How You Can Create Balance This Holiday Season

This is a wonderful time of year. Work parties, get-togethers with friends, and family reunions all provide opportunies to connect, celebrate, and be merry.

Yet this time of year is also known for its excess. It’s all too easy to spend beyond your budget on holiday gifts, overindulge in holiday cookies, drink one too many cocktails, and squabble with loved ones when tensions boil over.

How Integrative Nutrition Grad David Smith Won the Gold and Healed His Health

One of Integrative Nutrition’s most powerful teachings is that food changes everything. For athletes, food is a source of fuel that can make or break your physical performance. For people suffering from chronic disease, food can cause further damage or heal. Both facts have never been more powerfully true for 2014 Integrative Nutrition graduate David Smith

Born in Scotland and based in London, David Smith is an Olympic rower and cyclist who won a gold medal in the 2012 Olympic games only two years after suffering from a rare spinal cord tumor and surgery that left him paralyzed. 

Can the Mediterranean Diet Help You Live Longer?

The Mediterranean Diet has long been touted as a healthy way of eating. Research has shown that consuming a diet rich in vegetables, fruit, nuts, beans, whole grains, olive oil, fish, and red wine can reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, Parkinson’s, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

But can eating like a Greek Islander actually extend your life? A new study from Harvard Medical School suggests yes. Data from the ongoing Nurses’ Health Study showed that women who ate a Mediterranean Diet showed fewer signs of aging in their cells.

3 Ways to Indulge in Primary Food This Holiday Season

Ah, the holidays, a time to drape ourselves in cozy sweaters, indulge in comfort foods, and lounge around watching movies or shopping online. Sound familiar?

While it’s tempting to let loose with our wellness routines in this home stretch before New Year’s resolutions kick in, there is a more balanced way to enjoy the relaxation of the holidays while staying healthfully nourished, too. By simply tapping in to your underlying cravings for rest, connection, getting grounded, and the sweetness of life, you’ll find yourself rejuvenated in a whole new way that won’t leave you regretting your indulgences!

Ask A Health Coach: Is It Really Realistic to Enroll Right Now with Everything Going On Over the Holidays?

If you are anything like me, you have a lot going on this time of year and you may be thinking you should wait until after the New Year to embark on anything new. When I was a member of the admissions team here at Integrative Nutrition, I spoke to many people with the same mentality. There were generally 3 reasons people felt like they had to put their futures on hold this time of year - do any of these resonate with you?  

[VIDEO] Dr. Jordan Metzl on Sports Medicine & Exercise

While holistic health involves balancing many things that contribute to our overall sense of both mental and physical well-being, it is often the fundamentals of nutrition and fitness that require the greatest amount of effort.

This is the area where we seem to need the most inspiration, motivation, and guidance for getting started, before the momentum of change takes over and self-care becomes an effortless part of our daily lives.

In the interview below, Dr. Jordan Metzl shares his perspective on how these two vital components relate to each other, and how fitness can help compensate for when our diet occasionally falls short. He also describes the 3 zones of exercise he recommends to patients, and shares 3 simple exercises that together provide a total body workout.

How to Cultivate Gratitude This Holiday Season

With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up this week, gratitude is on everyone’s mind. It’s a great time to reflect on the many things we have to be thankful for, big or small.

At Integrative Nutrition, we value all things that contribute to health and happiness, whether it’s the food you eat or the joy you experience with loved ones.

Get our Gratitude Guide here and tell us what you’re grateful for in the comments!

Sharon's Take: How do I explain my career change to friends and family?

Changing careers is a big decision. As a little kid I had all kinds of ideas about what I wanted to be when I grew up - astronaut, veterinarian, teacher, journalist, you name it; around 8th grade I settled on acting. Musical Theatre was my deepest passion. My walls were covered with Playbills and I listened to nothing but the latest Broadway hits.

I lived my dream. I majored in musical theatre, moved to NYC, auditioned in the morning, and waited tables at night. It’s what I always said I would do.

But somewhere along the way my dreams changed.

Crowding Out: The Healthy Way to Ride Out the Holidays

Halloween kicked off the season of sugar, and with Thanksgiving and other holidays coming up - not to mention the temptation for comfort foods during the cold weather months - it seems that unhealthy choices are everywhere.

Integrative Nutrition’s approach to situations like this is crowding out.

This concept truly flips the conventional belief about dieting on its head by adding more healthy foods to the diet rather than taking things away. By eating more vegetables, fruits, and other nutrient-dense foods, your cravings for less healthy foods will naturally diminish. There simply isn’t room for junk food and unhealthy overeating when you’re satisfied and nourished by real food!

Inside IIN Live: Learn from the Best in Health & Wellness

At the core of the Integrative Nutrition's Health Coach Training Program is our focus on holistic balance. Our program teaches students that there is no one-size-fits-all diet, and that there are many things that contribute to health beyond simply what’s on your plate.

Our graduates not only walk away with a deeper understanding of their unique health needs, but they are equipped with the skills to help others discover the same. A Health Coach is not someone who dictates rules for clients to follow, but rather, a supportive wellness mentor who provides insight and guidance to help clients uncover and fulfill what is most nourishing for them.

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