November 6, 2019
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November 7, 2019

Announcing Our September 2018 Advanced Business Course Winners

Do you dream of being a successful Health Coach? Can you envision running your own business, making your own schedule, and changing the world one client at a time? The IIN Advanced Business Course has helped thousands of students make this dream a reality.

In the IIN Advanced Business Course, we provide Health Coaches with the skills, tools, and action-based steps they need to take their businesses to the next level and get results. We teach advanced strategies for success in networking, marketing, social media, referral networks, prioritizing, outsourcing, and creating systems for success. Additionally, the course includes done-for-you programs and business resources as well as plenty of personalized mentoring and support.

To honor our most successful coaches in each course, students can enter the “IIN Advanced Business Course Top 5 Contest” for a chance to win full tuition reimbursement. In order to win, students must demonstrate how their business has grown as a result of the IIN Advanced Business Course.

We are happy to announce the winners of the “IIN Advanced Business Course Top 5 Contest” for the September 2018 class!

Malaika Bagoudou

The Advanced Business Course has helped me tremendously in achieving my goal as an entrepreneur. Having a business is one thing, but running it is another. ABC made that process easy and achievable. Before ABC, I wasn’t quite sure about my target market as far as who I wanted to help. But now, there is a sense of peace and order, and I know my target market.

I’m helping busy moms and their families make delicious, quick, and healthy meals that will sustain the whole family in the long run without breaking the bank. One thing that kept me going was that the ABC modules were short, which is great for anyone with a busy life. I was very busy myself, and I was able to do it. I have seen tremendous growth in my business, and I’m still growing, even now. The ABC business mentors are excellent and really care about the success of everyone. I love the interactions among peers and the support group that we all share. It’s a community that promotes growth and will help your business bear fruit. I believe everyone in life is a seed. When that seed finds nourishment, it grows and flourishes and serves humanity in abundance. The IIN team is so great, and my wish is to be part of it one day. I am a life learner.

If you are a busy mom and looking to learn more about how I impact the world with these seeds of change, please go to my website:


Margaret Reinold

I jumped into the Advanced Business Course as soon as I could after graduating from IIN because I understood the value of being able to market what I have learned as an IIN graduate. This course did not disappoint. What I found most useful was the way that each module was able to connect the dots from the previous modules. The private FB class page was helpful in that the ABC mentoring team was very “hands-on” with us. They held us accountable and encouraged us to take steps outside our comfort zones.

This course provided the tools to help me finish my website, begin building my email list, and connect with businesses, resulting in my being hired to do health and wellness workshops! I appreciated the community aspect of the course, which allowed me to make some great connections with other Health Coaches, which is invaluable to me. We were able to grow together and bounce ideas off each other. It was a great way to stay focused and ground myself and has helped me continue to build my business. Thanks again to IIN and the Advanced Business Course program!

I work with several target markets, including:

  • Women going through menopause/life changes
  • Clients of all “gender” identities
  • Addiction issues (I am also a certified addiction recovery coach.)
  • Those who may be experiencing grief issues over the loss of a loved one, divorce, job/career, or home

Here is a link to my website to learn more:


Lynn DelGaudio

My goodness! I NEVER could have gained the momentum I have without the constant support, encouragement, guidance, and engagement of the ABC team!!! Last year, both my parents fell suddenly and severely ill within a month of each other. In October 2018, I lost my father, and in December 2018, I lost my job in a merger. In February 2019, I learned my dog had a brain tumor – and he passed in April 2019. There were MANY times I wanted to put my future on hold, but the encouragement of the ABC mentoring team, my student colleagues, and my friends kept me going. I became absolutely fearless. The team gave me the specific tools I needed every step of the way.

I’ve been in corporate America for 30+ years, but this is an entirely different animal and requires specific methods to attack and execute. I’m still learning, but I would have never made the connections and gained the momentum if it weren’t for this course and the leadership and coaching from the staff mentors!

My target audience is worn-out professionals who are chronically mentally and physically depleted. I also recently published a book titled Altered on Impact.

Here is a link to my website to learn more:


Michelle Ward

Over the years, I had gained health and lifestyle knowledge about how to help others, but I lacked the structure on how to manage my business that would allow me to grow. The ABC gave me a step-by-step, structured process to get me organized and on track to take my business to the next level. Some of the marketing tools and suggestions were profoundly simple, yet they worked like a charm and opened up my eyes to a whole new network and gave me the confidence to “put myself out there” more.

The support was amazing and always available – I actually wonder if the ABC mentoring team ever slept!! The provided resources that helped me get content out to clients and prospects was priceless – not to mention the wide array of motivating and insightful expert talks that were instrumental in helping me create systems, envision success, recognize WHO my client is, and understand how to keep myself on task. This course is worth twice the amount I paid and will continue to be a great return on my investment for years and years to come. Thank you to the ABC team. I am eternally grateful!

Here is a link to my website to learn more:


Kaitlyn Carl

The Advanced Business Course was essential to the formation of my health coaching business. I learned a great deal – not just about manifesting my ideal career but also about the day-to-day operations of a small business in the real world. The information provided in the course was informative, relevant, and exciting, and the ABC mentoring team made me feel genuinely supported.

My focus is on helping creative, busy 30-somethings navigate the challenges they’re facing in the real world. From stress management to meal preparation and modern spirituality to debunking diet myths, it’s my mission to help young urbanites reconnect with what matters most on their journeys toward radical health.

To learn more, visit my site and social profiles:

My website:

My business Facebook page:

My business Instagram:

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