Earning an Integrative Nutrition Degree

About Integrative Nutrition’s Distance Learning & Degrees

Is it easy to get a degree from IIN?

All of our students are required to meet our graduation requirements which include tests, clinical field work, and group coaching sessions. While some students have been disappointed by this, it is our policy to only grant certificates to students who have met all of our requirements.

Why did the Institute for Integrative Nutrition switch to a Distance Learning format?

With the proliferation of technology, many universities and schools, including IIN, have incorporated or transitioned to an online classroom. IIN has been using Distance Learning technology for several years, fusing this with our live classes.

Integrative Nutrition students come from all over the globe. The transition to online is proving to be a natural and organic outcome of our content and the growing demand for accessible studies holistic nutrition and health coaching. The distance learning content is of the same high quality as our live classes as most of it was taken directly from the classroom experience. We maintain the same rigorously high standards for the quality of our distance learning education as we have always had for our classroom-based courses.

Do IIN students receive degrees in nutrition science?

No. The Institute for Integrative Nutrition offers a certificate in health coaching. While our curriculum is rooted in science, our primary focus is on clinical application. At Institute for Integrative Nutrition, we teach over 100 dietary theories and a practical, holistic approach to health, wellness, and coaching.

Are IIN students required to study science?

Yes, IIN students study basic nutritional science as a backdrop to their study of over 100 dietary theories and a vast amount of cutting-edge health and wellness research. As part of the IIN course, students study research-based science through our many visiting teachers including Dr. Andrew Weil (Director of Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona), Dr. Walter Willett (Chair of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health), Dr. Mark Hyman (author of Ultraprevention), and Dr. David Katz (the Director of the Yale Prevention Research Center). Additionally, the IIN curriculum incorporates topics such as anatomy and digestion into the Fundamentals and Focus Classes.

IIN Graduate Testimonials



The program has incredible online classes, iPad loaded with audio and video of fabulous world renowned speakers, mp3 audio downloads, documents filled with information, and a very active and responsive online community in which the staff and faculty are communicating with students on a regular basis. I just started listening to the many mp3's in my car all over again just to absorb it the second time around. There are so many resources provided, that I will continue to learn every day.

– Patricia Green, Williamsville, NY, 2010 DL

All along I believed it was not imperative to study at a lengthy nutrition course or hold a degree to be able to guide others towards knowledge and sources of natural foods, a balanced and happy lifestyle…the Institute of Integrative Nutrition fine-tuned my education, and gave me the vital business training and confidence I really required to carry out my plan. I am currently supporting clients towards better quality food selection and weight management and working with a school to improve the canteen food as well as starting a buying club for quality foods in my area. I love my work!

– Cherie Barton-Brown, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia