How Surrendering Can Get You What You Want In Life

If someone had showed me a few years ago what my life looks like today, I would not believe it. At this moment I am creating a wellness center in the Bay Area with one of my mentors and going to Bali to take a raw food culinary course for a month. I am in deep gratitude for what I have created in my life.

You would think I would have had to network and work really hard to create this. But actually, the complete opposite happened. The path to how I got here is through deep surrender. I didn’t do anything at all.

The old Jill used to be a doer, an achiever, and was the busiest person I knew. I just didn’t know how to stop. It was one thing after another and I didn’t know how to just be to receive all of the benefits of my hard work. The funniest thing was, most of the stuff I was doing wasn’t even in alignment with what my soul really wanted in life. Perhaps it was what society expected of me?

How I Overcame My Fears and Launched a Business Anyway

When I returned to school at Integrative Nutrition, I hadn’t worked in several years. My former job had been Vice President running a division for Chanel, Inc. – a high profile and successful career. 

But nothing prepares you for stepping off the treadmill to adopt an eight month-old baby from overseas, attending weekly play groups, starting a soccer team for toddlers, throwing birthday parties, and potty training. Come to think of it, that’s really when I should have been terrified.

Join IIN this October to Support GMO Labeling

We all have the right to make informed decisions about what we put in our bodies. Whether you choose to eat organic fruit and vegetables or grass-fed beef, it’s important to know how and where your food was produced. That’s why nutrition education is so important – our food becomes our blood and drives our thoughts and actions. Whatever you choose to eat, it should be an educated choice.

That’s why Integrative Nutrition supports the labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). While many countries throughout the world have outright banned GMOs, the United States doesn’t even require that GM foods be labeled as such. Nowadays, GMOs are ubiquitous in the American food supply and are present in 75 to 80 percent of processed foods on grocery store shelves. That means that many Americans regularly consume GMOs and don’t even know it.

Kristen Hedges Finds Passion and Fulfillment as a Health Coach

Kristen Hedges believes that people crave connections – with themselves, with their friends and family, with the food on their plates – and she has made it her life’s work to help them nurture these relationships. However, prior to enrolling in the Health Coach Training Program in 2012, Kristen was lacking this type of connection herself. It wasn’t until she joined IIN that she found a community of like-minded individuals and experienced a personal transformation that would change her life forever.

Read on to learn how Integrative Nutrition provided Kristen with the knowledge and motivation to truly connect with herself and her passion for helping others.

How to Find the Career of Your Dreams

Love it or hate it, your job is a huge part of your life that plays a big part in defining who you are. Being happy in your career also contributes to your over all well-being. In fact, at Integrative Nutrition, we define career as one of the major pillars of Primary Food, which is anything that feeds you that doesn’t come on a plate. Other primary foods include fitness, relationships and spirituality. To be truly happy and healthy, you must be satisfied in all of these areas of your life.

What if McDonald’s holds the secret to every Health Coach’s success?

I know what you’re thinking. McDonald’s? Really?

But this is not a story about beef, rainforests, or supersized fries.

Many people think that the only thing that McDonald’s and health coaches have in common is that movie from a few years back--Supersize Me--starring an Integrative Nutrition grad and her boyfriend.

Well, that’s not the case. It turns out that there’s a lot more in common than you might think. Let me explain…

Putting aside whatever you might think about the food, there’s not much doubt that when it comes to empowering people to run a successful business, McDonald’s has been rocking the house for the last 50 years.

In fact, McDonald’s holds the key to why some people in the health and wellness field struggle to make it while others build thriving practices.

To understand what I mean, let’s look at what happens when someone decides to “buy in” to the McDonald’s system and become an owner of a McDonald’s.

A Very Successful “No Kid Hungry” Benefit Event

This Monday night, September 30, marked the third annual benefit dinner for Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign in Portland, Oregon at Irving Street Kitchen. Over one hundred people attended to show their support for the campaign, including several local chefs and actor/singer Rita Wilson. Integrative Nutrition was very proud to sponsor and attend the event this year to help end hunger for children in America, a cause that aligns with our mission to spread health and happiness worldwide.

How to Overcome Your Fear and Launch a Business

Before I launched my business full-time, I was scared out of my mind. I didn’t have thousands of dollars saved up. I didn’t have many fallback plans. And I certainly didn’t have a defining moment where I “just knew” it was time.

I remember interviewing tons of entrepreneurs, including my dad, in hopes that their stories would give me inspiration to bite the bullet and just do it already.

In those conversations, I recognized three important values of an entrepreneur that is committed to making his or her passion into a full-time gig. These three pieces of advice are what ultimately helped me face my fears and launch my ideal business.

News Alert: IIN Launches New Graduate Degree Partnership with Goddard College

I am pleased to announce that we have extended our partnership with Goddard College! Graduates of the Health Coach Training Program are now eligible to apply for Goddard’s 36-credit accelerated study program and receive a Master of Arts in Health Arts and Sciences in just three semesters.

Though a Master of Arts typically takes four semesters, Goddard introduced this accelerated program for healthcare professionals who have already completed the preliminary work of a first semester student. “We’ve been so impressed by the caliber and breadth of the Health Coach Training Program, so it was a natural choice to make the option available for Integrative Nutrition graduates who work as Health Coaches,” Goddard Admissions Counselor Heather Labor told us.

Introducing the Men of IIN Video

At Integrative Nutrition, we have a lot of female students and graduates doing incredible things. They start healthy product lines, open successful coaching practices, and help countless people make big changes to their health. 

But let’s not forget about the men! As more and more men start to take their health into their own hands, male Health Coaches are more important than ever.  Often men, and even some women, find that they would rather talk to a man about their health concerns, which is why it’s so great that more and more men are enrolling in the Health Coach Training Program.

Take a look at some of the amazing things that these male IIN graduates are up to. They may just have the health advice that you or the men in your life are looking for! 

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