Guided Tour

Guided Tour of the IIN Learning Center

Going to school is an important decision. Watch our guided tour for a sneak peek at the Integrative Nutrition Student Experience!

Listen now and you will…

  • Take a guided tour of the IIN Learning Center, our dynamic and one of a kind learning platform.
  • Sneak a peek at the course curriculum and crucial concepts you’ll learn as a student that will set you up for success towards a healthier, happier you!
  • Get answers to questions like, “What will I learn?,” “How much time will it take?,“ and “How do I finance it?”

This session is the perfect opportunity to determine if Integrative Nutrition is the right fit for you so you can get ready to go back-to-school!

Note: This is from a previously live recorded session. Certain features like chat and Q&A are unavailable.



The Power of Food as Medicine

IIN's Head of Brand Jim Curtis sits down with Sakara Life co-founder Danielle DuBoise to discuss how Sakara Life came to be - "turning their mess into their mission” - and how her IIN education helped her to pursue a healthier life.

Q&A with IIN Curriculum Developer, Jamie Wolff

If you have been wondering what makes IIN's Health Coach Training Program different from other schools, then you'll want to listen to this Q&A with one of our Curriculum Developers, Jamie Wolff.