Health Leadership Award: Connecting an IINternational Community

At Integrative Nutrition, we are committed to providing the resources and connections our students need to successfully launch entrepreneurial careers in health and nutrition. So when students come to me with a plan to organize their peers and elevate the entire IIN community, I can only respond with gratitude and enthusiasm. Such is the case of this week’s Health Leadership Award winners, Luisa Kerdel Blatnik and Amanda Cook, organizers of the recent IIN London Conference. Their hard work and dedication made the first-ever IINternational conference a reality, and I look forward to seeing other students follow in their footsteps.

Integrative Nutrition Staff Weighs In: What I Learned From My Dad

“Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a dad." - Anne Geddes

Happy Father's Day to all the hard-working, fun-loving, advice-giving dads! We hope you enjoy your own father's company today over a delicious dinner, or a good game of golf. Whatever you do, remember to tell him why you're lucky he's in your life. We asked some IIN staffers to share something they've learned from their dads, and here's what they had to say!

"While he would never blow his top, we could always tell when Dad was extremely upset because he would look at the ceiling and say, "Grant me patience." I've been told that I have amazing patience, (which is equally helpful when dealing with children and non-tech-savvy adults), and I attribute that patience 100% to my amazing father." - Michael, IT

"Your career is not an accurate measure of your self worth for it is only a very small part of you and is subject to change at any moment. Invest in other areas of your life to complete the big picture that you can't always see." - Claire, Enrollment

Heather Shannon: Bridging the Gap Between Nutrition and Mental Health

Traditional therapy is often associated with looking to the past to find an explanation for a behavior, emotion or thought process. The concept of coaching differs in that clients are encouraged to take action in the present and strive for a healthier future, as opposed to dwelling on the past.

Heather Shannon, a 2011 graduate of the Health Coach Training Program from Chicago, had a background in psychotherapy before enrolling. When she graduated, she opened her practice Health and Wellness Counseling Associates of Chicago. She works with people who, if they’re lucky enough to realize it now, are in desperate need of health coaching: over-worked, over-stressed young adults. Heather has realized the importance of prioritizing health and gaining a strong sense early on, taking action in the present to create a future with endless possibilities.

How has your life changed since graduating from Integrative Nutrition?

Health Leadership Award: Introducing Integrative Nutrition to Israel

This week, in honor of Father’s Day, I am delighted to present the Health Leadership Award to my colleague and friend, Alok Zohar Zemach Wilson. A graduate of the class of 2000, Zohar left a lucrative career in advertising to pursue a passionate career in health and nutrition coaching. He has since founded two holistic health centers – one in New York and another in Israel – while raising his beautiful daughter, Amor. He also translated my book into Hebrew and has consistently spread the school's mission to bring health and happiness to the world. I am grateful to have shared my journey in health with Zohar, and I was lucky to have the opportunity to thank him in-person, at the Integrative Nutrition conference in London.

Integrative Nutrition Reviews: Beyond Sugar Shock

Welcome to the latest installment of Integrative Nutrition Reviews, where we consider books, movies, and other media related to health, food, and personal wellness. Want to suggest something for us to review? Post it in the comments!

Millions of Americans are overweight, wanting to shed extra pounds in order to look and feel better, but find themselves struggling with their weight loss efforts due to serious sugar addiction. 

Connie Bennett, IIN graduate and best-selling author of Sugar Shock, has released another book, Beyond Sugar Shock, which details a 6-week plan to help readers break free of sugar addiction and create a life that’s sweeter, more delicious, and more fulfilling than any sugar-laden treats. Connie describes this new life as “sweeterlicious”.

Connie reveals the truth behind sugar addiction, including her own personal experience, explaining that most sugar addicts are entrapped in negative thought patterns. They focus more on body image than the actual mental processes that lead to unhealthy food choices in the first place.

London IINternational Conference Recap

This past weekend, Joshua Rosenthal, Founder and Director of Integrative Nutrition, travelled to London, England for the first ever IINternational Conference. Held at the beautiful event space, Altitude 360, the conference was an intimate gathering of members from our community. Joshua defined Integrative Nutrition as a global community whose mission is to bring health and happiness to the world.

