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Ready to submit now? You can either submit your video via Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.

On Instagram or Facebook you simply need to upload your video to the news feed and use the hashtag #IINEmpowerYou2019 (Facebook live, Facebook stories, Instagram stories, and IGTV posts will not be considered). You must state your first and last name in the video or in the caption.

For YouTube, watch our  YouTube tutorial  to learn how to upload your video to the Empower You playlist, or follow these simple steps:

Please note the submission tutorial video is for Google Chrome. Instructions may vary for alternate browsers.

  1. Log into your YouTube account.
  2. Go to our Empower You 2019 YouTube playlist.
  3. Click the save icon. It is located under the playlist title and looks like three horizontal lines and a “+” sign.

  4. Click the camera icon near the top right of your screen, and select “Upload video” from the drop-down menu that appears.

  5. Upload your video by selecting your file or drag-and-dropping it into the window.

  6. Add your video title in the following format: "Empower You Contest Submission – First Name Last Name".

  7. Select a thumbnail.

  8. Click "+ Add to Playlist," and then select "Empower You 2019."

  9. Click "Publish."

  10. Check to see your submission by returning to the "Empower You 2019" playlist through the link, or under the "Library" in the left sidebar.

  11. Your video is now included in our playlist, and you are officially part of Empower You 2019!

*YouTube accepts many video formats but h.264/mp4 is ideal.