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IIN and the Columbia Teachers College

Was Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) ever affiliated with Columbia University?

From 2006 through 2008, Institute for Integrative Nutrition had a partnership with the Teachers College of Columbia University, which is nation's oldest and largest graduate school of education. Columbia’s Teachers College offers graduate degrees as well as continuing education and professional studies certificate programs. As a health coach training program offering a comprehensive and innovative curriculum in nutrition and health coaching, IIN was a natural match for the college.

Our partnership with Columbia’s Teachers College enabled successful IIN students to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and a certificate in addition to the one they receive from IIN. Many of our students elected to enroll, and those that successfully completed both IIN’s and Columbia’s Teachers College’s requirements were officially graduated from both programs.

Why do some IIN graduates claim to have a degree from Columbia’s Teachers College?

Many of our graduates do indeed hold certificates from Columbia’s Teachers College, provided that they enrolled in, and successfully completed all of the graduation requirements for, both IIN and Columbia’s Teachers College’s affiliated program.

Holding a certificate from Columbia’s Teachers College is not the same thing as holding a bachelor’s or master’s degree from Columbia University, and should never be represented as such. Our graduates are fully aware of this distinction.

Why did the partnership between the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Columbia’s Teachers College cease?

While Columbia’s Teachers College gave us excellent feedback about the quality of our education, it was ultimately decided that the partnership was not working synergistically and therefore should not be continued. The affiliation with Columbia’s Teachers College required that our students meet different sets of requirements to earn both certificates, which created confusion and difficulty for students and school administration. Additionally, members of the Columbia University community raised concerns that there was a conflict of interest between the cutting-edge holistic curriculum of IIN’s program and Columbia University’s own nutrition program which is based on a more traditional approach to nutrition. For these reasons, IIN began actively searching for a university partner where greater synergies existed, and ultimately entered into a partnership with Purchase College.

Is the Institute for Integrative Nutrition affiliated with any other colleges or universities now?

Since 2009, IIN has been affiliated with Purchase College through the State University of New York (SUNY), the largest state university system in the country. This partnership allows our students to earn a nationally-recognized certificate and CEUs to support additional licensures that they may hold. We work closely with the administration of Purchase College to keep the process streamlined so that our students must meet only one set of graduation requirements which are approved by both IIN and Purchase College. Our students take pride in the additional credential that this partnership with a major university affords them.

Testimonial from an Integrative Nutrition Graduate

I am a wellness coordinator for a staff of one hundred and twenty people and also have a private personal coaching practice. I was looking for training that would give me a good background in nutrition. If someone had asked me exactly what I wanted included in a curriculum, it would have been everything Integrative Nutrition offered.

Being a student was the most incredible and transforming experience. I don’t know where else in the world you can get anything close to this kind of education. I have been through a Bachelor's and a Master’s degree and no one was ever interested in what I was going to do once I walked out the door at graduation. Integrative Nutrition took me step by step through everything I needed to know about how to do this as a career. They taught me how to integrate my practice into my current life in a way that works best for me. If I hit an obstacle, the staff and students were always there to answer questions, give support or listen.

My workplace wellness program is growing in exciting new ways thanks to all the information I learned in school. As a result, members of the staff, their families and friends are among the clients I work with in my private practice as a holistic health counselor. I currently have fifteen paying clients and am reminded n a daily basis that this work makes a difference in people's lives. I am so proud to be a part of that.

I got more than my money’s worth at school. I thought I was just going to learn about nutrition; I didn’t realize how much of an experience it was going to be for me.

When I sit back and think about where I was a year ago, the transformation that has occurred in my life is amazing. It has been like walking through a portal to a new way of living, a more effective and meaningful life. My relationships have improved dramatically, I am getting healthier every day and I have joy back in my life. I have gained an amazingly high level of self-confidence and self-appreciation. I know I can earn a living anywhere in the world if I so choose. That is powerful.

-- Marilena Minucci, PTP 2004