Danielle DuBoise on the Inspiration Behind Sakara Life

The Power of Food as Medicine

Sakara Life, like many brands and companies, started small. After hitting their health rock bottoms, co-founders (and IIN grads) Danielle DuBoise and Whitney Tingle took the little money they had, but all their passion, to create a plant-based, organic meal delivery service out of their apartment (they were delivering food on their own!).

They soon outgrew that model and have since blossomed into an incredible business that focuses on food as medicine and as joy, realizing the power that healthy, nourishing food has on our physical health and especially our mental health.

This IINConversation will dive deep into: 

  • The impact of learning how to view food as a source of both nourishment and joy 

  • How to embrace being imperfect and leaning into “imposter syndrome” to gain confidence 

  • How Sakara Life focused on “food as medicine” to grow into a successful business 


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