Tips for Summer Skin & Live Interview with Dr. Murad

Summertime means vacation, lazy weekends next to the pool, ripe nectarines… what’s not to love? Unfortunately, the scorching temperatures and blazing summer sun are less than kind to the largest organ of your body: your skin.

According to renowned dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad, your skin is connected to all systems of your body, and a healthy complexion is a reflection of total wellness both inside and out.

You may already know Dr. Murad from his best-selling skincare line or his book The Water Secret: The Cellular Breakthrough to Look and Feel 10 Years Younger. We are excited to announce he will be joining our community as an Integrative Nutrition guest speaker, providing invaluable insight into his unique philosophy of Inclusive Health.

For those interested in learning more about Dr. Murad’s work, we will be hosting a live interview on Monday, July 23 at 2pm EDT. Tune in to to learn why skin problems are on the rise, how treating every cell in your body is more effective than spot-treating your skin, and what your skin can tell you about your overall health. Sign up now for the chance to hear directly from Dr. Murad.

IINsider's Digest: McDonald’s French Fry Monopoly, Crowd-Funding Farms, Restaurant Chains in School Cafeterias and more…

The Olympics kick off next week, and the games’ corporate sponsors are gearing up to cash in on their investments. Most notably, McDonald’s has finagled a french fry monopoly, in which no other vendor can sell “chips” unless they’re sold with fish (Huff Post).

IIN alumni in the news: 2003 grad Alex Jamieson promotes the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food on CNN, while 2005 grad Dawn Lerman continues her New York Times Wellblog series with “Weekends in the Kitchen with My Fat Dad”.

Marion Nestle clues us into two hot topics in food politics: an unexplained 18-month delay in issuing food safety regulations authorized by Congress in 2010 and the  pitiful state of the House's current draft of the Food and Farm Bill.

Health Leadership Award: Student Health Coaches

This week, we continue honoring outstanding Student Health Coaches from our alumni community. I would like to thank these five exceptional coaches, as well as those who were honored last week, for the guidance they have provided to students in the Health Coach Training Program.

Laura LehrhauptWebsiteBlog
Six years ago I was suddenly ill. It hit me from out of nowhere. After running frantically from doctor to doctor I still got no relief. I began exploring my natural options. By changing my lifestyle, I was able to heal myself. It was then I realized how powerful we are and how what we put in our bodies really matters. I knew I wanted to work with others and that led me to IIN.

Susan McDermott ReadeWebsite
After working many years in education (which I loved), I was ready to shift into a career where I could continue to connect with others, really make a difference and still have the flexibility I needed to take care of my young kids. I couldn’t believe my luck when I discovered IIN. Every day I have the joy and privilege of working with incredible women and I feel so grateful to love what I do every day – it sounds cliché, but it honestly does not feel like work.  My IIN mentors told me that our clients are like “mirrors for us”, and this has certainly been true for me.  Helping clients work through their health and wellness challenges has, in turn, helped me shine the light of awareness on areas of my own life that I had been ignoring. 

Announcing the Integrative Nutrition Board of Advisors

Today, on behalf of all of the staff at Integrative Nutrition, I am proud to announce the establishment of a Board of Advisors who will help shape the strategy, vision, and long-term direction of the Health Coach Training Program.

The board consists of 15 physicians, researchers, and leading authorities whose specialties span the fields of nutrition, health, and functional medicine.

Video: A Day in the Life of a Health Coach

Ever wonder what a Health Coach actually does? Get a glimpse into the exciting career of IIN Grad Elizabeth Rider, and how her life has transformed since graduating from our Health Coach Training Program in 2011.  

In addition to becoming a successful Health Coach, Elizabeth has published a vegetarian cookbook and founded Enlightened Living International, a community of successful wellness professionals dedicated to offering effective nutrition programs to clients around the world. Her video shows that it’s truly possible to balance a fulfilling career with a personal life rich in primary food.

Favorite Fitness Activities for Summer

Physical activity is one of key primary foods in the Integrative Nutrition model, as staying active year-round is vital for our health and wellbeing.

