Bringing Health to the Music Industry

Sex, drugs, rock and roll… and health? Danielle Faustini of Weehawken, NJ, graduated from Integrative Nutrition in February 2012, and now she’s bringing a brand new element of living to the music industry, where she knows from personal experience that it’s so needed.

After years of mistreating her body and one life-changing event, Danielle enrolled in the Health Coach Training Program and now plans to share her new outlook on life with traveling musicians. In her business, DaniLife Wellness, she works with artists who travel from city to city on crowded tour buses, surviving on a mixture of fast food, drugs, and alcohol. She’s catering to a very unique market to expand her vision (including an exciting business opportunity this summer!)

What were you doing prior to enrolling at Integrative Nutrition?

I was a day-to-day manager at a New York City based music management company, working with many well-known, established bands, artists and musicians.

The IINsider’s Digest: Are Carbs Different from Other Calories?, The Truth Behind Tasteless Tomatoes, and more…

Earlier this week. we reported on Gary Taubes’ controversial response to a study that challenges the theory that “a calorie is a calorie.” NPR followed-up with Taubes in a live interview, where he clarifies the arguments posed in his New York Times’ op-ed , “What Really Makes Us Fat.”

Summer is here, and we’re digging the seasonal produce. Tomatoes have led the week’s nutrition headlines, with the discovery of a link between the fruit’s bright red hue and its notorious lack of flavor (NYTimes). A recent study also reports that organic tomatoes contain more antioxidants than their big agriculture counterparts (Science Daily).

Is the Family Dinner Overrated?” – an academic study suggests the effects of sharing a daily sit-down meal may be less magical than we think (NYTimes).  But proponents of the family supper are already fighting back (Huff Post).

Announcing the "What IINspires Me" Pinterest Contest!

Calling all Pinterest fanatics: we’re giving you a chance to “pin it to win it” with an exciting new contest! We recently shared some of our favorite healthy Pinterest boards, which have become go-to sources of inspiration. Now we want to see what inspires you!

Whether it’s a delicious new recipe you want to try, a gorgeous ocean view, or an old photo with your best friend, show us what motivates you each day. Much like a virtual vision board, you can pin anything from your favorite quote, to a photo of you with your mentor. Feel free to repin some Integrative Nutrition "pIINspiration" too!

The Pursuit of Happiness

Independence Day is truly an inspiring holiday. As we celebrate the sacred American principles of freedom and independence, we appreciate the accomplishments of those who have paved the way for us to enjoy the possibilities of our own boundless success.

At Integrative Nutrition, we nurture this sense of self-determination by sharing graduate success stories and inviting powerful speakers to inspire students with the knowledge that when you come from a solid foundation of health and happiness, anything is possible.

Now, after 20 years, thousands of Health Coaches have transformed their own health, impacted their communities, improved school food, created nutrition education programs, worked with large corporations, and much more. Together, we have declared our independence from conventional norms and rewarded individual creative freedom. We have also built a powerful professional network that can not only bridge the gap between doctors and patients, but more strongly support new graduates in finding career fulfillment in this growing field of preventative healthcare.

Video Diary of a Health Coach

Want a behind the scenes look at what it’s really like to be a Health Coach?

We asked some of our top graduates to create video diaries of what a day in their life looks like. From coaching clients, to writing books, to running wellness centers, no two grads have a day that looks the same.

Help us choose the most inspiring video by voting for your favorite. Here are the 3 that got us the most inspired:

2012 Half-Year in Review

Can you believe we’re already halfway through 2012? Where is the time going? So much has happened this year at Integrative Nutrition, and in the world of health and wellness. Here are some of the highlights:


Sue Brown, Class of 2011

We announced our first Transformation Contest winner: Sue Brown, Class of 2011, who lost 52 pounds in 52 weeks at age 52! Since transforming her own health and happiness, she continues to spread the ripple effect by coaching others to greater health and happiness.

Paula Deen announced that she has type 2 diabetes. The queen of Southern cuisine raised eyebrows when she mentioned that she would be managing her disease with a diabetes drug, for which she was a paid spokesperson, and not by changing her diet.

Wellness Warrior Jessica Ainscough Blogs for Health

Many Health Coaches have taken their nutrition and wellness knowledge to the web, using blogging as a platform to connect with their clients and other interested readers. It’s a great way to share recipes, advice and daily reflections, but with so many wellness bloggers out there, how can you stand out?

One way is to have a great story, like 2011 Integrative Nutrition graduate Jessica Ainscough. After being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Epithelioid Sarcoma, the Australia native took it into her own hands to get better. She had no option but to trade in her fast-paced lifestyle, complete with cocktails and microwaved dinners, but as she says, “it turned out to be the greatest blessing.”

The IINsider’s Digest: Reactions to the Health Care Decision, A Newly Approved Weight Loss Pill, and More…

The Supreme Court Health Care Decision was announced, the health community reacted on Twitter, and you can find out how this will impact you as an individual. (Huffington Post)

Statistics show that “more than two-thirds of adult Americans are overweight or obese,” and the FDA approved the first new weight loss pill in thirteen years. (MSNBC)

What’s different about the newly approved weight loss pill? Here are five things you need to know about Belviq. (TIME)

Preserving food for shelf life sacrifices not only the nutritional benefits, but also the texture and flavor. These scientists are trying to make preserved food actually taste good. (Popsci)

How to Inspire Your Family Without Force

Whether you’re already a Health Coach, or simply passionate about health and wellness, you know that positively affecting your closest friends and family often presents the biggest challenges. Why don’t they just listen and do what’s best for them?

To you, eating whole foods, exercising, drinking water, and making time for self-care are the obvious steps to health and happiness. Watching family or close friends experience difficulties that you know can be alleviated with simple lifestyle adjustments is disheartening, if not outright frustrating.

Then again, have your frequent reminders about eating more vegetables been effective? Have your nocturnal raids of all processed snacks stopped your family from craving “junk food”? If the answer is “no,” then perhaps it’s time for a new approach.  

We Asked, You Answered

We love interacting with our Integrative Nutrition community online, including our Facebook page! This week we learned that many people know the exact moment at which they made a life-changing decision.

    We asked:

    When did you decide? 

    I want to be healthy.

    You answered:

    Lots of times over the years. Thirteen months ago, I committed to doing something about it. Haven't looked back since! – Suzanne P.

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