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Our business training empowers graduates to start their health coaching practices and so much more. Check out the variety of successful products and business our grads have launched.

Terry Walters
Class of 2000

Terry Walters, the author of CLEAN FOOD and CLEAN START, is dedicated to making sustainable, good health both easy and delicious. Terry shares her passion and shows us how simple it is to get on the path to eating clean and enjoying good health, for yourself, for your family and for the environment.

Clean Food
Elizabeth Rider
Class of 2011

WholeEating Cookbook is your new go-to guide for healthy cooking & meal inspirations. Each recipe is vegetarian, gluten-free, low-glycemic, free of artificial sweeteners, not to mention healthy, balanced, and full of flavor!

WholeEating Cookbook
Danny Arguetty

The art & science of yoga invites us into an ever-evolving quest of relationship, both within and beyond ourselves. As we choose to cultivate and nourish our inner teacher through an inquisitive lens, we are better able to step into the dynamic dance of the outer world.Nourishing the Teacher is a text intended to facilitate and highlight the multifaceted and fluid experience we humans have been gifted in the embodied realm.

Nourishing the Teacher
Alexandra Jamieson
Class of 2003

Alex Jamieson, featured in the documentary Super Size Me, is the author ofLiving Vegan for Dummies. This practical guide explains how to create a balanced, nutritious vegan diet.

Margaret Floyd
Class of 2009

Eat Naked shows readers simple ways to begin eating naked right away, and offers preparation techniques that help maximize the nutritional value of food.

Eat Naked
Marika Blossfeldt
Class of 2005

Essential Nourishment, part cookbook, part holistic lifestyle companion fuses an appreciation for the sensual pleasures of natural foods with a sensible and flexible approach to nourishment. Visually stunning and potentially life-changing,Essential Nourishment — is a feel-good guide to living well, one delicious meal at a time, one nurturing action at a time.

Nina Manolson

A must-have book for all conscientious busy moms who want to raise a healthy family. This book, which includes more than 60 natural food vegetarian recipes, will inspire and support families to make the adjustments they need to be successful in battling our fast food society. Certified Health Coach, Therapist and Family Wellness Expert, Nina Manolson is a busy mom too - she brings 20 years professional experience to this breakthrough book.

Jeannette Bessinger

Great Expectations: Best Food for Your Baby and Toddler is the first book of its kind to address obesity prevention from the cradle. This authoritative and comprehensive guide covers all aspects of feeding a baby from birth through age three—from breastfeeding through toddler food preparation, and includes over 150 kid-tested recipes.

Great Expectations: Best Food for Your Baby and Toddler
Jared Koch
Class of 2005

Eating out doesn’t have to be unhealthy! Clean Plates NYC is an essential guide to the healthiest and tastiest restaurants in Manhattan. This handy book features restaurants serving local, organic, sustainable and delicious food.

Connie Bennett

Connie Bennett is a former sugar addict and author of the book, Sugar Shock!and Beyond Sugar Shock. Connie is a Transformational Sugar Liberator, who will help you break free from your sugar addiction!

Amy Kalafa
Class of 2004

Amy Kalafa created this empowering book to arm parents with the specific information and tools needed to ensure that their growing children are served healthy meals at school. Available in August 2011.

Ken Nielsen
Class of 2011

Natural Notes supplies handy guides can help you make the healthiest choices on the go. They are easy on the eye, loaded with the most pertinent details on the subject matter, and extremely well made and durable. Unlike your books on the shelf or the computer in the office, you can always rely on Natural Notes to deliver the facts you are looking for right now.

Lisa Cummings
Class of 2009

From Okay to Fabulousoffers readers 10 Quick Tips to Get Slim, Sexy AND Still Enjoy Your Favorite Comfort Foods And Social Life. Lisa offers simple suggestions and local resources that will inspire you to make healthy choices and still eat what you love. Eating that involves taste, style, convenience and FUN for long-lasting results.

Jessica Geier
Class of 2012

Jessica Geier and her father Bill Geier, launched Raw Generation in 2012. Using only the absolute healthiest ingredients,Raw Generation makes raw unpasteurized vegetable juice. To take the hassle and mess out of juicing, they'll juice it, pack it, and ship it right to your door.

