Integrative Nutrition Holds Meet-Up in Helsinki, Finland

Last week, a group of over 40 students and graduates flew in from across Scandinavia and Europe to join Joshua Rosenthal at Integrative Nutrition’s first conference in Helsinki, Finland. The intimate event reflected Integrative Nutrition’s ongoing commitment to building personal connections with its global student body and spreading a ripple effect of health and happiness across the world.

How I Found Success Through 3 Simple Statements

Hi there, I’m Michelle Pfennighaus, IIN Class of 2009 and founder of Find Your Balance.  There's a lot of info out there about healthy living, but I'll boil it down and tell you what's most important. Now doesn't that make things easier? Connect with me at, Facebook, or Twitter.

It became almost a mantra in my first year as a health coach: “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” That was something Joshua had said often during my time at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. And it never resonated so deeply with me as it did just before my first teleseminar about sugar addiction. Or just before appearing on TV to promote my business.

I was feeling the fear, all right. I felt like a total fake, for starters. Me? A health coach? Who would believe anything I had to say? Who would possibly take me seriously? I had worked in advertising for the past decade, for heaven’s sake!

5 Tips to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Does public speaking make you cringe? If yes, I have good news. You are not alone. They say that people fear public speaking more than death. I used to be one of those people. There was a time in college when I wrote out my presentation word for word for my public speaking class and I read it verbatim terrified, shaking at the knees. I was so petrified and to be honest, no idea what I was talking about. I just did it because I had to, not because I wanted to.

Things are very different now. I have actually grown to love public speaking and have spoken at some highly regarded institutions that include Morgan Stanley, Columbia University, and New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. The main reason why I love it is because I am passionate about what I am talking about. The words that come through me are just an extension of my love for helping people get healthier and happier.

Here are some tips that have helped me overcome my fear of public speaking:

How to Build a Health Coaching Business from Scratch

Hi, I’m Cora Poage, IIN Class of 2008, and founder of Sexy Soul Wellness.  I love helping my clients fall in love with themselves, align with their inner soulmate, their truth, and live a life of sacred service to their unique life purpose on the planet!  You can connect with me on my website, my business Facebook page, or my personal Facebook page.

If you had told me even just five years ago that today I would be the owner of a successful coaching business with a waiting list and set to break six figures, I would have laughed.

Well, at first, I would have thanked you for having so much faith in me.  But then I would have laughed.  I would have been more likely to believe that I was going to transform into a leprechaun, ride a unicorn across a rainbow, and pioneer the first wellness center for Martians with wheat allergies.

So how did a “I’m so not a businessperson” like me become a businessperson?

Are you already giving out health advice without getting paid for it?

Note: The story I’m about to share with you lit up our community when I first shared it. Since then, this topic keeps coming up. In case you missed it, you’ll definitely want to read on… (And even if you didn’t miss it, you’ll also want to read on because I’m going to cover the main hurdle that came up for people around charging for advice.)

Tell me if you’re like me. (Hint: If you’re reading this, you probably are.)

When I started helping people eat healthier (more than 30 years ago), it was kind of a hobby.

People around me noticed that I looked healthy to them. I was careful with my food choices. My body was in decent shape, and it was clear to others that I knew a lot about what to eat. It provoked a natural curiosity in others, especially because just about everyone struggles in some way with their personal health.

Before long, I became the designated “person who knows about health”.

How Could Integrative Nutrition Change Your Life? [VIDEO]

How could Integrative Nutrition change your life? In this transformational video, you’ll get an inside look at how enrolling at IIN has empowered students and grads to start living the life of their dreams.

“My whole life, my passion, and my purpose have changed dramatically. It’s just so exciting that now I have a place in this world where I can help others live a longer healthier life.” Hear how these students and grads channeled their passion into a life they love. Watch below!


How to Set Health Goals and Stick to Them

Setting health goals, and more importantly sticking to them, can be hard. Many people set lofty objectives for themselves and run out of steam before they can achieve them. 

There are several elements that go into achieving goals. The kind of goals you set for yourself, the timeline, and the method you use to reach them are really big contributors to your ultimate success.

Bio-individuality: 5 Ways to Get Protein for 5 Different Diets

Have you ever noticed that a diet that works for one person doesn’t always work the same way for another? For example, your co-worker might have lost 10 pounds and increased her energy by leaps and bounds after she went vegan, but the opposite was true for you: you felt tired, sluggish and bloated. This defines an Integrative Nutrition core concept called bio-individuality.

My Balanced Life: It's Not Perfect, But I'll Take It

Hi, I'm Holli Thompson, IIN class of 2009, and the creator of Nutritional Style: a global health and nutrition lifestyle movement. I'm an author with a book coming out in 2014, a speaker, and a TV guest for several major networks. You can find me on my website and on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

You're studying nutrition and working full time. You've launched a new business and there aren't enough hours in a week. Things are slipping through your fingers. Friends, family, your workouts, even connecting with your man.

Friend, I've been there, but balance is overrated and perfection is not a lifestyle. Not if you have a new business and unlimited things to do. Add kids to the mix, a spouse, and a community, and you can easily feel like a failure every day, all day.

How to Earn a Living as a Health Coach

Hi! I’m Lindsey Smith, IIN Class of 2010, also known as the Food Mood Girl. I am an inspirational speaker and author. I am passionate about helping people understand that salads and smoothies won’t fix all their life problems, but once they get rid of the baggage they’ll feel empowered to do their body good and eat what makes them feel best. You can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.

I will admit – when I first enrolled at Integrative Nutrition, I constantly drew up plans to see how many clients I would need each month to finally quit my full-time job.

I know you’ve been there, too! Calculating this equation in your brain every day, “At $200 a month per client, I would need 20 clients to quit my job.”

Then reality sets in and you think, “Wait, can I really do this?”

The truth is, you can! But it doesn’t have to be just service-based income. In fact, there are many income streams you can incorporate into your business to spread health and happiness, all while making a lucrative income.

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