Epic Vote: Perfect Smoothie Bracket Challenge

We're getting so close to the Perfect Smoothie! This round of voting is epic, because we're facing off sixteen ingredients all at once! But first, the winners of last week's challenges...

  • Bases: Cow's Milk v Yogurt. Winner: Yogurt!
  • Vegetables: Carrot v. Beet. Winner: Carrot!
  • Add-ins: Cacao v Wheat Germ. Winner: Cacao!
  • Fruits: Grapes v Berries. Winner: Berries!

Here's our updated bracket:

How One Bilingual Health Coach is Rocking the Ripple Effect

We’re on a mission to improve health and happiness throughout the entire world and we love to hear about students who are sharing what they’ve learned with international communities.

Nicole Fox, a 2011 graduate from Doral, Florida and a member of the South Florida Health Coaches, is a bilingual Health Coach who is using her ability to speak fluent Spanish to its full potential. She identified a need for health coaching within the Spanish-speaking community and is bringing all she learned in the Health Coach Training Program to people who otherwise may never have found guidance for their health struggles. From cooking classes to corporate lectures – and even a segment on a national TV show – here is someone who is truly spreading the ripple effect!

Spring IINto a Clean Mind, Body, and Home

Happy first official day of spring! Today, we celebrate the new season and the vernal equinox. (Scientifically speaking, that’s when the earth’s axis is parallel to the sun instead of tipped towards or away from it, and it only happens twice a year!) 

Traditionally, spring is associated with new life and fresh beginnings—blossoming trees and plants, brighter weather, and a sense of renewed spirit and energy after the cold, long winter. So, what does the start of the season mean for us? It’s a great time for mental and physical spring cleaning.

For some ideas on how you can detox as the weather warms up, listen to Spring into a Clean Mind, Body, and Home, a pre-recorded webinar with Julia Argenti, Health Coach and founder of Lemons & Loafers, a popular food and fashion blog.

How Health Coaches Can Partner with Doctors

Many health issues can be controlled – and even eliminated – through changes in diet and lifestyle. Yet most people rely on over-the-counter medications or prescriptions doled out by busy, overworked doctors.

Why is this? Doctors don’t have time to explain how to make diet and lifestyle changes. And most people don’t realize how much control they can have over their own health by using simple preventative measures – as easy as drinking more water, sleeping well, or evaluating their caffeine intake.

Health Coaches can help. A recent article on Care2 points out that Health Coaches can be excellent partners to health care professionals who don’t have the time to spend with their patients.

Perfect Smoothie Bracket Challenge - Round Three!

It's time to announce the winners from Round Two of our Perfect Smoothie Bracket Challenge, and to present our next round of smoothie ingredient face-offs!

First, the winners:

  • Bases: Almond Milk v. Soy Milk. Winner: Almond Milk!
  • Vegetables: Celery v. Cucumber. Winner: Cucumber!
  • Add-ins: Chia Seeds v. Hemp Seeds. Winner: Chia Seeds!
  • Fruits: Banana v. Pineapple. Winner: Banana!

Here's our updated bracket:

Perfect Smoothie Bracket Challenge - Round Two!

If you caught Round One of our Perfect Smoothie Bracket Challenge, then you'll be interested in our first round winners!

  • Bases: Coconut Water v. Water. Winner: Coconut Water!
  • Vegetables: Spinach v. Broccoli. Winner: Spinach! (And by a HUGE margin)
  • Add-ins: Spirulina v. Flax Seeds. Winner: Flax Seeds!
  • Fruits: Orange v. Mango. Winner: Mango!

Here's our updated bracket:

Vote in Our Perfect Smoothie Bracket Challenge!

College basketball fans know Spring is all about March Madness, but at IIN, we're dedicating March to a different craze: Smoothies!

In honor of our obsession, we've put together a Perfect Smoothie Bracket Challenge. But that's not even the best part - YOU get to vote!

Here's how it works:

Every Monday and Thursday, we'll put popular smoothie ingredients head-to-head and let you vote for your favorites. We'll work our way into the center of the bracket, which has four sections: Bases, Add-ins, Vegetables, and Fruits. Once we have a winner from each section, we should have the perfect four-ingredient smoothie! 

Here's our starting bracket! 

Embracing Balance with Diana Herrera

When looking at all that Diana Herrera has achieved, most notably a position as the vice president of a photo-imaging firm, one would never assume she was struggling to find an internal balance. Though she was excelling professionally, her health was deteriorating, and she knew she needed a change.

After graduating from the Health Coach Training Program in 2010, Diana is what you could call a professional life juggler. Living in Miami, Florida, she continues to work full time at the photo lab but also maintains a part time health coaching business. She has nailed down the act of balancing her career with her personal life and health by learning to connect her emotions to her eating habits.

She now helps others do the same through her practice Embrace Balance, and is one of the founders of South Florida Health Coaches, where she collaborates on retreats and events, and supports other Coaches’ individual business growth.

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