Darrell Rogers Scrubbed Webinar

Health coaches in the workforce - a healthy outlook!

Guest Speaker: Darrell Rogers, Integrative Nutrition’s Director of Advocacy

The fact is that the Health and Wellness Coach profession is now one of nation’s fastest growing professions. The US Department of Labor projects a 21% increase in jobs for health and wellness professionals focused on preventive health. Adding to the over 35,000 practitioners employed today, the health coach profession is forecasted to continue an upward trajectory of job creation while simultaneously making our country healthier.

In this webinar, Darrell will discuss:

  • Which sectors of the economy are experiencing the largest growth for health coaches
  • How to participate in this new growing wellness economy
  • What IIN does to promote our health coaches and build important alliances for you
  • How our program prepares you for a variety of pathways

There’s never been a better time to become a Health Coach, and we’re so excited for you to become part of the revolution!

Note: This is from a previously live recorded session. Certain features like chat and Q&A are unavailable.



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