lot of excellent health benefits:

  1. Improves digestive health.
  2. Increases focus without the spike and crash in energy often caused by coffee.
  3. Does not affect sleep as much as coffee.
  4. Acts as an anti-microbial in the body.
  5. Fights cancer.
  6. Improves immunity.
  7. Alkalizes the body.
  8. Boosts metabolism.
  9. Supports weight loss.
  10. Lowers cholesterol.

Sounds pretty impressive, right? Try it out and see if it works for you.

The fact that matcha is powdered can be intimidating for some people – the preparation is a little different than with a standard tea bag.

Traditionally, a small amount of the sifted powder is placed at the bottom of a cup and then hot, but not boiling, water is added. The mixture is then mixed until smooth and frothy with a bamboo whisk.

You can also make a delicious latte with steamed milk of your choice, and we’re going to teach you how right now. We love the flavor of coconut with the matcha, but you can choose your favorite milk.

Coconut Matcha Latte


1 teaspoon matcha powder
¾ cup coconut milk
Optional: 1 teaspoon honey


Gently warm milk in small pot. Do not let it boil.

Put matcha in your favorite mug. Whisk in 1/3 cup of warm milk vigorously until powder is dissolved and beverage becomes frothy. Add honey if desired.

Pour in the rest of the milk and whisk vigorously (be careful!). Enjoy!

What’s your favorite morning beverage? Are you a matcha drinker? Are you going to try it? Why or why not?

Join the conversation below! 

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