Raw Generation
Kimberly Dobbins
Class of 2007

Simplfied Foods is on a mission to create simple, great tasting and healthy snacks. Its flagship products,Simple Squares®, are all natural, savory-sweet, whole food snack bars infused with honey and herbs. As a 2008 IIN grad, Chief Square Kimberly Crupi Dobbins, strives to transform our grab-and-go food culture from one focused on preservatives to one that embraces whole foods.

Simple Squares
Jill Brack
Class of 2008

Glow Gluten Free bakes four flavors of gluten free and dairy free cookies with natural and organic ingredients in a certified gluten free and kosher bakery. The secret recipe includes nutrient dense garbanzo bean and coconut flour, which makes them both wholesome and delicious.

Glow Gluten-Free Cookies
Heather Kenzie-Terry & Jennifer Love
Class of 2009

Jennifer Love and Heather Kenzie teamed up to create Nibmor. Their organic chocolate has no refined sugar, dairy, gluten or GMO. They make small batches to ensure perfection. The result? A simple, healthy and delicious chocolate bar.

Robin McGee

Just Great Foods takes the guesswork out of eating by producing non-processed, close to the earth, un-traveled, pure food. In addition, they also offer a full spectrum of programs to help others foster a healthier relationship with food.

Nicole Culver
Class of 2011

Pure Bliss Eats believes in clean foods that taste great, while providing energy and nutrients. They offer healthy, nutritious foods like granola, muffins, chocolate balls, cake pops, granola bars, oat bites and more. Plus, all the ingredients are natural foods you can pronounce!

Allison Lubert & Heather Esposito
Class of 2009

Allison Lubert and Heather Esposito opened Sweet Freedom Bakery, Philadelphia’s first and only completely gluten-free, vegan (dairy-free, egg-free), soy-free, corn-free, peanut-free, refined sugar-free bakery. Customers enjoy an allergy-free, healthier alternative to dessert.

Sweet Freedom Bakery
Togo Keynes & Leigh Rogers
Class of 2009

As part of their lifestyle brand, me organic, Togo Keynes and Leigh Rogers offer a range of organic, gluten, and dairy-free products (including cupcakes), one-on-one coaching, cooking classes, workshops, and fitness activities.

me organic
Carly Brien
Class of 2009

Pressed Juicery aims to cut through the confusion and condescension of so many health trends and get to the point: our bodies require vital nutrients to function at their optimal levels, and the quickest and most natural way to get them is through fresh juice.

Pressed Juicery
Justin Baumgartner
Class of 2006

Laughing Giraffe Organics provides healthy snack foods that are made from the finest organic ingredients. Because their products are made from real unprocessed foods, they are extremely rich in nutritional value. Small amounts will satisfy your snack needs more than “empty calorie” snack foods.

Laughing Giraffe
Laura Baldwin
Class of 2009

Laura Baldwin is the creator of Garden in The Koop, the incredible, edible garden in a box. Garden In The Koop offers a full line of organic gardening kits, that come complete with everything you’ll need for your gardening – seeds, planting medium, planters and step-by-step instructions.

Garden in The Koop
Vanessa Barg
Class of 2007

Gnosis products celebrate health, exquisite flavor and integrity. Their ingredients include ethically sourced raw cacao, superfoods, low glycemic sweeteners, nutrient dense fruits, nuts, and medicinal herbs sourced from the Amazon to the Himalayas. 

Toni Hall Parker
Class of 2008

Cush Cosmetics brings you superbly formulated high performing products that effectively integrate nature, science, and sustainability-strictly from botanicals and essential oils. So, if you are ready to make personal care apart of your healthy lifestyle... There’s CUSH. Cosmetics For Life... Made Purely For You!

Cush Cosmetics
Arielle Fierman
Class of 2008

Arielle’s signature “iloveme” collection reminds wearers to open their hearts to love and take care of themselves. All Be Well with Arielle jeWELLry is made of recycled metal, energized with reiki, hand-stamped with ‘iloveme’ and made in New York City with love.

Bianca Beldini
Class of 2010

Pure argan oil is the basis of all Arganica’s products which comes directly from women’s cooperatives. The rest of the ingredients are 100% pure and made without any synthetic chemicals, parabens or petrochemicals. Each product is prepared by hand in small batches making Arganica a truly artisanal beauty brand.

Alicia Grimaldi
Class of 2004

AffirmWater is committed to getting you to drink more water from a safe vessel while protecting the environment and creating positive change in the world.

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