Workshop Showdown Contest

Calling all Health Coaches! Now is your time to shine. We’ve noticed a theme amongst our community and that is you support each other with your strengths. We’re inviting Integrative Nutrition students and alumni to submit their best workshop package to be featured in the curriculum! Yes, it’s a contest and only the strongest submissions will be chosen. Your work could be seen by thousands of students and graduates!

Here are the pieces to a mind-blowing workshop package:

  1. A case study of your experience creating and delivering the workshop, including how many hours it took to prepare for the presentation, how you marketed this topic, how many Health Histories you scheduled from the presentation, and any other numbers related to the impact of the presentation. Keep this to 500 words or less. We recommend breaking it down into simple action steps.
  2. A 30-45 minute speaking outline. Try to keep your workshop specific. Perhaps tailor it to a specialty target market like children or teens, families, or women with hormonal issues.
  3. Include marketing materials to promote the workshop. Materials could include a flyer outlining the value and features of your workshop, email, and/or schedule of social media posts.
  4. Handouts and writing exercises for participants, if applicable
  5. Audience questions the presenter can expect – and the answers!
  6. Presentation slides (please submit them in PDF format)
  7. Remove copyrights and mentions of your business from all materials. If your workshop is selected, we will include your biography in the curriculum with a link to your website, as well as a footer on your materials with your permission to reprint and your copyright notice.
  8. Submit all written materials in PDF (maximum upload size of 50 MB)

If you REALLY want to impress us, include any or all of the following bonus materials:

  • Recommended visuals (example: bags of sugar to represent how much sugar is in popular drinks)
  • Links to videos, studies, or articles a presenter might use to prepare for the workshop. This information can be compiled in a PDF document with active hyperlinks.
  • A proposal to present to a business or location space to host the workshop
  • Suggestions for splitting the workshop with a partner – who delivers which part of the presentation?
  • Suggested giveaways, such as food samples or products
  • Alternative speaking outlines for a shorter or longer presentation
  • Additional materials to deliver via teleclass or webinar
  • A video or audio of you delivering the presentation (maximum file size of 50 MB)

IIN loves to give wellness entrepreneurs the tools they need to succeed in changing the world. Let’s collaborate to do just that! We all know workshops are prime examples of working smarter, not harder. Winners will have their entire package added to the curriculum with a biography that includes their business experience and success with the workshop.

Use these questions to structure your submission. You don’t need to submit these questions, but rather, these are the elements IIN will consider in the selection process. Use them when creating your workshop, or re-packaging a current workshop:

  • Have you conducted this workshop before? Please describe the impact on your audience and your business.
  • How many Health Histories and/or clients did you gain?
  • What was the workshop venue? What worked or didn’t work about the space?
  • What was the audience demographic?
  • What equipment, props, and other materials did you use?
  • Are you addressing one of your target market's top complaints?
  • Which workshop pieces provide the most value for attendees?

IIN will accept submissions until October 1, 2013 at 11:59pm Eastern Daylight Time. We can’t wait to share your talents with the community!

Please note that the contest will be available to all alumni, students enrolled in the HCTP May 2013 class, and all classes prior.

Got questions? We have answers! Visit the FAQs here.

View contest rules here.