In addition to the aesthetic benefits, the release of endorphins after a good sweat session has the ability to lift our spirits throughout the day, positively influence the way we interact with others, and even help us sleep better at night. 

The summer season boasts longer days with plenty of sunlight, but with that comes significantly higher temperatures, which can make outdoor workouts more intimidating that IINspiring. However, with some creativity and planning, there’s no excuse to skip out on exercise!

IINsider’s Digest: Factory-Farmed Chicken Linked to UTI Epidemic, It is Riskier to be Underweight than Overweight?, and more...

This week, David Katz reconsiders the debate surrounding Gary Taube’s “is a calorie a calorie” debate – suggesting that such “silly questions…forestall the progress we need” (US News).

Winner winner, chicken dinner? Think again. A growing “epidemic” of urinary tract infections may be linked to new strains of drug-resistant bacteria produced by the factory farming of poultry (The Atlantic).

A recent study suggests that it is far riskier to be underweight than overweight (LA Times), which doesn’t provide much motivation for doctors who are already hesitant to deal with patients’ weight problems (NPR). In related news, nearly half of high schools students report that physical education is not part of their curriculum, despite the rising tide of obesity.

Health Leadership Award: Student Health Coaches

The Integrative Nutrition experience is more than just a yearlong program. It is a lifelong journey, inspired by the generosity, intelligence, and passion of our ever-expanding community of graduates.  That is why, this week, I am presenting the Health Leadership Award to five of our Student Health Coaches, who provide priceless support and mentoring to students enrolled in the Health Coach Training Program. I extend this award as a thank you not only to these exceptional coaches, but to all those graduates who have served as Student Health Coaches, ensuring that our community grows brighter and stronger with each enrolling class.

Jessica McCleskey Hood
As a young teen, I experienced a mild eating disorder, which led to lack of nutrients and brain food, focus issues, and eventually being labeled “ADD.” I took Adderall for 7 years, and then one day, woke up and realized how damaging the medication was to my entire body, mind, heart, and spirit. It was during this time that I ran into some IIN graduates, and I knew, right away, that IIN was my next step in living out my life purpose. I have never had more respect for an educational unit as I do for IIN. I feel it creates the most ideal environment for one’s intrinsic motivation to thrive. Now, five years later, I am medication-free, focused, fulfilled, and 50 pounds lighter.

Deirdre Dorrington
As new dietary trends continued to appear every couple of years, I wondered what, indeed, was the healthiest nutritional plan to be on. America was getting more unhealthy and out of balance, which mirrored my situation and I wanted to learn the tools to shift this. The IIN community helped empower me through my breast cancer experience as I learned to listen to and strengthen my body, mind and spirit.

We Asked, You Answered

We love interacting with our Integrative Nutrition community online, including our Facebook page! This week we tapped into your vision of healthy living.

We asked:

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you envision "healthy living"?

You answered:

Colorful fruits and veggies. – Annelise W.

Balance of body, mind, and spirit. All in tune. All glowing. – Quiet S.

My own vegetable garden! – Amanda P.

Energy, love, and mind space! – Susan L.

The rainbow on a plate. – Deanna S.

Breathing in salty ocean air and digging my toes in the sand. – Lisa F.

Bringing Health to the Music Industry

Sex, drugs, rock and roll… and health? Danielle Faustini of Weehawken, NJ, graduated from Integrative Nutrition in February 2012, and now she’s bringing a brand new element of living to the music industry, where she knows from personal experience that it’s so needed.

After years of mistreating her body and one life-changing event, Danielle enrolled in the Health Coach Training Program and now plans to share her new outlook on life with traveling musicians. In her business, DaniLife Wellness, she works with artists who travel from city to city on crowded tour buses, surviving on a mixture of fast food, drugs, and alcohol. She’s catering to a very unique market to expand her vision (including an exciting business opportunity this summer!)

What were you doing prior to enrolling at Integrative Nutrition?

I was a day-to-day manager at a New York City based music management company, working with many well-known, established bands, artists and musicians.

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