The Story Behind a Year of Giving…

Kristy Rodriguez, a 2010 graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, was so moved by her experience in the Health Coach Training Program, that she wanted more people to have access to the foundations of holistic health and wellness.  With a passion for integrative medicine, healthy choices, and local food access, she knew that education for those unable to provide for themselves was essential in contributing to Integrative Nutrition’s Ripple Effect.  Kristy’s family's foundation, The Sampson Foundation, started in honor of her father, covered 12 full tuitions in 2016 and will continue throughout 2017.

About The Sampson Foundation

The Sampson Foundation strives to create healthy communities by promoting access, awareness, research and education on healthy food choices and integrative medicine. The Foundation’s focus on nutrition includes both supporting access to healthy foods and educating communities on healthy food choices and the benefits of healthy eating for mind, body and soul. Founded in 1993 by Myles D. Sampson, a successful land developer and lifetime resident of Western Pennsylvania, the Foundation has supported a wide range of endeavors to encourage community growth and health. The legacy of Mr. Sampson lives on today through the Foundation's work to empower individuals and communities to achieve wellness and to embody a spirit of service.

Meet Our Sampson Foundation Recipients


Making Lemonade!


Joining Eastern and Western Approaches,
I have the power to make a difference.


Go out into the world,
and love the people you meet.


Train for Life.


I believe in feeding our physical,

emotional and spiritual bodies,

so that we can truly thrive.


I choose life.

I choose nutrition.

I choose knowledge!

How it Works

The partnership will cover the full tuition of one deserving individual each month during 2017.  To stay true to the mission of Integrative Nutrition and The Sampson Foundation, tuition fulfillment will be used to support those who can showcase how they will use a Health Coach Certification to inform, empower, and educate in a nonprofit or other service setting.  Recipients do not need to work for a nonprofit entity but should demonstrate a volunteer or working relationship supporting those with limited access to health coaching.

Is this the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to change someone’s life? Wait no longer!