IIN Grads Join Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Amazing students and graduates who learned how to become a health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition gathered at farmer’s markets, health fairs, and cooking classes to spread the word about the Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Here are a few amazing projects that our thriving wellness community created:

Sarah Mawson, current student, and part of the Los Angeles Food Revolution

“We were at the Pico Farmers Market in Santa Monica in the morning, talking to everyone about real food, the added sugar in popular drinks (this was very popular ... and shocked many), and also holding a number of cooking demonstrations.

Rallying Against the GMO Labeling Scam

The news has been buzzing lately with consumer anger about GMO labeling, and many people are slamming it as a deceptive scam that tricks people into eating potentially unsafe “frankenfoods.” Though the production of genetically modified food is a widely debated issue, the labeling of GMO products is broadly agreed upon – over 90% of Americans agree that genetically modified foods should be identified as such.

Legislation calling for GMO labeling was shot down in Connecticut this month when food producers threatened lawsuits. A similar bill failed in Vermont in April, and fifteen more states are considering GMO labeling legislation soon. Will Big Food get the better of all of them?

Health Leadership Award: A Mama Glows

This week, I am very excited to present the Health Leadership Award to Latham Thomas, a maternity maven who has inspired and supported a countless number of new and expecting mothers.

Latham graduated from IIN in 2006, and went on to found Tender Shoots Wellness, a boutique holistic wellness practice. Based in New York, her practice catered to the needs of busy female professionals, but when Latham herself became pregnant, she recognized the lack of holistic resources available to busy moms. She has since founded Mama Glow, a maternity lifestyle brand that helps modern mothers tap into the abundance of this exciting stage in their lives.

Listening to Her Inner Voice

I was inspired to enroll in IIN because I knew, deep inside, that I was being pulled to work in wellness. I felt called to be a source of light and a living example to inspire others- but I lacked the tools and confidence to reach this goal. Joshua’s comprehensive program provided the support I needed to launch my career in the wellness space.

Trans Fat Scam: When “Zero” Doesn’t Mean Zero

Everyone agrees that trans fat is terrible for you. So why are so many Americans falling victim to the trans fat scam—a hoax that’s leading them to unknowingly consume this harmful substance?

Unfortunately, a deceptive labeling loophole approved by the U.S. government allows many companies to market their products fraudulently as “trans fat-free.” The truth? These products are actually anything but.

What’s So Bad About Trans Fat, Anyway?

Stop Craving and Start Living with Lindsey Smith

You’d never guess that 2011 graduate Lindsey Smith is in her early twenties: with a successful health coaching practice in Pittsburgh, PA, a published a book, and a completed an international book tour, she’s  thriving in a self-owned business that she built in less than three years. That’s the sort of achievement our graduates are capable of. They posses an unwavering dedication to transforming the world.

The start to Lindsey’s journey is a common one: an okay job, struggles with her body image and self-confidence, crappy relationships, and a life lived pleasing others as opposed to herself. After enrolling in the Health Coach Training Program, she’s discovered what it means to be healthy, to love herself, and to stop craving and start living! Here’s how she got started and how she’s accomplished so much.

What were you doing prior to enrolling at Integrative Nutrition?

Do Breastfeeding and Co-Sleeping Make You a Better Mother?

The latest issue of Time magazine, featuring a provocative cover photo of a mother breastfeeding her nearly four-year-old son, has sparked a media craze with everyone from U.S. congresswomen to Saturday Night Live weighing in.

What’s all the fuss all about? The photo, and the accompanying article about the attachment parenting philosophy championed by pediatrician William Sears, is generating controversy about everything from the sexualization of breastfeeding to the more fundamental question of what it means to be a good parent.

Health Leadership Award: A Smokin' Hot Mom

We recently kicked off the Health Leadership Awards with mother and school food champion Allison Carmen.

At IIN we are blessed to have a community filled with exceptional mothers who are dedicated to changing the lives of their family and the world.

That’s why this week, we honor and celebrate Smokin’ Hot Mom Nina Manolson, whose outstanding work as a Health Coach empowers all of us to “feel good in our skin.”

Turning Risk into Reward

I enrolled at IIN after a genetic test determined I was at high risk for Breast Cancer. After a lifetime of struggling with my weight and criticizing myself in the mirror, I was faced with the preciousness of my body and how I could no longer afford to be at war with myself. I stepped up my self-care and, in the process, realized that my passion lay in helping women reclaim their body and ending the struggle between food and self-image for future generations.

An Integrative Community

Having previously worked as a therapist, yoga teacher and bodyworker, I came to IIN seeking a connection between what I knew about mental health, spiritual health, bodies and nutrition.

27 Ways to Lift Your Mood in Minutes

What makes you feel amazing? What can snap you out of a bad mood in seconds?

One of the key things we learn at Integrative Nutrition is how to feel our whole selves with what we call “Primary Food” – the relationships, activities, work, exercise, and spiritual practices that fulfill our lives and fill us up in ways that food cannot.

Our community is great at feeding themselves with healthy doses of Vitamin L (love) and primary food. We asked our community what makes them feel their best, and here’s what they told us:

Motivate Your Monday with the Seinfeld Productivity Secret

The first day of the week can be a daunting prospect with so much undone ahead of you. Look at it from another point of view, though, and Monday is a perfect day for starting new habits and striving towards new goals.

If you ask around the office here at Integrative Nutrition, our goals include many small intentions, like exercising more often, accomplishing creative projects, learning a new skill or language, and keeping our apartments cleaner.

These goals can fall through the cracks, though, because they seem too ambitious or maybe we just forget to work on them. They would be much more manageable if broken up into small chunks. So why not resolve to work towards these goals a little bit everyday?

Happy Mother's Day From Integrative Nutrition!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there! Hopefully you have an extra special day planned for your mom, enjoying her company over brunch, or showering her with gifts!

More importantly, we hope you take the time today to tell your mother how much she means to you and why you appreciate her. We asked some Integrative Nutrition staffers to share what they love about their moms and what makes them so special. Read below to see their responses – this is a very loving bunch!

carly“I've never met anyone more caring, compassionate, beautiful, loving and kind than my mom. She goes out of her way to make sure that everyone around her is taken care of before she takes care of herself. I hope to one day be like her.” –Carly, Events/Student Services

“My mom, no matter what the situation, keeps a smile on her face that warms up the entire room. I love her warmth, her compassion, and her selflessness!” –Julia, Marketing

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