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Integrative Nutrition Questions and Answers

Since 1992, Integrative Nutrition has been at the forefront of holistic nutrition education, offering cutting-edge training in health coaching and nutrition-based wellness. IIN is the world’s largest nutrition school, having trained more than 20,000 students hailing from over 85 countries.

Integrative Nutrition’s curriculum is based on the research of scholars and practitioners worldwide. We concentrate our teachings around the idea of bio-individuality, which is the concept that no single diet works for everyone. We explore different ways of eating in order to create a personalized approach that is appropriate for the individual depending on their age, health, activity level, access, and personal preferences. We train our students to be effective health coaches and to guide their clients into greater well-being by creating a more balanced, happier life for themselves. Read more Integrative Nutrition reviews from some of our alumni.

Similar to any organization, Integrative Nutrition occasionally receives questions from students and the public. We have created this site to answer many of these questions and provide additional information.

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