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March 3, 2021
How Your Sleep Changes During Different Phases of Life

Your sleep can be impacted by many factors and can vary during different stages of life, depending on your age and gender. Read more about how different phases of life affect hormone prod...

February 19, 2021
Amplifying Black Wellness Voices During Black History Month and Beyond, Featuring Wendi Cherry

Wendi Cherry, an IIN graduate, shares how IIN impacted her life and why the well-being of Black people must be discussed and addressed all days of the year, not just during Black Hi...

September 21, 2020
How to Reduce Your Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease Through Diet and Lifestyle

On this World Alzheimer’s Day, we discuss the multifaceted approach one can take to reduce the risk of developing this disease and why it’s so important to focus on preventive healt...

August 25, 2020
Gut Microbiome 101: Improve Your Gut Health to Improve Your Immunity

When the microbiome is balanced with good bacteria, it boosts immunity, prevents disease, and supports emotional well-being. Keeping your gut microbes happy and flourishing will hel...

August 17, 2020
How to Cultivate Beauty from the Inside Out

Learn how to look and feel your best by focusing on inner beauty first and explore how discovering your inner beauty can promote overall health.

August 13, 2020
Is Kale Bad for You? – What You Should Know

The amount of kale you consume may impact your health, depending on any health conditions you have and how your digestive system tolerates this cruciferous vegetable....

May 8, 2020
The Role of Postmodern Nutrition in Shaping Our Health Destiny

We’ll discuss what exactly postmodern nutrition is and how IIN’s core mission meets its moment in a postmodern world.