This rare opportunity was organized by IIN students, Luisa Kerdel Blatnik and  Amanda Cook who took the initiative to create a space where they could invite others to study with Joshua live, in a personal setting.

Saturday was dedicated to class time with an emphasis on creating community, strengthening coaching skills and building your practice. Sunday’s focus was building new partnerships, connecting with your vibrant community and exploring London, one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Amanda wrote a detailed recap of her inspirational experience over the past weekend at the London IINternational Conference. You can read the entire post, Conscious, mindful entrepreneurs: get ready to live a life beyond your wildest dreams, on Amanda’s website, Wellpreneur Online.

Webinar with Dr. Joel Fuhrman: How to Eat to Live

It’s no secret that the obesity epidemic is still looming over our health. But there’s hope: at the forefront of the health and wellness movement are IIN’s esteemed faculty, who are all committed to reversing the healthcare crisis.

One of them, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, is a leading expert in nutritional and natural healing. His New York Times bestseller, Eat to Live: The Amazing Nutrient-Rich Program for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss, shows you how to reverse disease, lose weight naturally, reduce high blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, and prevent heart disease and cancer – all without relying on drugs or fad diets.

Building Healthy Bones with Irma Jennings

Our bones are crucial for optimal health and longevity, yet we don’t spend nearly enough time learning about how they affect our overall wellbeing, and how to support them. Irma Jennings, a 2004 graduate of the Health Coach Training Program, claims her bones are the strongest they’ve ever been, at age 60! Her first career was financing infrastructure for roads, bridges, tunnels, and schools, building infrastructure for our cities and states. Now as a Holistic Bone Coach, she works on the infrastructure of her clients: their bones.

Irma, who lives in New Hope, PA, enrolled at Integrative Nutrition as a result of her own health issues. Now she has a thriving practice, Food For Healthy Bones, helping others build strong bones through eating well and living a healthy lifestyle. This interview highlights Irma’s work, and the unique niche market she has created for herself.

The Myth of the Perfect Health Coach

Many of us have a very specific idea of what a Health Coach looks like. We imagine them as fairly young, attractive, fit, healthy, and happy. If it were any other way, would they still be in a position to guide others on the path to wellness?

While it’s certainly true that Health Coaches should walk the walk when it comes to having a healthy lifestyle, there’s more to the story. Not all Health Coaches started out in peak physical condition, knowing the nutritional benefits of kale or how to best motivate others. In fact, many of Integrative Nutrition’s students enroll with the primary goal of addressing their own health concerns.

Weight loss, digestive distress, autoimmune disease, and depression are just a few examples of the health challenges that are stabilized or even conquered by IIN’s graduates. Many continue on their healing journey - even as they begin to work with clients - and this experience puts them in the unique position to help others with a similar struggle.

Health Leadership Award: Cooking up Advocacy for At-Risk Youth

This week, I am grateful to have the opportunity to present the Health Leadership Award to 2011 graduate Alissa Bilfield. She is the co-founder of The Cookbook Project, a non-profit that provides underserved youth with experiential education in food culture, cooking, and sustainability. The organization is growing immensely, and is now gaining international recognition. Alissa even had the opportunity to meet with Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” staff in Washington, DC! Her success is an inspiration to all of us striving to create sustainable change.

Listening to Life’s Whispers

I actually heard about IIN six years before I enrolled, at a Kripalu Center yoga retreat. I can remember reading Joshua’s book - hesitantly at first, and then wholeheartedly - realizing that this was it! Working with various food justice organizations in Boston and Oakland, I saw a real need for teaching at-risk youth about healthy eating, cooking, and lifestyle choices. I also had the experience of traveling abroad and witnessing the disturbing extent to which the industrialized food system was being exported. I wanted to formalize my own studies through IIN so that I could help young people around the world to become empowered to be healthy, support their communities and help to safeguard the environment through their everyday food choices.

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