Pilar Gerasimo

Pilar Gerasimo is an award-winning journalist, the founding editor of Experience Life magazine, and a cohost of The Living Experiment podcast. She recently joined IIN as chief creative officer. Pilar will be emceeing the event and facilitating a panel discussion based in part on audience-suggested questions.

Andrew Weil

Andew Weil, MD, is a leader and pioneer in integrative medicine. He is the director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona.

Patricia Moreno

Patricia Moreno is the creator of the intenSati method and the trailblazing founder of spiritual fitness, leading a conversation about the importance of each and every one of us waking up and changing the inner dialogue that’s been holding us back. She combines over 20 years’ experience with her expertise in movement, mindfulness, and spirituality to teach people to disempower negative beliefs, detach worthiness from weight, and cocreate an inner narrative to access the love, courage, and confidence we need to live a full-potential life.

David S. Ludwig, MD, PhD

David S. Ludwig, MD, PhD, is an endocrinologist and researcher at Boston Children’s Hospital, a professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, and a professor of nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health. He is also the codirector of the New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center and the founder of the Optimal Weight for Life program. Described as an “obesity warrior” by Time magazine, he is the author of the #1 New York Times best seller Always Hungry?: Conquer Cravings, Retrain Your Fat Cells, and Lose Weight Permanently..

Terry Wahls, MD

Dr. Terry Wahls is a certified practitioner at the Institute for Functional Medicine and a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Iowa, where she conducts clinical trials. She is the author of The Wahls Protocol and was awarded the Institute for Functional Medicine’s Linus Pauling Award in 2018 for her contributions in research, clinical care, and patient advocacy. She is also a patient with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, which confined her to a tilt-recline wheelchair for four years. Dr. Wahls restored her health using a diet and lifestyle program she designed specifically for her brain and now pedals her bike to work each day.