“Perfect” Broccoli: Healthy or Profit-Driven?

Though many aspects of the field of nutrition are still mired in controversy, there’s one piece of advice that virtually all researchers and experts agree upon: eat more leafy green vegetables. Greens are rich in vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants, and consuming them daily can dramatically reduce the risk for obesity, heart disease, and even cancer.

Yet according to a 2010 report from the Centers for Disease Control, only 26% of American adults eat vegetables three or more times a day – that includes lettuce on a hamburger – and only 17% of dinners include a salad.

Why is there such a strong aversion to vegetables? The reasons are complex, but many people find fresh produce to be costly, inconvenient, and unpalatable. Though vegetables may be the healthiest choice, for many people, they are also the least attractive.   

Are you already giving out health advice without getting paid for it?

Tell me if you’re like me. (Hint: If you’re reading this, you probably are.)

When I started helping people eat healthier more than 30 years ago, it was kind of a hobby that I was naturally good at. I became the designated “person who knows about health”. So people would ask me their questions about everything from weight loss to allergies to…you-name-it.

As a giving person, I enjoyed giving away free advice. Especially since I loved talking about eating well and living a healthy life.

Then, I noticed three things:

1) People seemed more likely to follow bad advice that they paid for while ignoring good advice that was free.

2) I was struggling to make a living doing a job that I didn’t care about, while not earning a dime from what I was most passionate about: healthy living.

Are the ingredients in your sunscreen healthy?

If you’re spending plenty of time outdoors this summer soaking up the sun, then you know just how important it is to apply sunscreen before you do. And while it’s no secret that sunscreen helps protect us from painful burns, you may be surprised to learn what your sunscreen contains or that it may not be protecting you from potentially dangerous long-term skin damage.

How do you know whether your sunscreen is protecting you from damaging UV rays? And does it contain chemicals that are best to avoid applying to your skin? Believe it or not, the ingredients in your sunscreen really matter!

31 Days of Juices and Smoothies: Are You IIN?

As we move into the heart of the summer season, our bodies crave light, colorful fruits and vegetables and refreshing beverages. What’s better for a hot day in July than a healthy juice or smoothie? Not only are they delicious and satisfying, but they also provide nutrients that support our health and prevent illness.

That’s why here at Integrative Nutrition, we’re committing to one juice or smoothie each day for the entire month of July. This is a great way to ensure a daily intake of fruits and vegetables; plus, having a fun challenge makes it easier to stick to a healthy routine!

We want to get our community involved. Will you join us? You can enjoy your daily juice or smoothie as a meal or a snack, and there are no specific requirements for what goes into the mix. All you need is a juicer or a blender! Check out our favorite recipes and resources below for inspiration, and be sure to take photos along the way. Share with us on social media by tagging @NutritionSchool on Twitter and Instagram. We’ll share our favorite shots and recipes!

Jennifer Fugo Helps People Embrace a Gluten-Free Lifestyle

Jennifer Fugo has had one eye on the health industry ever since she started working in her father's ophthalmic practice, overseeing the staff and connecting with the patients.

She noticed that many people were unaware of how their actions affected their wellbeing and desired the knowledge to help them make healthier choices.

Jennifer’s own sensitivities to gluten, casein, and eggs led her to adopt a gluten-free diet and to investigate the benefits of a holistic lifestyle. It wasn’t long before she discovered that IIN and the Health Coach Training Program might be exactly what she needed to achieve a healthy and balanced way of life.

Since graduating in 2009, Jennifer has created a health coaching practice and online community dedicated to helping people make the transition to a gluten-free diet. Passionate about helping others identify what does and doesn’t work for their bodies, she strives to provide them with the tools they need to live a happy, healthy, and gluten-free life.

Read on to learn how IIN helped Jennifer discover a new way of thinking for herself and for others.

“Do I have to leave my job to start earning an income in my new career?”

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Have you ever wondered if there was a way to “test-drive” your new career in health coaching without risk?

You’re in good company. This is one of the top questions students in our Health Coach Training Program ask.

Fortunately, after twenty years of doing this training with tens of thousands of people, we’ve decoded the way to best make the transition to health coaching.

We’ve figured out how to do so in a safe and stable way, without having to leave your bread and butter job. And made it a crucial part of the curriculum in the Health Coach Training Program.

Meet the Winners of the Mission: Healthy Dads Photo Contest

A few weeks ago we announced the Mission: Healthy Dads photo contest to celebrate fathers and bring attention to the importance of men’s health. Men often don’t make their own health a priority, raising their risk for serious chronic disease. The contest offered three amazing fathers the chance to win a free ride to Integrative Nutrition, giving them a chance to improve their health and launch a satisfying new career.

We were blown away by the response! Over 100 incredible men were nominated, and the three winners are true inspirations. We’re confident that these fathers will transform their lives and spread a ripple effect of health and happiness in their families, communities, and beyond. Meet our inspiring contest winners:

Kyle Yarian

"Kyle would be one awesome Health Coach! He has 13 years of Military experience, where training and teaching other soldiers has been his passion. He recently opened a Licensed Massage Therapy Clinic and Spa for me (his other half), which has started his rapidly growing interest in living a healthier lifestyle. He watched his family’s history of cardiovascular issues affect their lives. Now, with the start of extremely high blood pressure and other health issues at only 31 years old, Kyle has become determined not only to learn healthy living, but to teach his children and everyone in his life." - Tina Davis

Tom and Julie Meekins Transform the World, One Family at a Time

“Are you tired of trying to figure it out all by yourself?” For many parents of special needs children, the answer to this question is resoundingly: yes. Enter Julie and Tom Meekins, married couple and Integrative Nutrition graduates, Class of 2010 and 2011.

As parents of children with special needs, Tom and Julie know that raising a child with developmental challenges can be overwhelming and scary. Before enrolling in the Health Coach Training Program, Tom Meekins was working in a corporate job in Washington DC, and Julie Meekins was a full-time mother, homeschool teacher, and part-time child development specialist.

This inspiring duo from Arnold, Maryland now has a thriving health coaching practice called March Forth Family that provides much-needed support to parents of children with developmental challenges. What’s more, Tom and Julie inspired their eldest daughter to enroll and transform her health. Read on to learn how these parents set an inspiring example for us all this Father’s Day – and all year round.

What led you to explore the Health Coach Training Program?
We have special needs children and work with special needs families and know that the nutrition piece is a huge component to getting these kids to the next level of their development. We wanted to expand our knowledge in nutrition. We knew that we needed to get the message of nutrition and child development to many more folks. So, Tom took an early retirement and together we started our own company, the March Forth Family. We educate, equip, and empower parents, teachers, and coaches to help children to the next level of their development.

Announcing the Mission: Healthy Dads Photo Contest!

In honor of Father’s Day this month, we’re on a mission to bring attention to the importance of men’s health. The fathers, husbands, brothers, and all the men in our lives, are brave, wise, caring and strong. Yet oftentimes they don’t make their own health a priority. This can raise their risk for serious health concerns such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other chronic illnesses.

We want all the men in our lives to have long, vibrant, healthy lives. That’s why we’re holding the Mission: Healthy Dads Photo Contest. We’re offering three great fathers the chance to attend Integrative Nutrition’s Health Coach Training Program on us! Read below for all the details.

Here’s the deal:

Who: An amazing father you know – it could even be yourself.

What: Three people will win one full enrollment to the Health Coach Training Program to gift to a father whose health and well-being would improve by enrolling.

Fill out the form below to get your Health Coach Starter Guide (including an excerpt from our nutrition book)

Provide country code if outside USA
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