September 20, 2017
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April 30, 2019

Our Top 10 Graduates for September 2016 Advanced Business Course!

Do you dream of being a successful Health Coach? Can you envision running your own business, making your own schedule, and changing the world one client at a time? The IIN Advanced Business Course has helped hundreds of students make this dream a reality.

In the IIN Advanced Business Course, we provide health coaches the skills, tools, and action-based steps they need to take their businesses to the next level and get results. We teach advanced strategies for success in networking, marketing, social media, building referral networks, prioritizing, outsourcing, and creating systems for success. Additionally, the course includes done-for-you programs and business resources, as well as plenty of personalized mentoring and support.

To honor our most successful coaches in each course, we offer students the opportunity to enter the IIN Advanced Business Course Top 10 Contest for a chance to win a full tuition reimbursement. In order to win the contest, students must demonstrate in writing how their business has grown as a result of the IIN Advanced Business Course.

We are happy to announce the winners of the September 2016 IIN Advanced Business Course Top 10 Contest!

Nancy Smith
During the IIN Advanced Business course, I became clearer on my target market and how I would like to serve this demographic. I’ve explored my relationship with money and have been able to double my fee. I did two presentations at work and I’m planning to run a 4-week group program. I also started a weekly video series on my Facebook page.

Carmen A. Garcia
The course allowed me to take a giant leap and open my own practice. I offer health coaching along with chiropractic services. I am utilizing so many of the marketing ideas taught in the IIN Advanced Business Course to market the value of having health coaching as part of our wellness center and it’s been very successful. Word is getting out!

Suzan V. Smith
While enrolled in the IIN Advanced Business Course, I partnered with the top rated fitness studio in my area and developed a 12-week core fitness program, a 6-week jumpstart program, and two Diabetes-focused programs, which I now market through several local endocrinologists. I have a waiting list of clients!

Samantha Wilkinson
When I enrolled in the IIN Advanced Business Course, I had zero clients. Now I am booking events and have signed up an NFL player!

Nancy Gribble
Before the IIN Advanced Business Course, I felt I was about to give up. I felt alone and overwhelmed by the amount of technology and marketing that comes with building a practice as a Health Coach, and all I wanted to do was to coach people. Following the course suggestions, I ventured out and joined numerous networking groups, including Toastmasters. I’ve given two talks so far and am lining myself up to do many more. I created an opt-in offer for my website. I wrote an article for a magazine. And recently, I started talking with others about forming a referral wheel. I attend about four networking meetings per week and my goal is to gain one new client per week. Thanks to the IIN Advanced Business Course, I finally have the confidence and tools to get out of my head and into the real world!

Alexandra Ponsica
The IIN Advanced Business Course has helped me to put myself out there, get clients, break free from my limiting beliefs, and take charge of my health coaching practice. I’ve taken action toward growing my business. I have learned how to speak out on social media and reach my target market. I know that my business will continue to grow because of the tools I have learned and the confidence I have developed throughout the course. It’s helped me to spread my wings and fly!

Helen Moll
After working in the corporate world for over 30 years, I had a very good understanding of business but had never run my own business before. The IIN Advanced Business Course was so valuable in helping me to envision my success, challenge my perceived limitations, master my money mindset, and protect myself legally as a Health Coach.

Building my business model as part of this course, I was able to meet with a financial planner and accountant with confidence and discuss my goals and financial aspirations as a legitimate business owner and professional. The most amazing part of the IIn Advanced Business course for me personally has been the encouragement on Facebook and the personalized support from Joshua and IIN staff (totally worth the price of the course). Also, the step-by-step modules and facing my fear and doing it anyway.

While in the course, I:

  • learned how to access my strengths and weaknesses and truly define my target market
  • I learned how to access my “ideal client”
  • grew my business from one client to eight clients
  • began working with corporations and local businesses
  • reduced my corporate job to part-time
  • began working on building a health and wellness center business group and online programs
  • learned how to be open to serendipity as a business strategy
  • learned how to hold my clients accountable to their success and failure
  • more than doubled my rates
  • witnessed my clients’ success, helping me to believe in the value of this work
  • began working with multi-site corporations to help them develop a budget for wellness coaching starting with their next fiscal year
  • began developing relationships with referral partners such as local CSA owners and restaurants in my areas
  • partnered with a doctor who featured me on her website--I am now marketed to her clients as the Health Coach Expert. We are working together to combine my coaching with her services, which provide clients with evidence their health is changing.
  • hired a virtual assistant to help me get my e-book, opt-in offer, 30-day and 6-month programs online, as well as automating my scheduling on my website for self-booking

I can’t express the sense of accomplishment I feel and it’s had a huge impact on my happiness. The tools in this course help you increase the odds of your entrepreneurial success.

Kyla Schrad
When I enrolled in the IIN Advanced Business Course, I had no clients and no confidence. By the end of the course, I had 5 well-paying clients and felt confident enough to quit my corporate job.

Gudrun Gotschke
I improved 100%. I went from coaching only friends and family for free to my first paying client.

Abbigail Mason
I went from one client to seven clients while in the IIN Advanced Business Course. I found confidence in asking for money through finding ways to communicate the value of health coaching to potential clients, as well as the ways in which leading a healthier lifestyle could save them money (fewer meals out, more home cooking, buying in bulk, starting a garden, less Starbucks, etc.).
I partnered with a financial wellness company to complete the wellness picture for their potential clients (they feel that a strong financial plan/foundation together with a consistent healthy diet and lifestyle will lead to a long and fruitful life). I also went through the Launch Your Dream Book course and wrote a book on wellness. As a result, the financial wellness company has asked me to speak at one of their monthly info sessions and they have purchased copies of my book to give to potential clients that meet for a consultation. I also led three workshops during the course, which was very out of my comfort zone!

I am currently working at a Chiropractic Wellness Center, offering my health coaching services, completing the wellness package for patients.

Congratulations to all of our graduates for all of your inspiring accomplishments. It’s been our pleasure to support you, to help you spread the ripple effect, and to help you transform lives.

For more information about the IIN Advanced Business Course, or to enroll in our next session beginning in April 2018, please visit us online at

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